29 December 2019

Precision in the Application of Therapies and Spirituality

90% of spiritual seekers are searching and practicing mistakenly, to solve developmental failures and resolve trauma. Meditation, self-inquiry, devotion, and studying Nisargadatta will not resolve an additction, major depression, borderline or narcisistic problems, and most everyone has some.

Spirituality has to do with obserrving and understanding, as well as controlling consciousness, from the coming and goings of the waking, sleep, and dream states, as well as God realization, Christ consciousness, and emptiness as content of the waking state.  You learn everythonmg about consciousness, the states, impermanence, and how to stay in God consciousness or to consciously pass into Nothingness and the witness.

It not for emotional or behavioral problems embedded in the waking state and  tensions in the body. It is not for relational problems.  If your problem is alcoholism or severe depression, you need anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, individual and group psychotherapy, relaxation exercizes and therapies emphasizing freeing feeling in the body.

Two exception from this principle is that energy work, Shakti, Kundaleni, Tantra, and devotion can be used to access great energy and power that can assist in healing depression and even addictions.  Also, Tantrics use emotion to create energies and integrate them into the sense of presence by a process I call eating emotions.

video  link: https://youtu.be/F5NOIxxKaWE

17 December 2019

                        THE PORTAL

Deep inside each of us lies a portal, a doorway between existence and nonexistence, between experience and nothingness.

The experiential world as well as all of the categories of experience we call the self lie on the existential side of the portal. Some have called the various levels of existential self, the Self, distinguished from the world. Others claim that all levels of experience are the one self. Opposing this experiential side of life is the posited opposite of nonexistence otherwise known as the noumenal world, nothingness, the absolute, or the witness.

Through intense spiritual practices over many years such as self-inquiry, love and devotion, we can experience all levels of human and non-human, divine self, before encountering the portal. Instead of "levels of self" or "self experience," I refer to the different kinds of spiritual experiences encountered on the way through the depths of experience, as rooms within our inner spiritual mention, all of which have to be observed, identified with, and then discarded. We have to, for example, entered the room of emptiness a.k.a., the Void, identify with void, and then come to the recognition that the void is really not me.

This we have to do with all the rooms in that spiritual mansion, the room of emptiness, the rooms of joy and sorrow, anger and redemption, grace and condemnation, and salvation, the rooms of love, devotion, surrender, and finally of God realization and self-realization.

Here we have reached what appears to be full realization of the totality of life and death, existence and nonexistence, wherein God as the life force itself, sentience, is aware of itself and all of its aspects experiential and noumenal. We are completely at rest experiencing the constant underlying experience of ourselves as the manifest Self, and as God, as well as nothingness.

Once all of these experiences have been deeply experienced, added to our sense of self, we release ourself from that identification and are free to penetrate deeper levels. Depending upon where we start our spiritual journey, either with the discovery of the vast emptiness within, or with our discovery of God and the manifest self within, there comes a time when we exhaust the inner search and  come face-to-face with the portal, the entrance to the absolute nonexistence, which could be called deep self, or when absorbed within, in complete rest as nothingness and eternity.

It is often said self cannot be found or observed by the self. This is both true and untrue. From the existential side of the portal, we are looking into the dark emptiness below that seems to be seething with activity, and we feel a powerful  force pulling us toward the other side into our deeper self, addressing from objectivity to subjectivity. But peering into the portal from the existential side we are really looking for activities and powers instead of objects. We are looking into verbs, not nouns. We are looking into our ability to hear, see, smell, taste, touch, move, think, judge, surrender or exert will. What we "see," really intuit, are vast amounts unseen energies and powers that trickle up to the portal's surface of visibility, beckoning us to pass inside to the eternal.

VIDEO LINK:  https://youtu.be/kqA_DnEA-Mw

08 December 2019

How Childhood Lonliness and Depression Informed My Spiritual Destiny

Some have called this my most powerful Satsang ever,with great  openenss and vulnerability.  I speak of my almost suicidal loneliness as a child worsened  by a crushing fear of death and disaster after the sudden death of my father when I was 14.  These and other circumstances directed my spiritua lpath, each step similtaneously dealing with my human issues, as well as informing my spiritual eperiences, training, and understanding.

One need not be totally healed on an emotional level before benefitting  from spirituality, nor will spirituality heal depression and fear.  Both operate interdependently.

We becaome Buddhists or Advaitins when running away from emotioal disturbances embracing noself, emptiness, and nothingness, and we becomes Tantrics and humanists when we embrace them. But Tantra and energyspirituality more easily aids emotional maturation.


02 December 2019


Spirituality becomes less confusing when you understand that there is an evolution of spiritual experience and understanding.

Stage one is finding the Void, Emptiness, and going deeper, Nothingness. Then from the purity of unbroken silence emerges a movement of love, devotion, and surrender culminating in God and Self-Realization, bliss and ecstatic states, and unending joy. Here the person leaves the mundane world of unenelightened society, and lives in a new world of continuous joy and continuous change.Nothing lasts, all is good.

From this latter state, further experiences and more advanced understandings about consciousnessness, the life force, Shakti and the brief realityof all changing experiences.You realize your fundamental identity is not being a human at all, but being an avatar with your divine life unfolding withinmnefest existence.

Most of the great spiritual teachers of history fall within this traditional arc of spirituality.

But there are small numbers of people whom who fall outside this track altogether. They may have no common spiritual beliefs, but are instead what we regard as "good people." Some make such an impression on us that even a chance meeting with one such as these is remembered 50 or 60 years later as having been a life changing experience. One sch person for me was the psychologist, Carl Rogers who I met in 1981.To me, his life force, permeated and dominated an entire room of 30 psychologists, some of whom felt the urge to express devotion and felt a desire to surrender.

These outliers may show us the way to a new spirituality of being comfortable with one's own self and everyday with with the experience of samadhis, bliss, cosmc consciousness, etc..

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/dMLqD396ztM