02 December 2019


Spirituality becomes less confusing when you understand that there is an evolution of spiritual experience and understanding.

Stage one is finding the Void, Emptiness, and going deeper, Nothingness. Then from the purity of unbroken silence emerges a movement of love, devotion, and surrender culminating in God and Self-Realization, bliss and ecstatic states, and unending joy. Here the person leaves the mundane world of unenelightened society, and lives in a new world of continuous joy and continuous change.Nothing lasts, all is good.

From this latter state, further experiences and more advanced understandings about consciousnessness, the life force, Shakti and the brief realityof all changing experiences.You realize your fundamental identity is not being a human at all, but being an avatar with your divine life unfolding withinmnefest existence.

Most of the great spiritual teachers of history fall within this traditional arc of spirituality.

But there are small numbers of people whom who fall outside this track altogether. They may have no common spiritual beliefs, but are instead what we regard as "good people." Some make such an impression on us that even a chance meeting with one such as these is remembered 50 or 60 years later as having been a life changing experience. One sch person for me was the psychologist, Carl Rogers who I met in 1981.To me, his life force, permeated and dominated an entire room of 30 psychologists, some of whom felt the urge to express devotion and felt a desire to surrender.

These outliers may show us the way to a new spirituality of being comfortable with one's own self and everyday with with the experience of samadhis, bliss, cosmc consciousness, etc..

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/dMLqD396ztM

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