29 April 2014


The Guru/Student Relationship is not the Western Psychotherapy Model

This essay is about the guru/disciple relationship that is much, much different from the psychotherapy model that Westerners now view as the correct ethics for the spiritual relationship.  It is not.

      Westerners want clean relationships with boundaries and money exchanges to seal the deal.  Fixed 50 minute sessions, fixed venues for therapy, payment of money, and proscriptions on behavior, also called “medical ethics.”

      On the other hand the Eastern concept of guru/student, or the relations between people outside of the medical context are far more messy, have far fewer boundaries, and therefore tend to be potentially much more powerful in transformative ability that psychotherapy.

       My discussion here relates to the teaching methods of Sasaki Roshi who realized that different people require different approaches to awakening, enlightenment, or even functional health.

I was with Sasaki briefly at Mt. Baldy during 1970. It was an awesome experience and he an awesome teacher. For 50 years this alleged \"abuse\" was going on and no one did much? Has anyone done other than accuse, blame, and execute Roshi as some sort of sexual pervert? Has anyone examined the place of sex between students and teachers in the various traditions?

I have never had a teacher who was celibate, especially those who were supposedly celibate monks: Not Maezumi Roshi, not Thich Thien-An, not Seung Sahn, not Kozan Roshi, not Robert Adams, not Muktananda, not those in Baba’s tradition from Da Free John, Rudi, Muktananda’s successors, and so an ad infinitum.

Why? Is it that all Eastern spiritual teachers are sexual predators? Or is it that there is something in romantic love, sexual or non-sexual, that is helpful for both in terms of becoming human, and realizing one’s own self as a human/divine coupling?

Or is it that sex between teacher is viewed from a very limited point of view: no sex between teacher and student, never. The behavioral boundaries of Western Psychotherapy and Western medical ethics are applied to spiritual/human relationships such as with teacher/student. I think this is misguided. I think there is a lot to learn by investigating the actual relationships, actual occurrences between the teacher and student, what emotions were brought out, and if the student benefitted in any way from the experience.

All that I see with regard to Roshi’s 50 years of teaching men and women, is almost universal condemnation with not one minute spent on investigating the short and long term effects of “romantic,” sexual, or just plain over-the-top devotional love that two people can have with each other that can and will lead to Self-Realization. Not the philosophical nonsence of No-Self, or Emptiness/Void, but of realizing oneself as both human and divine.

The universal allegation here is made of pain caused to students. But Zen is pain! Staying at Mt. Baldy during a winter training session was pure pain. Freezing cold, getting up at 3 am to shovel snow, the Kyosaku blasts by Ryoshu, and no expression of love anywhere. It was the coldest place in the world.

Yet, when I saw Sasaki in Sanzen, never was there a warmer character. I can imagine the sheer warmth and acceptance a woman might feel if she felt loved in such a cold place, enough to awaken devotion in both she and Roshi. This supposed abuse went on for 50 years and it continued.

Everyone and I mean everyone, knew of Roshi’s lap Sanzens.  Women students knew even before they went into their first Sanzen session with him.

Could it be that everyone was learning from their human and koan interactions with Roshi, becoming more human than the concentration camp externals would allow? Instead of attacking Sasaki, ask him why he did what he did.

Was there a conscious intent to reate a spiritual or psychological opening in each case? I know Sasaki encouraged me to throw myself into the world first, as one woman was told, and to get dirty, before finding enlightenment, and I completely concur with this teaching for “some.” I would assume he would have a different way of behavior towards a former prostitute. You see, Westerners want all relationships to be “tidy” and well defined by money and contracts, professional ethics, and predictability. But Zen wants messy, confusing, spontaneous and open relationships with each other and with the world.

Unfortunately, Sasaki comes from a culture of secrecy and silence, and everything but a pleasant face is hidden. This is on him. I think this should be a time to learn about the place of romantic love, sex, “groping” as crudely stated in awakening. My own teacher was confronted by a woman during Satsang who asked aloud in front of the entire group of 40 attendees, “Robert, why did you stick your tongue down my throat.” After a long time he answered, “Because I thought it was what you needed.”

I fully understand that answer, do any of you, or are you caught up in a feminist morality scrubbing? Let us learn what was going on, hear the results.

All that I have read about Roshi in the last two years is a long list of accusations and allegations of student’s pain.

Shit, my life in Zen was constant pain, physical, emotional, random frightening Kundalini experiences, and not having a clue as to what the Heart Sutra meant even after studying it for 20 years. Read the Tiger’s Cave about a Zen Abbott and his relationship and failings with parishioners. Learn what Sasaki was able to accomplish in 50 years of doing the same thing over and over.

For Muktananda and other energy teachers, there is the obvious notion of Shaktipat of the most intimate sort. Tantric traditions focus on using sexual desire to arouse the Shakti. The more you learn while practicing spirituality, deeply, and honestly, the less judgmental you tend to get, because you understand more deeply and you understand that human relationships are messy, and that Western professional codes are attempts to limit and control the depth of a relationship. I am saying there is a lot to be learned here.

      See my video where I go into it deeper:


Ed Muzika

27 April 2014


Emotions, Psychopathology, "Cooking," Self-Realization and the Teacher/Student relationship; How they all fir together.

Today's Satsang covered the importance of emotional recovery and expression in the Self-Realization process; the dangers and strengths of this path, the notion of being cooked by the teacher (and the students cooking the teacher), the twofold path or becoming re-incarnated as a vulnerable and feeling human, even while realizing the Self or Atman. it is a twofold perfection of embodiment and transcendence.

Satsang Today, Sunday April 27, 2014

2 P.M. California Time.

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26 April 2014

A Comment on my method of Devitional Advaita:

Newton Nitro: I thank Edji for guiding me out of the dryness of the no-self, void states, the peaceful deadness of the void. It is pleasant, but, in my experience, it worked as a drug, a void-drug detaching me from life itself. It was a surprise to find the heart as a new dimension of expansion, full of mystery and color and chaos.
Instead of the "neti, neti", not this, not this, the "and this, and this" filled my life again. I am grateful for finding this way to balance my path, after many years lost in void states, it is like experiencing life all over again, with all its joys and horrors.
The void, the no-self, the absolute, whatever is always there, to balance the amazing and scary and chaotic energies of life itself, but any time I experience love, warts and all, in any form, it makes this experience called life worth a million times more than the deepest void states.

How Robert Adams and I Differ in Teaching and Method:


All that there is, is Consciousness, but even Consciousness is an illusion. You as a person do not exist, nor does the world exist, the only “entity” that exists is Consciousness and that keeps changing, meaning it too is not real. The existence of things depends on our minds’ abilities to see, name and experience forms.

Practice is to watch every aspect of oneself: emotions, thoughts, reactions, and to not get involved or attached to anything or any experience because they are temporary and will pass; only you as the totality of consciousness is real.

The more specific practice is a narrow form of self-inquiry, whereby we ask ourselves, “Who am I?” just once, and wait for a response. When a verbal or thought response arises, ask “Where is this answer coming from?” The intent is to see if there is a center or nucleus of self-awareness, a Self.


There is no ego, mind or central self as it cannot be found by searching. Conclusion is I don’d exist as an entity, there is nly an unending string of perceptions, experiences, events, unfolding in a pattern fixed by karma and the Power That knows the Way.


Robert’s truth only holds if you define “real” as unchanging.

There is no such “thing” as one’s true nature. Everything is you, is the Self, including thoughts, emotions, reactions, our bodies, our energetic bodies, Kundalini and Shakti, the underlying Fourth State of Existence, Knowledge and Bliss, and all that appears in Consciousness (and beyond), including the witness of all, what Nisargadatta called Parabrahman.

The aim is not the peace and bliss of Robert’s silent immersion in unmoving Consciousness, but to identify with everything we are, including raw emotions, our bodies, and to come to terms with death of the physical/mental/emotional entities we are by being completely open to our ephemeral and very vulnerable humanity and relationships. Accepting death as opposed to denying death by denying we also exist as temporary human entities.

The method is complex: look within to find the I-Am sensation, focus on it, love it, play with it, entice it into your heart. Loving the I Am will take one deeper into Consciousness than the immediate sensual “Nowness” or “Beingness” of the neo-Advaitins, into one’s energy body, human emotions, Turiya, bliss, and then the absolute Witness, Parabrahman


One often gets lost in the beauty and tranquility of the cool silence of non-moving witness, watching everything unfold, and eventually one can die to one’s humanhood, to our emotional self, to humanity. The LifeForce seems attenuated because there is no emotional power in one’s life.

Robert never speaks about the energetic body either, subtle energies, Kundalini, and/or “Shakti” that fills one with a sense of aliveness and an identification more with the subtle and physical body level.

Many or Robert’s students got lost in depression and suicide because they did not find the bliss he promised, but found deadness instead.

Otherwise one tends to get lost in dysfunctionality as nothing in this world is so attractive as that which lies within.


Listen to sacred chanting as often as possible, especially the old Muktananda style chants, Krishna Das, Yogananda chants, Amma chants.

This will cause you to experience amazing flows of internal energy within, spontaneous happiness, sadness, crying and helps the arising of long dead emotions and memories.

Most importantly, use all occasions of human love of all sorts to learn about what love is, see that it is located within you and your physical/subtle bodies and deeper, that you created it and the “other” is merely a trigger.

IdentiFy with that love, see that it is part o your true nature, then turn that love around to love your sense of I Am.

This allows a channel for the depths of the I Am sensation to arise into your awareness, and for the first time, Self becomes Self-Aware and self-identified as love and as the power of the Life-Force. The divine and I are one.

Read the Nisargadatta Gita, especially the parts about abiding and loving the I Am.

Absolute Self-Knowledge is attained, both as the manifest Self of Atman, the incarnation of the divine, but also the human self. You are both human and an incarnation of God.


Dysfunctionality. One can be carried away by emotional storms that emerge as the Shakti releases long denied or suppressed memories and emotions, depression, intense anger, rage, hurt. Just the sheer volume of positive and negative emotions, and the fear of their intensity can result in dysfunctionality.

Later, the constant intensity of unbelievably powerful waves of love, bliss, and ecstasy can result in long periods of feeling unable to do anything. One feels that one’s slightest movement will result in the disappearance of the joyous happiness. One becomes “God Intoxicated.”

One’s long repressed psychotic core of paranoid delusions, fear, rage, may manifest, rarely resulting in hospitalization. THIS IS RARE, AND THE PERSON USUALLY JUST REJECTS THE PATH OR THE TEACHER RATHER THAN SINK INTO THE PSYCHOTIC CORE. Then this person often runs into extreme criticism of the person and method that got them so close to their core dysfunctionality, and will fixate there until a new sinking into the core begins.

You see, the divine love is released and it does not fit within the rigidity of day to day conventional life, and for a while you may be torn between conventional life and the Life Divine of unfoldment by Shakti.

24 April 2014

I Am Soooooo Tired of the word Non-Dual and talk of Emptiness, Nowness, Beingness

I first met Joshu Sasaki in the winter of 1970/71. Every day during Sesshin he would give a talk called Taisho. He was a little man, if you would see a photo of him now he's about middle chest high.  He can't be 4'10" now.

But Roshi was a showman, understood perspective and the mind.

When we entered the Taiso Hall, also the Chanting Hall, he was already sitting in a beautifully decorated and elevated chair, maybe chest high, so his head was about 7 feet.  It seemed he was about 3 ft. thick under his under and over robes.  That is, he had a lot of padding which made him look bigger.

It was maybe the tenth Taisho when I heard him say, "Enlightenment can become boring."

Intuitively I knew that could be true.  Already I was spending hours everyday without a body or mind, merged with the wind and sounds of birds, and the dancing trees.

Within five minutes of sitting I no longer had a body or mind; I was the universe.  I became the jet flying overhead, or the sound of the wind and snow against the paper windows in the Zendo.

Which is real I thought?  The state of ordinary mind, or this oneness I experienced every day for hours at a time. Is one state more real than the other, more permanent?  Does either tell us more about who we truly are?  Am I "really" this blissful state of inner emptiness that invited the world into "me," even though there was no me when it came in?

I didn't know.  It was a question I would ponder for many years.

You see for some "enlightenment" is just the "realization of the emptiness of the subject and object distinction."  There was no I, no world, just a living presence which was me more and more.

But for some, it was realization that all objects, including self or ego, arose out of emptiness in the morning and sank into emptiness in the evening, and all day long they paid attention to the inner space that the objects came out of and went into.

And watching this emptiness can be fascinating for a number of years.  Itself it has properties of coolness, beauty, lucidity, and silence that was total peace.

This is the Nowness, Beingness, or even Self that many Advaitins and neo Advaitins talk about.  This is Shiv. Pure space, spotless, self-illuminated, utterly peaceful.

For some, "enlightenment" was just understanding the doctrine that form and emptiness were interpenetrating and One, and that there was nothing to be done, just rest in the gaps that revealed nowness between thoughts. Their "realization" was an understanding, a grasping of non-dual perspective.

But Zen would never tolerate just an intellectual answer. You had to experience emptiness, nowness, and the loss of personal self and the body in order to enter the brilliantly shining clarity of merger into the world.

Now, I will tell you, this is the beginning and end of most teacher's understanding and experience. This is the beginning and end of Douglas Harding's teachings of having no head, and most current Facebook teachers.

But let me tell you, even the most refined state of merger into emptiness, oneness or the brilliant shining Now, can, like Sasaki said, BECOME VERY BORING!

This is why I teach the way of love.  No two days are the same. No two hours are the same.  There are ups and downs. One feels all human emotions such as unconditional love, romantic love, sexuality, joy, bliss, brilliant displays of internal energies, colors and internal flows of colored subtle substances.

Then there are times of dryness, mild depressions, major black moods, anger, jealousy, rage, feeling embarrassed,
helpless, etc., and all are recognized and accepted as me.

But most importantly comes the experience of Self, which is our usual looking self that sees Itself as "Self" after that hidden Self of grace and God are revealed to self.  Then that small self becomes Self by identification and incorporation.

After that, everything is both the same and different.

Once again you are fully human newly emerging after years of regaining your emotionality, painfully and sometime slowly.  You can be depressed, you can be angry, you can be blissful or feel the grace of God: it never stops.  Every second is new.  It is not just the unchanging brilliance of Nowness, Beingness, or emptiness, it is being God and human at the same time.

Inside you are different.  Complete, total, utter, self-confidence, because not only are you the Self-of-All, the Atman, Turiya, the Fourth State of existence, knowledge of Self and who you are, but always have access to bliss in one form or another.

Even the rawness of new painful movements of Shakti inside your body and Subtle Body becomes more ecstatic than even the blissful states because you are becoming 100% totally accessed by the world through the tenderest vulnerability of the human Self to fear, anger, joy, and a piano concerto.  All becomes so intense there is no space for boredom.  You are 100% alive.

This comes about because of the transformative power of love. You have total access to silence, Nowness, and emptiness, but also the wild passion of a van Gough along with his eye for beauty.

Every moment the Self in you is giving birth to everything.

The Retreat Venue has changed: It will now be at my house in the San Fernando Valley

Deeya feels like she cannot participate and is recovering from fatigue and medical issues.

So the retreat will not be in Santa Monica. Many are staying at the nearby Extended Stay Hotel, about 1/2 mile from my house.  Each suite has a full kitchen and is in a safe area.

We can go to Robert's Park and to Follow your Heart for dinner.

April 30 to May 3.

23 April 2014

It is this sort of really human experience that I call Self-Realization

It is eerie, in a 'not knowing anything' sort of way, to be encountering my Self as myself. Know what I mean? 

Self has been "out there..." Somewhere in imagination. I never really felt like I can realize my Self. Oh, I said it, thought it, professed it....but in my heart, other people did it. Not me. 

Now I have direct experience of Self living in me right now. I am realizing Self as all there is...0° of separation. Really, really really eerie to me....I keep just stopping, and listening, attending inside, what is this?...don't know...no idea comes...but wonderment is everywhere...vibrancy....a huge space opening up...in me?...is me?....what me...? No one cares....just LIFE.
Thank you, Edji, from every quark that flows together as Syndria, thank you !


Ed:  This is similar to my own last Self-Realization experience, of being totally a vulnerable human but directly connected to and run by the divine Life Force, which I am, but which also is every other sentience being.

As Syndria's experience deepens, she will leave the Zen not-knowing state to the state of knowing absolutely everything with utter self-confidence.  But knowing everything, I mean the surety of knowing you are sentience and the Life Force, Shakti unleashed.  You taste Absolute Knowledge of self-reflexive knowing that you are the knower and knowledge; you are both the unmanifest noumena and its expression in the manifest world.

Mostly though you feel Self as you, arising in and manifesting through your physical body, energetic body, mind and emotions.  You are totally human and also totally God.

This is a rare teaching. Mostly you hear from teachers who talk in abstractions about two-fold emptiness, Nowness, beingness, tranquil silence, or aphorisms about ultimate reality.

You instinctively know these teachers are philosophers teaching their learnt teachings learned at the feet of other philosophers.

But some teachers are able to talk about the Self in every day situations and activities, not in abstract discourses about how the mind creates an imaginary world within and without, but how you can constantly feel the Self in the midst of intense external activities, mental activities and even emotional storms.  All of these circumstances mean little to someone who is always dwelling in the Self energies and self-identification.

This Self is not the emptiness or Void, it is not just the Absolute Witness, it is not just Nowness, it does not exclude thoughts or thinking, it is not just the physical or energetic body; it is all of these things!  That is, I can freely identify simply as the Void, or as sensations arising in the Now, or as the energetic body, or with the world as a whole, or with the essence of my sentience: as knowledge of my Self which includes all these elements between which I can flow freely in identification.

Syndria Update:

I just saw your post of my comments from the blog. Wow! You are fast!

I have been pretty much speechless. In my ever increasing rock headedness, I don't know how to say what I want to express to you. And it's hard to see the keyboard through my tears. 

I know that I've barely stuck my toe into Self. So, I'm not speechless and joyfully crying because I've attained 

It's because you see me, and hear me, and support me so unconditionally. I just showed up on your FB doorstep one day, like a depressed, disillusioned, depersonalized stray kitty, and you have accepted me, taught me, and retaught me, been patient and cooked me...several times....all as a part of loving me.

You share more of yourself, your direct, intimate experiences of ALL of life with us, your students, than any
teacher I have ever met. I feel undeserving of you sometimes. So humbled by the immensity of your heart, of
Your brilliance, your ability to convey the most subtle of teachings, your utter and complete generosity...

I am beyond fortunate to finally meet you.

I had lost hope. Maybe that's the key, I don't know. I actually do feel resurrected, from a dead heart....
There is more that I need to say to you....but, for now ....my words are just not enough......I need to stop, sit
quietly and sink into You......where I find Our Self 



Ed's Response:

Syndria, notice that Jackson Peterson does not understand any of what has happened between you and I, nor my other students and I.

He considers it "embarrassingly unstable" because we talk like regular humans, not in abstractions like the doctrine of twofold emptiness, and coming into the pure clarity of Nowness or Beingness.

We talk in terms of energies, the Life Force, Self, tears, cooking, pain, despair.  We talk about the razor's edge of spiritual existence including bonding, death and resurrection.

That alone should tell you your 30 year search in Zen and other disciplines is baring fruit in being simply human, and in that openness, feeling the breath of God so to speak, breathing through you. 

21 April 2014


This video will be available a little after midnight.

Dark Energies, apparent external disturbing influences, are discussed as well as examples of releasing them. Death and fear of loss are behind much of dark energy experiences. 

We practice a meditation (Ramana's) on death, and talk about fear of loss preventing many people from loving and bonding. We mention Becker's concept of the Denial of Death as a universal phenomena, and that resurrection comes from unburdening oneself from lying, hiding, secrecy, and denial/repression of emotions and memories, which readies one for the radical opening of Self-Realization.

20 April 2014

Amazing Email: the Self is Beginning to Burst Forth as the Unknown Expression

Tonight was an important sat sang for many of us it seems. I had a long talk with N*****afterward, she was there, but couldn't hear anything, yet felt touched deeply by your energy. I was too. I dropped into an eerie calmness during the death meditation and remain there now. I'm not even sure why I'm characterizing it as eerie..
Unusual? This kind state has been happening ever since I first met you. There is a non controlled quality, where I say things and do things without thinking about it . sometimes, even calmly wondering why I'm doing this or saying that.
Tonight I wrote about the death of my mother and my cat on your post. I don't know why I did it. It came out, and I trusted in that urge to come out. Still is eerie though. Since I' ve never talked to anyone about it. To just up and write it on a public FB post. Yet it doesn't really concern me. I used to keep all these small moments secret, as if revealing them would be extracting my very soul.
I remember that after the first message I sent you, you replied, "keep talking, its good for you.". And I have kept talking, revealing....often innocuous things.
Yet, things I usually never say or do publically. And none of it has really mattered, when revealed. It just rolls out of me, and I go on. Eerie. Even with Gurudatta the other night. I felt possessed by Kali Ma, she was just using my brain and mouth to speak. Yet she is just an aspect of my own Self as Shakti. Like energy at play in consciousness.
I had no idea what I was going into say until I felt an emotional response and words took form.
The whole thing only appeared because of G. attacking you. I couldn't let that happen without reply. I felt Intensely, fiercely protective of you. And righteously indignant at this childishly bad behavior. And words poured forth....and it all felt very good... Eerie. You appear to be having quite an effect on me.
Stuff is just rolling out of me and is, poof, gone. I feel transformed in some ways that I can't describe, but I am living them.
Eerie. Yes, eerie and OK. more silent inside. Just not knowing anything really. Eerie...did I already say that.?



Ed: FANTASTIC!  The hidden is brought to light effortlessly. It feelsd eerie, having the Unknown speak through you, act through you.  Most amazing sense of freedom from the hidden, from the darkness of secrets, repressed memories, repressed hurts.  This is exactly how it feels, the coming to light of Your awareness, of the Self.

So Many Truths; so many delusions

So many different paths; so many different Truths; this is the essential Truth of the Heart Sutra of Zen and Mahayana Buddhism.

See how the Zen tradition ignores Shakti and the energetic experiences, and yet still is okay:

"Our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. Existing where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase, "Form is emptiness." That all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase, "Emptiness is form." One should not think that these are two separate things."

From Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

19 April 2014

Special Easter Satsang, Sunday, April 19, 2014. 2 PM California Time.

Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com.

Sign in with password "edji" on two different screens.

Mute your microphone.

Some time will be spent on warding off dark energies, but we will also talk about Grace, Robert Adams, and the Self.

I will mention Gurudatta--maybe.

As you know, Infinity has posted many of Robert's transcripts on the Internet, the one's I helped put together four years ago, along with many photos.

15 April 2014

Infinity posts nearly complete collection of Robert Adams Transcripts, 3,500 pages!


This was put together with me as a general editor several years ago, transcribed and compiled by one student who unified the collection.

The introduction was written by me, the final photo is of Robert and I in Darshan.  Also, the Internet link refers to this collected work as E.M.RobertsAdamsCollecredWorks.

However, repeated threats from Infinity made me take it down as well as all Robert's photographs, audios, etc.

Wonderful news!  Now we don't have to hide the transcripts any more. Download it immediately in case they change their minds.


14 April 2014

Well, the shit is hitting the fan.  There is a good chance Deeya will have to leave Los Angeles before our retreat. Any number of factors are at issue, including a medical condition, home sickness and fear of a loose cannon guru that has sent out death threats, possibly involving her.

This leaves the problem, should she go home, of finding a new venue in Santa Monica or in Northridge with sleeping arrangements.

There is much, much more to this story I can only release to attendees.

I have never seen so many “men” hell bent on rescuing any woman. U.K. special ops, spirit drummers, me, Charlie, her employer, other gurus, and many others.

Things will be getting interesting in LA.

13 April 2014

Robert's Audio Talks; Note to Google and Blogger that claimed copyrights by Warner Blake and Infinity are false

Infinity claims everything about Robert Adams is copyrighted.

But Google/Blogger, that is a lie.

The only entity legally copyrighted is Robert's book, Silence of the Heart.

Infinity then copyrighted some of Robert transcriots when I posted them for free downloads to my website, http://itisnotreal.com.

Infinity/ Blake Warner downloaded the transcripts in the blocks I had posted, then sent them off to be copyrighted after I had followed Robert's instructions and posted them, many transcribed by me, for free on the Internet.

Now the audios are up again on the Internet.

These were never copyrighted at all.  Infinity/Blake Warner just claim they are.

Ask for any copyright documents and they cannot give you anything.

They do not sell individual satsang sessions, but compilations, thus there is no possible financial loss to Infinity.

They also claim all photos of Robert are copyrighted without supplying any proof.

Here is a link to Robert Adams videos:



Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com. Use the passord "edji" on two different entry screens.

This may be a big message. May be.

11 April 2014

From someone who saw our Batgap interview:

Oh Hi Ed..... I don't even remember what I wrote  but just wanted to say something about how  your interview with Deeya on Batgap. The surprise to find out you were there as Security for Baba during the Santa Monica Intensive where I got massive shaktipat.

I followed Baba to India and never did make a "connection" with Gurumayi or Nityananda.  Left SYDA in 1999 with another unexpected and equally huge shift in my life (jnani path or "descent" after the mystical bhakti thing closed up entirely AND then DEEYA and you opened an entirely NEW unfolding...especially Deeya into the dimension of the Divine Mother aspect (just words I know, but what the hell.  

Deeya's website blew some door open to a whole different inner landscape that is unfolding since "connection" to the feminine aspect of God holds me in a stunning embrace that is neither Bhakti or Jnani.... No words for this unique knowing and the opening to divine beings inner and outer as a Reality expresses in infinite LOVE ...I'll be a monkey's uncle its so human and so divine at the same time NO BIG DEAL an a VERY BIG DEAL.   Thanks for letting me jabber ....just a lot of energy spouting off.  

Love to you both human and divine MY GOD  same/same


06 April 2014

Message to me via email:

OK edji, let me be perfectly clear. the following is just the truth. You're teaching today was perfect, it could not be better. I'm not stroking your ego or blowing smoke up your ass.

To emphasize Love and ask people if they want to waste the next 20 years in some void or emptiness is profound, revolutionary, amazing.

And the joking, calling yourself 'borntoargue' or 'iamtoast', etc. is so funny, so fantastic.

Great work. Don't feel bad if only 35 come. Nisargadatta never had more than 15 at one time, so you're doing good!!! 

Tap directly into Chetanananda's juice and bring it back to us!

Jesus Christ dude, you fucking rocked today.



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