31 March 2019



It is all about a spirituality of having an incarnate spirit

30 March 2019


Go to: https://zoom.us/j/2950292557?status=success at 10:30 and set with us in silence or chanting. Satsang begins at 11.

Why I teach the way of divine incarnation as opposed to Robert’s and Nisargadatta’s way of the absolute, the unborn.

Nisargadatta’s and Ramana’s teachings really are for old souls, who have already realized God and have tasted deep and long of divine bliss, grace, and love. Both teach about the state where there is no time, no space, no experience and no experiencer. Even many of great saints will dive deeply into that abyss find themselves dragged back into the world to seek God, grace, and love.

So really, I urge you not to be beguiled by Advaita or the Buddhist concept of Nirvana. Both are for those totally ready to leave life.

Instead, I encourage people to seek the life force within themselves, the divine, the vision and energetic experience of God within themselves, because this experience changes everything. One gradually this identifies with the mundane world they lived in, and enters a world of love, sacrifice, surrender, bliss, divine energies, and helpfulness to all beings and everywhere by the actions they do in the words they speak.

As Robert so clearly pointed out to his students Satsang after Satsang, the Jnani is the most useless of beings. He or she is so lazy they sometimes cannot be bothered to eat. They are no longer of this world, but not in the way of the yogi. Rather they are beyond the world in the sense it has no interest in them and they pay no heed to it. They were out of this world. As Robert’s wife Nicole used to say to me, “I keep expecting a flying saucer to land and take Robert back to his planet.” That is how out of the world she experienced them to be, as did most other people.

The same can be found about Ramana, and Nisargadatta often said in his final talks that he could not wait to leave, any of the leaving would not be too much of a trouble for him. That is, he wanted to die peacefully.

I know many of you are in deep psychological or physical pain and you are looking for escape. You may have thought of suicide. You may have thought of dropping everything and becoming a monk. You may have thought of living by yourself in the woods or the countryside in India. But unless you have a teacher, either someone like Robert Adams who can take you to the unborn state, or someone like myself teaches the spirituality of the divine, of realizing yourself present incarnation of God and that living this way as a light for all, you will waste your time. You really need a teacher. It is so hard to find one’s way out of self-delusion, especially just by reading a book by Robert, Ramana, Nisargadatta, or many books about Kasmir Shaivism, all that knowledge is intellectual and not transformational. Only major experiences in the realm of feeling, the divine, God our transformative, while experiencial understanding of the unborn state text you entirely beyond life.

The unborn state is often briefly touched by experienced meditators who find it absolutely restful, it is not a state for the human race as a whole. We as a species are on the brink of self annihilation through climate change, as well as total species collapse of all living beings. But we need now is a kind of salvation that is uplifting, empowering, with more universal compassion and ability to act in this way as opposed to the uselessness of the unborn state.

27 March 2019

Everything is story; literally, all existence, all forms and everything you touch, taste or feel is created by definitions and stories in your mind. History, science, politics, society, religion and spirituality, all are but a series of concepts, and the reality of these resides in our minds. When you understand this, it is possible to escape from whatever "reality" your mind has created in you, whether it is a life of poverty and disease somewhere in Africa or Asia, or a life of wealth and relative safety somewhere in northern Europe. In all of these places, the reality depends on the stories that circulate in our minds, and the strength of our belief in these ideas.

That is, life for everyone is almost totally a fantasy process, one that divides Arabs, from Christians, from Buddhists, from Democrats, from Republicans, from Northerners or Southerners. All division is created by mind.

26 March 2019

Kali has successfully survived surgery! 

She is in post-op now. About 98% of the tumor was removed along the entire left lobe of her liver. The tumor and a sample from an enlarged lymph node will be sent out to determine if the tumor is malignant. The surgeon said the chances are about 50-50. If it is, then she will get chemotherapy.

Her body temperature is a little low postop, which worries me, because that also occurred with Gopi, my beloved cat 10 years ago post surgery for a mass in her lower intestine. She never awakened after surgery, and had a stroke or heart attack about four hours after surgery.

I am quite concerned that the surgeon now estimated about a 50-50 chance for a malignancy which would require chemotherapy. If it is a local tumor only, because hundred percent is not removed, it could begin to regrow, but she would likely outlive the regrowing tumor.

I am not much relieved by the news, mainly because she is away from home in a strange place for the next day or two. She has never been away from home before for more than an hour or two going to a veterinarian.

25 March 2019

She has a 5 cm mass on the left lobe or her liver. 

Symptomatically it manifests as nervousness and fear which gradually went away with Prosac. Two liver enzymes are highly elevated and the mass has doubled in size over the last 12 weeks. An ultrasound appears to show a non-malignant cystic, but one lymph node is highly enlarged. Her kidneys display deterioration consistent with her age (13), but not yet clinically manifest.There is a grade 3 heart murmmer.
We are very worried but hope for the best. She is at the new Midwest University Companion Animal Complex. Surgery costs about $3,000.

Been giving her energy treatments for months to no avail.
She used to sleep on my hand 13 years ago as a snow white furball.

23 March 2019

Quieting the mind means using willpower to end thinking or long meditation. But such a forced ending does not bring wisdom or freedom. The latter requires that we feel lonely or uncomfortable if the mind is not constantly entertaining us. When we see its chatter, daydreams, and fears are just an empty entertainment supported only by habit, it loses its power and we rest in our self.

Ed explains how to see through the mind and find what lies below it


Enlightenment is not a silent mind,

but one that is unmoving

There is a widespread myth in some corners of spiritual philosophy, that all that is needed to become awakened or enlightened, is a “silent mind.” Usually, silent mind is not defined, therefore one assumes that “silent” implies there is no evidence of internal “voices” or self-talk.

Other interpretations include having a mind that is void of any cognitive activity at all, including imaging, hearing, thinking, planning, speculating, analyzing, etc., but such a definition would not differentiate between someone who is dead or asleep.

In fact, well-practiced meditators easily develop access to what I call the void, or repeated experiences of complete emptiness, which is the cessation of all active or passive mentation, which is experienced as a wide-open expanse inside the head extending outward into the physical body and surrounding environment. In this state there is no cognition we usually associate with the brain at all, such as dreaming, thinking, analysis, etc. The center of consciousness appears to drop from the brain area downwards into the body or more specifically the gut or heart level.

This state which may be called a silent mind, is characterized by what I would call an ultra-clarity of consciousness wherein the senses seem to be performing at a heightened level but without the distraction of any thoughts or cognitive ability that separates the meditator from the phenomena being perceived. That is, it appears the meditator, although he cannot say anything while this process is happening, that there is no longer any separation between the meditator as subject, and what is experienced as phenomena or objects. There is no longer an external objective world. There is just one consciousness with no “inner” and no “outer” world. There is just unity consciousness. But this thought would never cross the mind of someone in that state. There is no room for words or summarization of what the state means while one is in that state. It is only afterwards that you can speak about the experience.

This is what I assume that Zen master Seung Sahn means by keeping a clear mind, a mind with no thoughts, and by being dumb as a rock, because in this state I speak of, thought processes are not possible, so in a sense, you are very dumb, unable to formulate thoughts or deductions.

But this is a mistake. This type of silent mind is temporary, and when ended, and the mind returns, the mind has just as much hold over you as it had before you entered the special state. The state of crystal clear mind, of emptiness, of the great void, is always temporary, and when the mind returns, one has not changed at all. The personality has not changed, ways of thinking have not changed, the only thing that seems to happen is become addicted to having that crystal-clear silent mind.

I think a state described by several ancient Zen Masters by the two words “Unmoving Mind” is closer to what these Zen masters and many other spiritual teachers mean by awakening or enlightenment.

This state is characterized by a total indifference to what the mind is doing or saying. That is, the individual goes about the tasks of everyday life or whatever concerns him or her in what could be called a mindless way. By that I mean the activities of the mind do not “catch” the person’s attention. The mind keeps talking, planning, speculating, stating its wants, needs, but the individual pays no attention to the internal passing show of words, images, and even emotions. To him or her, they are meaningless distractions, while the ordinary person is entirely captured by the mind’s mentations.

Contrary to what many spiritual people think, emotions are more fundamental to the individual than is thinking. Some spiritual teachers say that all emotions are caused by thinking, by thoughts, such as judgments or are triggered by memories. This is not my experience. My experience is that emotions, or the experience of emotions, are centered deeper in the body and thoughts which are almost universally perceived as being somewhere near the head or inside the head. Emotions when carefully perceived are found to be centered in the area of the heart.

When one is in a state of the Unmoving Mind, even emotions can come and go without catching the individual’s attention, and can pass easily as a thought out of the mind and one’s experience of their bodies. However, it is my experience that becoming unattached to emotions is harder to come by than becoming detached from thoughts and imaging.

In this Unmoving Mind, one is certainly not dead but totally alive and pretty well focused on whatever tasks the person is doing without the distraction of dozens or hundreds of thoughts or emotions. It is not like the crystal-clear state of the silent mind, but has some of the same qualities of emptiness to it, in the sense that one’s consciousness is more global and also not distracted by thoughts one could say it does not move under the influence of thoughts or emotions, yet  one is not dull or slow minded at all. It is just that one’s awareness is more expansive and not razor focused on what the mind or heart is saying from moment to moment. The individual, whoever that central executive may be, whether called soul, Atman, Brahman, or I, if no longer considers the spinning mind or emotions to be important enough to take note of. But that unknown self can still actively use the mind and feel emotions when they become important to any given task at hand. One can go from no minded nailing two boards together, to a very thoughtful and careful reading of blueprints followed by careful calculations as to what is to be done with the materials at hand to fulfill the blueprint.

It is this Unmoving Mind that I believe is king, not the silent mind of crystal clarity that is temporary. The Unmoving Mind eventually becomes permanent after one sees through the futility of paying attention to it. The endless self-talk judgments, the daydreaming, and all the other kind of random mentation that takes place constantly, is seen to have no import, and that mentation should only be used or followed when necessary to complete a task or function.

This Unmoving Mind is not obtained as a result of meditation at all, but rather by “seeing through” the meaningless fantasy process of random mentation to the point that it is ignored. In this sense, the Unmoving Mind is a result of wisdom, not of meditation, concentration or focusing.

It comes through a process by which you see that the mind is useless, generating stories about what may be, what should be, or may have been. These are all wild and random speculations we are always doing to no avail because usually they are totally without merit or accuracy. The mind spins and we think what it is saying is important. But it is not. The central executive, Atman, realizes that speculations about the external world or one’s own place in that world is utter fantasy, utterly useless, just a playing in the sandbox while the real world goes by. That real world is the experience of the world and ourselves that is constantly taking place underneath the realm of thought and mentation.

Yet for centuries we see people trying to meditate and encountering difficulties of quieting or stilling the mind. They struggle with the mind to silence it. They feel frustrated and angry because they cannot seem to still the mind, when stilling the mind only leads to that special clear mind state, but not to the Unmoving Mind, which results from understanding that most of the mind’s activities are merely a secondary useless game which the mind takes seriously.

21 March 2019


Seung Sahn taught a special sort of Zen that amounted to one thing: Don’t be attached to words!

This simple principle is not easily mastered.

It means when you listen to a teacher or  your spouse, don’t get caught by their words.  Your spouse knows how to verbally get your goat.  As long as they still can, you are still caught by words.  If a teachers speaks to you about the wonders of self-realization, and you then ask, “How can I get that?,” you are caught by words.

Suppose you wife says, “You have been ignoring me all day long,” how do you respond? Argue with her about the truth of her statement?  Would you say, “Sorry honey, but I have been preoccupied with Zen koans.”

Seung Sahn would say in both situations you are captured by words. Even saying “Sorry honey” means you have bought into her story and you are trying to avoid an argument, or are sincerely concerned about her own story-generated emotions.

A correct Zen answer might be, “Seems cold in here, where do we store our blankets?”  You respond, but not following even one word or her story, trying  to get her out of her head into perceiving the world.  Some may feel infuriated with your response, but this is Seung Sahn’s way of ignoring her words, for they are just part of your usual routine, and try to take her to her surroundings.

Or, if you are devious, you can make up a lie that makes her feel good.

His point is, don’t get caught by words. Refuse to accept someone else’s story, your spouses, or Donald Trump.  It is all false news.

This is why I teach by directly transmitting energies by all kinds of means, including words and voice, because we join each other in the same experience, the same story without using mundane stories, but by uplifting experiences.

19 March 2019

Working and playing with Shakti

Your acquaintance with Shakti usually comes in stages. The first is when you begin to feel tingling sensations inside, for example like the tingling you feel in your feet when you concentrate on them for several seconds.

After little while you will begin experiencing tingling throughout your entire body. Then it begins to change and instead of random tingling sensations, sensations become more organized and begin to flow in strains of energy. At first the streams will be disorganized, and after shorter or longer period of time will become organized and flowing as patterns within your body, often in counter or clockwise rotations around your heart or as flowung energy streams up and down from your pereneum to the top of your cranium and back again. At any point along the way it can help to find a book on visualizing chakras and visualizing the flow of energies between the chakras.

These flows will become more and more pleasant and also more intense. Over weeks or months they can grow in great intensity and you can begin to have periods of bliss which over more weeks increase into powerful ecstasies. Some may begin to experience sexual orgasms and nonsexual orgasms, the nonsexual not involving the genitals but centered in the gut, heart, or skull.

At this point you can spend long periods of time in intense ecstasy, so sweet and so ecstatic, you do not want to move for fear of disturbing these ecstatic sensations. Also, for some the orgasms begin to turn from what feels to be nerve based to completely heart-based sensations of divine devotion, devotion to God or love of God. There seems to be a transmutation from the human nervous system to more subtle energetic sensory apparati centered in the heart.

The period of working with energies like this can last a long time. Often people so moved become energy workers or healers learning how to work with energies to heal people or one’s own self. Often you begin to feel or experience visions of God, having feelings of utter devotion and surrender to God, guru, or another person, such as a fellow Bhakta.

One can spend years in thus working with energies always becoming more varied in their manifestation and feeling and more amenable to follow them your direction and to flow as you want to for healing or other purposes.

And after a while, the gross sensations of circulating ecstatic energy begin to soften, often almost disappearing entirely, but returning being replaced by a different sensation of being immersed in a vast energy field that does not feel like electricity or Shakti, but has a substance similar to water but not as dense, and which feels very comforting, very restful, very healing, and feels complete. You feel immersed in infinite, invisible, yet tactile fluid-ether which itself feels alive surrounding you, and embracing you.

At this point there comes another realization and that is that you are no longer of the human world, the mundane world of everyday life, of paying rent bills, cleaning, running errands, watching TV, and perusing the Internet for the latest news. Instead you rest in this ocean of Shakti, this divine fluid which surrounds you, enters and penetrates you, and flows everywhere as life itself.

Though your body goes through the motions of mundane life life, you are no longer of this mundane life. Your attention is always on yourself in this liquid Shakti. Everything becomes permeated and responsive to Shakti. People may want you sitting in front of the television and wonder why a spiritual person watches TV, but you are barely aware of the TV. You are actually aware of the ether, the life which embraces everything around you, some may even call this God, but you would never attach a word like that a label like that to this experience.

Now when you do meet people, you do not pay much attention to what they say, but the song that their beingness sings to you. You feel who they are, you sense them with your fingers and with your body. This is really who they are and what song they sing. You smell and taste the sweetness or bitterness of their presence. You feel their fear and their love. You are now and in very different world, no longer a site, sound or smell, but in the immediate grasping of there being directly.

Now when you speak to a group of people, they do not listen to your words, they listen to the song the tune your words evoke in their heart. They feel your energy within as the movement of Shakti within their own body mind. You can begin to direct Shakti around people and within yourself. With the movement of your finger you can adjust the currents flowing in the room, or in the space around your listeners, playing on their minds, playing on their hearts, playing with their nervous systems seducing them with the feeling of God within.

People sense the God within you, and feel a profound rest, profound peace, profound settling, as well as the flowing of Shakti within the various ways mentioned before as beginning Bhaktas feeling shocked by the new energies and divine visions, all the while enjoining them to go ever deeper into themselves where they encountered ever deepening bliss.

At this point you can really begin playing with Shakti you can heal and move energy fields like you never did before. You can bring peace to large number of people all at once in a group. In can make many people want to drop to their knees and worship God and surrender to God’s presence. You can look at them and they will feel God within. You can move your finger around in a circle and direct the energies in the Rome to circulate freely between each person bringing many to ecstasy.

This is the beginning of your life as teacher, as master, a servant of God.

17 March 2019


Who Am I?  I am Life Itself!

With Self-realization, you discover that God, you, and the world are simultaneously the same.  Together you are the life-force invigorating matter.

The experience is that you disappear in an explosion of light, power, and incredible bliss which lingers for a long time. From this point you realize you are the life-force, God, Atman, and you as a person.  Infinite white light, infinite power, the owner and bestower of all creation.

How do you realize this?  Follow Shakti who is God speaking to you, drawing you inwards  towards the experience of infinite bliss, grace, and power within.

16 March 2019



Human lives are mostly about living out stories, most often repetitive and mundane, while a few live in search of what life is from the inside, as life exploring life.  The latter often start out feeling alienated and alone because they find few others like themselves and spend much of their lives fighting inclusion into the mundane world of the Matrix.

If we are lucky, we turn away from the world early and spend more time discovering ourselves as spirit, as non-material, non-entities living in an experiential world or ever-changing energies and potential.

Such a world appears very unstable because it has no fixed stories, no fables like the American Dream, becoming a doctor or corporate raider.  It is a fluid and often scary existence with no roof or floor, no certainty, no security except when it trusts itself.
But living life from within rather than from without allows you to live life as spirit, spontaneously from within, far deeper than from the mind’s stories.  When you live from within, you live life as an incarnation of the divine.  You are no longer human, but a spiritual non-entity enjoying God’s work.

03 March 2019

Demons, Entities, and the Mundane World: Reality or Illusion
Everything is Mind, from the mundane world of the common reality we all share, to astral worlds, entities, and demons. But there are deeper levels within, the emotional level, the energetic level of Shakti, also pure beingness and beyond.

Those who discover and reside in the deeper levels of Self know both the ordinary common world as well as the world of the astral, of entities, demons, and energy vampires, are all dreamlike and lack the reality of experience without.

02 March 2019


I see that several of my students are experiencing problems because of belief in energetic entities, demons, energy vampires and all kinds of other worldly phenomena.

I want to go into this subject deeply including total escape from such entities and possessions.

There are people genuinely possessed, but they are possessed by different and split-off sections of their own minds. And if your own mind lacks integration, these splits that fall outside of your normal awareness can cause problems. These are problems of dissociation from the so-called common reality, which itself is just a common dream.