17 July 2010


Mattew was the first out of town student to visit me about two years ago. He has made considerable progress during that time and wrote  a movie script of Robert's life, which is excellent. Satsang will be held at a library in Toronto. If you want, at some point I may make a guest appearance via Skype or teleportation (joke).


As Matthew describes Satsang:

The meetings will always be 6pm-8pm.  I apologize if this is a bad time for some of you, but it is the best time available at the library.

Usually the meetings will be on a Thursday, but sometimes, if necessary,  on a Wednesday
or a Monday.  The rental cost of the space is $15/hour, plus HST, which I have paid for
the first few sessions.  Hopefully people could pitch in to help cover the cost!
Satsang will consist of: 
1. Sacred music. (To calm the mind.  I will bring some music I consider sacred the first
few times, and if other people have some ideas, they can bring some too.)10-15 minutes or so.
2. Robert audio satsang 20-30 minutes.
3. 20 minute sitting, period 1 (Please bring mat and cushion if you have, chairs available there.)
4. 20 minute sitting. period 2.
5. Chat.  (Comments, questions, etc.)
6. Prasad.  (Prasad means food offering.  Every week we can bring fruit, cookies, pastry, etc.), which are offered to teachers on the path at the beginning, then shared at the end.  
One more note... it is a heavily air-conditioned space.  Even on hot summer days, you may want to bring an extra shirt, sweater or sweat pants.
Below are the dates reserved at the library:
1. Thurs. July 29/10
2. Thurs. Aug.5/10
3. Wed. Aug.11/10
4. Thurs. Aug.26/10
5. Thurs. Sept.2/10
6. Thurs. Sept. 9/10
7. Mon. Sept. 20/10
8. Wed. Sept. 29/10
9. Thurs. Oct. 7/10
10. Thurs. Oct. 14/10
11. Thurs. Oct. 21/10
12. Thurs. Oct. 28/10
13. Thurs. Nov.4/10
14. Wed. Nov. 10/10
15. Thurs. Nov. 25/10
16. Wed. Dec.1/10
17. Wed. Dec.8/10
18. Thurs. Dec. 16/10
19. Thurs. Dec. 23/10
That's to begin... we'll see how it goes.  If people are interested, it will continue. Please let me know if you think you are interested or can join for our first session ... Thurs. July 29/10!

Look forward to seeing you then!

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  1. Can you please send me the address of the library where this satsang is held to arvindsap@yahoo.com.