25 March 2010

Hello Sir,

After reflecting upon and spending more time in the state that I last shared with you, where I said there was no 'I' thought, I think it would be more accurate to say that there was no center to consciousness, not that there was no 'I' thought.  

The more time I spend with that state the more I see there is an 'I' thought, or sensation that perceives consciousness, it just is not centered on the body, or one thing in particular, but on consciousness as a whole.  In this state I feel detached from the body and the sensations it experiences.  

For instance, in the shower, wetness doesn't seem to touch me the same way.  I experience wetness, but am always 'dry', or untouched by all experiences. I think this is a more pure 'I Am', although obviously not entirely pure, because I still experience some thoughts, and the world itself.  

I figured I should clarify, since I feel there is a big difference in understanding between consciousness lacking a center, and the loss of the 'I' thought.

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It is o.k. to articulate, because that is part of the learning and unfolding process, but don't take the terms too seriously, such as pure "I Am," "Turiya," etc.

These are only words and concepts.

So when you describe taking a dry shower, or the center is not in the body, you are being truer to your own experience and not using buzzwords.

So you are doing very well.

You should be aware there is an I thought, but that is not the subject, the Self, nor is it "I Am."  "I Am" is witnessed by the ultimate subject. What you regard as "I Am" will change over time. At first, it might have a big body-feeling, kinesthetic component. Some even consider the Third Eye opening to be "I Am." Later, "I Am" may seem  like the totality of consciousness, or just pure awareness.

In fact, in the West there is a whole branch of theoretic psychology dedicated to articulating and understanding the complex issues of all the images, concepts, words, feelings and perceptions that make up what we call "I Am." If you are interested, go to the website http:itisnotreal.com and hit the button entitled "Psychoanalysis, or just hit it here." I wrote three books on this subject in the 1980s. One complete book is posted, and part of a second. 

There are other summarizing articles I wrote for various academic journals, such as: http://itisnotreal.com/InternationalJournal.pdf

But in most cases you will still be aware that these are all phenomena witnessed by the looker. Then you will think that none of this consciousness stuff has anything to do with me and you'll investigate the looker--the subject. This is when things begin to get interesting.

Here you are on the border of nothingness, going beyond consciousness altogether and know of your existence as something totally beyond the world in a different way than you know anything else, such as objects or knowledge in consciousness.


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