30 July 2010

Rajiv called me the first no concept guru. Actually, the website and blog are filled with concepts. But understand this, all spiritual talk is entertainment. Some is more accurate or correct entertainment than others, but by and large, concepts are a trap. The mind keeps pondering all the concepts offered and keeps the confusion alive and you trapped as humans rather than know your birthright as first, pure consciousness, and then beyond consciousness as altogether nothingness.

Here is Robert's advanced Advaita philosophy:

Robert pointing towards your goal at a blackboard: Becoming Nothing. Becoming Nothing is the last state you can have any involvement in method or goal.

However, there are Advaita Gurus with lots of concepts. If you read Ramana Maharshi literature you'll find lots of concepts because so many Indian philosophers went to Ramana and asked philosophical questions. But Ramana only himself had two methods: self inquiry via the question "Who am I?" and surrender to God and Guru. It is so, so simple, but so many make it so, so complicated.

Every Sunday Robert offered attendees a bouquet of concepts. Sometimes at the end of his talk, he'd say, "I just made that all up because some of you like concepts."

He taught self-inquiry as his primary method but taught many other methods too, because a lot of people couldn't locate any sense of 'I" even though they used phrases containing "I" hundreds of times every day.

Now, if you want concepts, below is a picture that explains everything in Advaita from the viewpoint of how Pradeep Apte sees Nisargadatta. If you read Maharaj, his talks are full of philosophical concepts. But they are all illusion. They do not help you except for a few moments when you feel like you finally understand Robert, Ramana, or Nisargadatta, and the mind feels a great relief and a sense of being at rest.------- At least for a few hours or days or weeks, when the doubts and questing begins again.

Here is the map that will explain everything and make it all clear. NOT!

Click this image once or twice, and it will expand 3 fold, making it readable.
Zen is called a transmission of the teachings outside of the scriptures. That is, it is truth not dependent on ideas or concepts. There is no truth in concepts or words, or ideas. Truth is when you grasp your existence before your mind is born. The mind can only reveal "understanding," which is temporary, and incomplete representation. You need to go beyond the mind, beyond experiences altogether. This also is what Robert taught when he said even consciousness lacked real existence.

When all concepts are dropped, when the glass becomes completely empty, stay there for awhile, and there you will find real freedom, far, far beyond understanding, along with complete happiness and peace. 

Here is a link to Robert's Audio talk, "The good for nothing man." I think this was the second talk I ever transcribed and is still one of my favorites.

Really, don't take all this stuff too seriously or you will miss it altogether. It is not real. Your apparent life is not real. The world is not real, and all spiritual teachings are not real. This has to be your final understanding, but don't suffer too much in the process of seeking. It is far, far more simple than you think it is. Just drop thinking and merge into the I Am and then beyond I Am.

While it sounds simple, and is simple, persistence and focus are needed along with complete trust in yourself. That is, you make up your mind that nothing in life is worthwhile other than the freedom of liberation, and then dedicate your life to the one technique suggested by all real Advaita teachers, namely, self-inquiry. After practicing self-inquiry for a while and reading about all the different ways it can be done, focus on the instructions about self-inquiry found in the Path of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Part I, chapters 7 and 8. Then GO! From this point on, only go forward, not checking constantly as to momentary experiences or new understandings that arise.  Just keeping sinking into the foreground and background, the I-sense and the witness of the void.
Download the Nisargadatta Gita for free or buy as a paperback for $7.60 from Lulu.com.
I highly recommend this book as a guided meditation manual.


27 July 2010

I want to thank everyone who has so generously donated. I can assure you that the animals in Los Angeles will benefit, both by direct receipt of food and medical care, but also supporting watchdog agencies whose purpose it protecting animals through legislation and public scrutiny.

Thank you all very much. This would have made Robert very happy.

Robert always told us not to get involved in the world, but whenever I did about animals, he blessed that involvement and said it was about time someone did something.

26 July 2010

Someone added photos of a talk on the http://itisnotreal.com website, as well as several photos on that site into this interesting post. Yes, the photo of that confused looking guy is not Robert, but me.


I briefly present my(small)self: I'm R., 25 years old, from XXXX. I work part time in order to finish my BA in Psychology and I live with my wife. I started my vichara when I was about 16-17 years, after having been impressed with some esoteric articles on a magazine.

From there everything started; I discovered that those absurd and not communicable "living questions" I had in childhood were actually part of what is called atma-vichara or "Higher reasoning" (in the words of Atmananda Menon). I started reading everything I could: Zen in all its lineages, sufism, taoism, Ramesh Balsekar, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ranjit Maharaj, Jiddu and UG Krishnamurti, Jean Klein, Kashmir Shaivism, Buddhism in all its forms including Vajrayana and, in particular, Dzogchen, Ramana Maharsi and so on.
I think Advaita Vedanta is what sums up everything. I've never met a living guru. That's one of my biggest delusions.

I had different experiences, I think I experimented what in the Hindu tradition is called Samadhi, but they all were part of the changeable environment.

Now here's the problem: I can grasp everything intellectually but I'm still here.
I know I am pure subjectivity, I've never been divided by mySelf; I know this true state 
behind here is above time and space and it was witnessing also before my birth. Everything it contains it's superimposed. It's a no-experience always present, just before, under, in and after every thought.

I know that if language wouldn't exist it would remain simply THAT.

Then I stumbled across your site and I found it very potent in pointing me to mySelf.

In this moment I'm trying to think about what I could ask you because I can't even imagine the question that would set me free. There is observation of thougts, sensation of fingers that use keyboard, lights and images. I don't know WHERE am I. But I'm still here.

Maybe my biggest problem is that I desire some wonderful experience to happen, maybe I desire to feel detached from this body (even if I can't see where I am attached to it, it's just swimming in me).

I praise you to kick my ego out of me.

I know it sounds not too traditional but I tried to express a stream of counsciousness in order for you to have a clear picture of me.

Thanks for the time and sorry for my bad english
All the best



I understand perfectly where you come from, and so do you.

You have seen through the emptiness and impermance of the mind, words, concepts, understanding, the world and yourself.

Now, you ask what to do.

Look inside. 

You already know what you have to do and you are waiting for me to confirm it.

Just stop everything and turn your attention inward towards the non-substance that is you.  No more reading, no more thinking or concepts. You have seen through all that.

Just You, focusing on You until the end and whatever happens.

With full courage forgo support from anywhere. Throw yourself off the cliff into the unknown and just look at yourself, whatever happens, whatever fear or doubts arise.

I will always be here to catch you if you have problems.


24 July 2010

About every other Satsang, Robert would tell us, "Your mind is not your friend."

Often he'd stop in the middle of a talk and just say "Stop thinking" as loudly as he could, two or three times. But he couldn't speak very loudly due to Parkinson's.

Seung Sahn Soen Sa used to tell me all the time, mainly because I was always thinking too much, "You must become very, dumb, dumb as a brick." He would also say, "Go straight ahead," meaning don't constantly try to figure things out with your mind even including the correct practice.

In Sesshin at Mt. Baldy you do not speak for seven days except to Roshi or when given work instructions. Everything is silence. 

But so many of you who read this are trying to figure things out with your mind. You ask what is the best practice? Am I doing this right? What about what Ramana said one time? Nisargadatta said xxxxx at one time, what do you think about that?

Your mind is always stopping you from getting deeper than mind. You are deeper than your mind and even deeper than consciousness, but until you stop following the lead of your mind, you will never get below mind, you will never find freedom.

I did all that self-doubt, self-checking, got distracted, worried about making money, employment, played endlessly with philosophical and spiritual concepts, and just plain dawdled for 27 years.  I could have done it in half the time if I hadn't "wobbled" so much.

Therefore, based on my own experience, I urge you to stop thinking. Just get hold of the Nisargadatta Gita, download it, print it out and read it every morning and evening. Then sit and ponder the meaning. Then sit as strongly as possible, find the I Am feeling, and dwell in it, abide in it, immerse your attention in it.  If you do it strongly and continuously, in a very short time you will begin to feel happy, and all your questions will begin to go away.

Just go straight ahead with that practice.

It is a matter of persistence and focus. 

All the experiences you have along the way are irrelevant, meaningless distractions.  Just follow the deepening peace, the deepening I Am until the I Am disappears.

At this point you are where Rajiv was near the middle of Autobiography of a Jnani. This is when "self-discovery" becomes really, really interesting. But until you reach this point, just follow the I Am. Stop checking to see if you are making progress by comparing what I or anyone said about anyone's understanding or progress.

It is all up to you, your focus, your dedication, your persistence, and not getting distracted.

Go straight ahead, become dumb as a rock. Stop thinking! Just meditate on finding your sense of self.

23 July 2010

Haa, thank you for that last post on your blog.  It is charming.  I especially enjoy the picture of your cat on your head!  It's nice to see that although you are Realized the highest you have retained your playfulness and sense of humor.  I guess I may appreciate this more than other students because I am young and feel these things are close to my 'personality' as well. 

I still engage the world because there is the desire to explore this human experience, but 'I' or the real 'me' is seen as never moving and still!  Who do I have to thank for this? You!  How much peace and happiness this gives, despite being on the outer edge of it staring in!  I can only imagine when this desire settles down and the stillness and peace grows.  Who knows I may never realize the Self, but regardless I am a better 'person' because of your example!

I have become a vegetarian, and seen the suffering in animals because of You.  I better understand meditation because of You, which is the best skill I have learned in life yet!  I know of Robert Adams because of You!!  You have given me and all your students so much!  You have changed my life drastically for the better and I feel you deserve to know this even if it does bounce off your rock hard head :D 

Once again, and always, thank you for your continuing guidance and more than anything, simply being and sharing You!


22 July 2010


When we were around Robert, no one wanted to work. We were surrounded by his peace and after leaving him from lunch or Satsang, it was the hardest thing to return to the world. The deeper the message gets and the deeper meditation gets, the more silence envelopes you and the more peace and bliss you feel. In fact, you might get quite crabby with people who want you to do something, like a wife or husband who wants you to pay attention to them.

To understand this state, which certainly is not the "final" state, you have to read the Ashtavakra Gita by Byrom, portions of which are found on the itisnotreal.com website.

After learning how to rest in I Amness, A.K.A. Turiya, oneness, complete happiness, etc., it is really difficult to initiate activities. When activities come, they are not initiated by you, but from "outside." Someone needs help, someone knocks at the door, someone sends you a bill, or you see some injustice that needs fixing. Then briefly you can become like a tiger if needed.

No one is lazier than someone who can become lost in the Self, awareness, oneness, peace. There is no desire at all to do anything and if action comes, it arises spontaneously out of the moment.

The older I get, the less I understand complex issues. Years ago I would have been absorbed in discussions, especially mathematics or philosophy, because I had a mind that wanted to understand things.  Now someone starts talking to me about mechanical, medical or website design issues, and it passes right over my head. I just smile as if I understood, or as if I cared, because I don't want them repeating it to explain it better. They might as well have been talking to a tree trunk.

Everything comes and goes, moment by moment all day long, but I no longer move. I rest in happiness and peace as dumb as a rock, yet peaceful and all pervading. My mind is calm, still, concepts just ruffle the surface, to be ignored. This is peace.

This is why I do not have Satsang. I have no need for it and am too lazy and happy to start one. I have done it before and know the energy it takes and how distracting it is, nor does there appear to be a great need for it in L.A. If there were a great need, things would happen to make Satsang happen.

Robert never had Satsang at his house, but always at devotee's houses. Robert was driven too and from Satsang. Robert couldn't even dress himself properly and needed Nicole Adams to help him. Robert was my ideal. He did nothing and preached doing nothing, always dwelling on the edge of the Void.

We all learned that lesson well and few of us could even work. Robert used to joke to his close students that he was the only one working by doing Satsang.

Many of you write about how is one able to do an active life and strong sadhana at the same time. My advice has always been to give up the active life. But there are those who lead active lives and are realized. However, Robert's way of doing nothing chose me.

The state just prior to becoming dumb as a rock.

Truly dumb as a rock but happy!
Dear Edji

There is a mix of peace/silence ( the mental movement is almost disappeared)
plus the deep knowing that I stand apart from everything..now I smile looking at the world.

I can stand under the rain, stop eating, eating a lot, showing love, crying...
everything is the same and I am untouched by all this.

All started a week ago...and It is my experience in every moment of the waking state.

I didn't do any meditation for a while but since a week I started again...
I am doing a couple of 20 min session a day. Meditation feels so natural now.

Master Ed..is there something else I should do?

thank you



Yes, continue the formal meditation as often as possible. Where you are you can easily lose "it." You hang onto it just by watching it often in formal meditation. It aids the non-formal meditating you are now doing all the time.

Amazing Video:

In May I went on the Vipassana course that I had booked prior to finding your website.  I followed the instructions exactly, understood the technique well, and the whole thing could be considered 'a success'.  But it was not for me.  Too indirect.  Usefully, and I think primarily because 11 days were spent in total silence and with no eye contact, no reading or writing materials etc, I briefly identified some peace that I had never known before.  I also found that there was a place within me that is untouched by pain (back pain, from formal sitting 12h per day).

Since then I have been meditating on the I Am.  I eventually found myself in the background, watching thoughts come and go.  Eventually I kicked myself out of this, remembering you had said on your website that it was a trap.  It took a while to realize that I was in it though.  Before this I had no idea what 'background' and 'foreground' actually meant.

I tried to move into the foreground, and after a while I found a new I Am.  It is a stillness that pervades everything.  Thoughts still happen.  Various levels of identification occur.  A noticing process grades thoughts.  Thoughts with a high level of identification get zapped half way through and classed as ego.  Thoughts with a low level of identification are merely like the shadows of clouds passing by, and aren't really graded at all.  It's like the mind has to react with equal strength to the identification.  

This I Am doesn't feel like witnessing as I imagined it, it's got more presence to it.  It's more like I am it, it being the silence/stillness, and that in turn being kind of everything in my field of awareness.  I am aware of much more simultaneously than I ever remember.

By the way I read recently on your blog a post about a Soto Zen practitioner hearing a high frequency 'nada' sound.  I can hear this too, sometimes, but I pay it no attention.

The body does its thing.  I haven't realized there is no doer (I haven't realized anything), but the mind is convinced of it - possibly a mix of faith and some spark of recognition.

Everything seems as it should be right now.  There are things that I would previously have reacted to as problems but they seem kind of remote. Yesterday I handed in my notice with no plans except to sit around basking-in and further-exploring this silence.  Whether or not they will accept the resignation remains to be seen.  In one way it doesn't matter - work or not work.  In another way it seems like now, or very soon, is the time to stop and commit to I Am with the fullest possible dedication.

Interestingly I don't do formal meditation much at the moment, if at all.  I just tap go into the stillness when sitting, or stroking the cat, or looking out of the window, or anything.  It seems OK.

I don't read anything apart from your website.  I stopped looking around almost as soon as I found it.

Thanks for everything so far.



You are doing very, very well!! Perfect!!

Don't worry about the distinction between foreground and background. Distinctions disappear along with all other concepts regarding reality, the world, ego, Self, consciousness, Self-inquiry, etc. Those are just pointers to get you close to where you are now. All will dissipate along with you, burnt in the fires of awareness.  

It is very liberating when you can just walk away from a job without a second thought, isn't it?  Such liberation will continue to expand leaving behind your only remaining concern that should remain with you for the rest of your life, and that is the desire--no, the inner command--to both love and take care of all sentient beings.
Hey, become a teacher and get vegetarian meals and six massages at the same time for only $5,400!! What a bargain!  Or else join Rajiv or Mathew at Satsang for free. 

Yoga = $5,400; real Advaita = $0.00.


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2. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Georg Feuerstein
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3. Ayurveda, The Science of Self-Healing, by Dr. Vasant Lad
4. Anatomy Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit & Lawrence M. Elson

20 July 2010

Hi Ed, a short question which I hope you can address.  I have been meditating for many years, mainly Soto Zen, but have come to see within the last 2 years or so that this is leading nowhere.  As I listen to the "master" at the local temple go over and over the Dharma that it is very clear is not coming from a "pure place" so to speak.  It is mainly old talks repeated over the years. 
So, I am now interested in pursuing a way of inquiry that follows from the following statement you made:
"Inquiry can mean merely abiding in the inner light of consciousness, doing nothing."
While I do not witness the inner light of consciousness, I am constantly aware of the ever-present "sound of silence"...the nada sound...a high energy sound. Can this be referred to as the "inner sound of consciousness?"  My main question is: can this be used in Inquiry by asking "Who is aware of this sound?" and stay with that?

Thanks for your response,


Well, you can use that sound in this way, but the primary focus of your meditation is the sound, which is an object of you.  It is better to look for You directly, the looker. But more easily, is to find the sense of I, which gradually expands to become the light of consciousness. You don't want to have to depend on an object to find the subject, because it gives the object too much life.

19 July 2010

Now available, the "almost" Complete Collected Works of Robert Adams.

It consists of about 200 transcripts, is 3,706 pages long and contains 1.331 million words.

What a treasure, compiled by a student. There are several students that continue to transcribe Robert's talks. As each completes his task and sends them to me, I will post them. 

The file is too large for downloading from my website, so send me an email, and I will return it to you as an attachment.  satsang.online (at) gmail (dot) com. I write the email this way because the mailbox is filling up with ads from those who scan websites for email addresses.

17 July 2010


Mattew was the first out of town student to visit me about two years ago. He has made considerable progress during that time and wrote  a movie script of Robert's life, which is excellent. Satsang will be held at a library in Toronto. If you want, at some point I may make a guest appearance via Skype or teleportation (joke).


As Matthew describes Satsang:

The meetings will always be 6pm-8pm.  I apologize if this is a bad time for some of you, but it is the best time available at the library.

Usually the meetings will be on a Thursday, but sometimes, if necessary,  on a Wednesday
or a Monday.  The rental cost of the space is $15/hour, plus HST, which I have paid for
the first few sessions.  Hopefully people could pitch in to help cover the cost!
Satsang will consist of: 
1. Sacred music. (To calm the mind.  I will bring some music I consider sacred the first
few times, and if other people have some ideas, they can bring some too.)10-15 minutes or so.
2. Robert audio satsang 20-30 minutes.
3. 20 minute sitting, period 1 (Please bring mat and cushion if you have, chairs available there.)
4. 20 minute sitting. period 2.
5. Chat.  (Comments, questions, etc.)
6. Prasad.  (Prasad means food offering.  Every week we can bring fruit, cookies, pastry, etc.), which are offered to teachers on the path at the beginning, then shared at the end.  
One more note... it is a heavily air-conditioned space.  Even on hot summer days, you may want to bring an extra shirt, sweater or sweat pants.
Below are the dates reserved at the library:
1. Thurs. July 29/10
2. Thurs. Aug.5/10
3. Wed. Aug.11/10
4. Thurs. Aug.26/10
5. Thurs. Sept.2/10
6. Thurs. Sept. 9/10
7. Mon. Sept. 20/10
8. Wed. Sept. 29/10
9. Thurs. Oct. 7/10
10. Thurs. Oct. 14/10
11. Thurs. Oct. 21/10
12. Thurs. Oct. 28/10
13. Thurs. Nov.4/10
14. Wed. Nov. 10/10
15. Thurs. Nov. 25/10
16. Wed. Dec.1/10
17. Wed. Dec.8/10
18. Thurs. Dec. 16/10
19. Thurs. Dec. 23/10
That's to begin... we'll see how it goes.  If people are interested, it will continue. Please let me know if you think you are interested or can join for our first session ... Thurs. July 29/10!

Look forward to seeing you then!

16 July 2010

Concentration on the Self requires intense control of the mind and many complained to Ramana Maharshi that it was not easy.

In the evening a visitor asked Bhagavan how to control the wandering mind. He began by saying that it was a question which particularly troubled him. Bhagavan replied laughing:

“That is nothing particular to you. That is what everybody asks and what is dealt with by all the scriptures, such as the Gita. What other way is there except to draw the mind back every time it strays or turns outwards, as advised in the Gita? Of course it is not an easy thing to do. It will come only with practice.”

The visitor said that the mind strays after what it desires and won't stay fixed on the object we set before it.

When there was this sort of complaint, Bhagavan sometimes answered that Self-enquiry does not set any object before the mind but simply turns it in on itself, seeking its source. On this occasion, however, he answered from the point of view of desire or happiness.

Everybody seeks only what brings him happiness. Your mind wanders out after some object or other because you think that happiness comes from it, but find out where all happiness comes from, including that which you regard as coming from sense objects. You will find that it all comes from the Self alone, and then you will be able to abide in the Self.

Day by Day with Bhagavan by A. Devaraja Mudaliar (5th Edition,2002) p. 298.
            RAJIV'S SATSANG:

Master Edji addressed the importance of the need for Satsang wonderfully in an earlier post given below. However there have been few mails and numerous conversations I have had asking about what we would be actually covering in the Satsang. I am presenting a brief write out on what we intent to do during the Satsang so that Seekers know what to expect from the session:

1)    Investigating or Hunting the I – True essence of Advaitic teachings as enumerated by Edji and the Masters.

2)    Investigating the four bodies through a step-by-step process thereby avoiding skipping the important steps required for progress and stability in practice.

3)    How to make Joy, Bliss, peace and Oneness manifest itself in daily waking states and carry this true Advaitic Joy in every aspect of your life.

4)    How to deal with various emotions, which can erupt during Sadhana.

5)    Reaching states of various Samadhis resulting in effortless Dyhaan.

6)    The importance of physical Guru/teacher and the Inner Guru.

7)    The true meaning and aspects of the wordless “IAMness” and how it is actually reached in its purest form, namely Turiya.

8)    How to permanently rest there as the background SELF.

       These are few things I will try to achieve with those who wish to join for Satsang. Naturally not all points will be covered or achieved in one single day. The above will take time, effort and devotion from the side of the Seeker.

I plan to conduct Satsang every Saturday between 10 am till 2 pm. Those interested in attending the same will be required to send me a confirmation atleast 4 days prior so I am aware how many are actually attending.

Those who are visiting me from outside Mumbai or India will need to arrange their own accommodation should they plan to stay for a few days. Information on the hotels/motels will be provided on request.

The timings for Meditation, chanting and talks (doubts or discussions) will be put up later as things begin to take its natural course.

With the Blessings of Edji and Shri Robert and all the Masters I take this initiative and thank you for the mails and interest shown by the Seeker in this most wonderful path. It will be my greatest pleasure to take this journey again and again with the many Bal Gopalas of Ed Muzika.

Rajiv Kapur    rajiv108@yahoo.com