30 March 2010

Hi Ed,

Firstly, thank you for all the practical help you so willingly give away. I receive your blog posts almost everyday and they are always a great inspiration. For me the great turning point in my meditation practice was Michael Langford's Awareness Watching Awareness method. Giving up all 'outward' practices and merely dwelling in awareness deepened into recognizing the 'I' thought. Through your blog posts and reading the Nisargadatta Gita, there is a recognition here that somehow this 'I thought' is the scaffolding upon which the entire world is built. What a radical idea! All previous so-called 'spiritual' practice was built on the lie of the 'I' and so the last year has been a de-accumulation for me. The dismantling, which is more like de-identification with what was formally 'me' - the body, my interests and passions, my family etc. etc. seems to point more and more to a recognition that this 'I', this body, other people, the world is contained in a vast space. I still somehow know this is a conceptual understanding but there is also a sense that the whole world points to this Reality.

Anyway thanks for everything.

Best Wishes,


Yes, David, it is all conceptual, but you have gone beyond conceptual to a large degree.

Just stay abiding in awareness.

At some point you will realize it is still YOU abiding in awareness. Awareness arose to you and disappears to you.

You are separate and beyond awareness.


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