03 June 2008

The Robert Adams Infinity Institute

This blog has been inactive for a while.

Infinity (1.e., Robertadamsinfinityinstitute.org) threatened to sue my former webhost for hosting the website, www.itisnotreal.com.

The Institute is a creation of Robert's wife, Nicole Adams. Nicole has turned Robert's written words, his Satsang recordings, and even all photographs of him, even those taken by me, into her family business and claims everything about Robert is hers to copyright.

The itisnotreal.com site was down for a bit. It is back up again with a new webhost. The complete story of Nicole's sordid antics can be found upon opening the site.

Nicole Adams, her sidekick Blake Warner, under the banner of the Infinity Institute want to rob the general public of access to the world teacher, Robert Adams. While it is up, the itisnotreal site gives you that access for free.

For her, it is a business only. She has set herself up to be a guru. My posting of the talks I transcribed and handed out to Satsang and turned into volumes I and II of Silence of the Heart may be hers or not, but only a court of law can determine that.

Silence of the Heart is a WONDERFUL book. Buy it, but not from Infinity.

What they offer, outside of Silence of the Heart is not Robert, but a form that they understand, which apparently is a form of Christianity.

This kind of nonsense has occurred with every famous dead spiritual teacher, including Rajnessh, Krishnamurti and even Nisargadatta. I hope this stops it with Robert's words.