25 July 2007

Re my problems with Infinity. From Alan:

Dear Ed, thank you for presenting Robert's teachings as direct from his own mouth as is possible. It is clear that you are a true student and direct representitive of Robert and his teachings. It is important for the world to have such a source.

It is sad to see individuals try to own and sell truth that is originally offered directly from the source and not meant for profit or copyright. It so often becomes clear that such actions invariably lead to a false presentation of the original. May Robert's work shine unhindered through all of the unfortunate discord and greed.

I for one value your presentation of your dear teacher, Robert, and his direct and immeasurably valuable teachings. In Truth,


Thank you Alan. I urge all of you contact Infinity and let them know what there actions speak about them. Maybe they will leave me alone or ask me to work cooperatively with them as I have offered to do so many times in the past. Though I do not know the purported 30 year students, I do know Nicole and have been continuously shocked by her actions.