25 February 2019


The man who escapes the tyranny of words is free to use them to control the hearts, minds, and behaviors of others.

The vast mass of humanity are controlled by words, mores, political correctness, and social niceties. This is exactly the Matrix concept presented by the movie trilogy of the same name. People are raised from birth within a consensual matrix, freedom from which is very, very difficult to obtain.

Not only must one have learned how to watch the mind and thoughts as they arise, but they must realize that there is nt even one thought that has a single experiential object that it aims at.

The word ‘chair’ points or defines a set of object that has billions of objects, very few f which we will ever see r experience.  The same with all nouns—they don’t point to anything except an idea which defines a theoretic set of objects, processes, actions, or behaviors. When we get away from simple nouns of everyday life, into nouns and verbs that claim to describe invisible worlds of sub atomic particles, quantum mechanics, or gravity waves, we are sunk even more deeply into the mind’s creations, and, in fact, we get caught up into the infinite entertainment of playing with the mnd’s ability to imagine things, from abstract algebra, Riemannian Manifolds, and String Theory, which purports to explain everything, but only for a few hundred mathematicians.

So many are lost in abstract worlds created by overactive minds, worlds of energy beings, enlightened beings, astral projection, self-realization, the great Void, etc.

All these imaginary worlds are just that: imaginary, or else “convenient fictions” that help us make things happen in our experiential world.

But what happens if we can leave all imaginary worlds and just live within the world of our own experience in the here and now (which itself is a concept, but its meaning is clear: just shut the fuck up and look and feel.)?

24 February 2019


After the colossal explosion of God-realization, you will eventually return to the mundane world, but you will  not be of it.  You will be entirely beyond ordinary existence and the obligations of everyday life, because you no longer identify as a resident within the ordinary world.  You realize your self as entirely beyond it, and the mundane was only a mistaken belief system, a matrix of dreamlike existence.  God realization is your red pill of awakening to reality.

18 February 2019


The most difficult revolutionary step a dedicated spiritual seeker can take is to give up belief in any concept whatsoever, including every spiritual concept.

We all start our spiritual journues by reading words of the great yogis, the great teachers, the great Jnanis such as Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, Robert Adams, Muktananda, Papaji, Lakshmana, Osho, Jesus, Buddha, and we all gain some sense of peace, or sense that we are in the presence of the deepest teaching about spirit and God.

Some people, including myself, listened to Satsangs of Robert Adams over and over again, letting the words settle deeply into our souls, giving us a sense of peace or understanding.  Many also read the parables of Christ, trying to understand what they teach, and to feel what they teach, and perhaps to embody what they teach for the sake of salvation.

But really, Robert talked about our true nature being consciousness, or ParaBhraman, or emptiness, or self, but these are just words that create feelings in you, perhaps feelings of relief, of acceptance, of love or being love, or that they are in the presence of the divine.  But these are just stories. Not reality.

Have you any idea what the word “self” points to?  Every word, if it is real in any sense, has to point to some experience, some object, something that is manifest in the world or inside of our self.  But have you ever found an object or entity, or feeling inside of yourself and you can call self or soul?  Have you ever seen an angel?  Have you ever seen God?  Have you ever seen an atom, an electron, or neutron particle?

As my longtime friend and professional philosopher Lee Werth has opined, all of these words are convenient fictions.  That is, in a sense they allow for us to have some operational control of the world, over the elements and forces that make the world go round, but we never see any of these things really.  They have only a conceptual existence, believing in them, allows us to do things in the world, but that does not prove the truthfulness of our concepts, only that the concepts allow us to do things.  They are useful concepts, useful models about how the world works.

But in the end, what do each of these great teachers from Ramana to Robert Adams, to Jesus and Buddha finally conclude?  Is it not that they all talk about arriving at a place of silence?  By silence, we usually think that they mean a kind of samadhi or ecstatic mind, without thought, where we are in bliss or something like that, when really what they are talking about is being in thoughtless, undisturbed peace.  We are we are not plagued by thinking or emotions or desires of any sort.  In this place we are just immersed in our own sense of beingness, of being alive, of being sentient, and yet not doing any task, including thinking.  We are just resting in our own basic nature, what Nisargadatta calls beingness, without any object in that beingness.  There are no thoughts, images, no emotions, no ideas, no speculations.  Just no thinking, no emotions, just resting in our own beingness.

In this state, nothing exists.  There is no God, no self, no soul, no entities, no angels, no demons, no A, no atoms, electrons, no emotions, no thoughts, just our basic state of being alive and being aware.  This is the final state that all great teachers.  Not ecstasy, not bliss, not samadhi, not joy, not sorrow, not God realization, but rather an escape from all of these spiritual ideas, going beyond these ideas, and arriving at your most basic sense, one could say of self, the primary state of being awake without having any thought, any affect, any desire, or need.  Just resting in one’s own beingness.

Why do we find taking this revolutionary step so difficult?  Is it not that we trust mind more than emptiness and silence?  Our whole life is built around gaining more and more understanding and control within the world, and we turn that attitude towards our spiritual search too, the idea that spirituality is a new field for exploring understanding, as well as various spiritual states, rather than coming to rest in a place where even the idea of spiritual states disappears.  We reject a position where we can just rest in our own silence without it being filled with ideas about how the world works, or who and what we are, or what others are and their intentions.  We live in a very busy inner world where almost the last thing we can expect to find is peace within ourselves, in silence, in our own beingness devoid of ideas or feelings.

The great teachers teach this progressively,, knowing this step goes totally against our nature of search and control.  For example, Nisargadatta starts by giving you an idea which we are to believe in.  And if you believe in it long enough, frees you from a certain concept or trap. 

For Nisargadatta, the first idea was the one given to him by his teacher, Siddharameshwar, who stated, “You are not your body.”  That’s it!  Just this one simple idea.  Just understand you are not your body.  Contemplate this concept over and over again.  After three years of contemplating this truth, Nisargadatta reached enlightenment, just as Ramana did when he realized at age 16 he was not his body, he was eternal spirit.  Just spirit.  Spirit untouched by anything that happens to the body.  Spirit cannot be cut, cannot be burned, cannot be harmed in any way by whatever happens to the body.  This too was Nisargadatta’s understanding, but Nisargadatta progressed from this first understanding.

Yes, and I tell stories too, stories of self or God realization, divine love, human love, Shakti, the power that knows the way, and these stories  allow you to experience all kinds of states and things you never dreamed of experiencing, such as Shakti, the life force, God, human and divine love, emptiness, the Void, the light of consciousness.  All call all of these your spiritual mansion of a thousand rooms.  They are there for you to experience, to enjoy, or to suffer through.  But all of these are just stories, although with a real degree of experientiality, but which can uplift you and take you out of the suffering of the mundane world.

Shakti is real, but only for someone who accepts Shakti as real, as a convenient fiction which one can feel, enjoy, and manipulate, that gives life a higher meaning or truth. Ditto, all the other spiritual concepts, all of which can be experienced, such as God, grace, emptiness, the light of consciousness.  All are added onto your basic alive awareness, which is the final truth.  But enjoy all the spiritual worlds while you can because they lift out of the suffering of immersion in the mundane world of daily life without God or Shakti.

13 February 2019

"It seems I am drifting further from the shores of my mind. Its usual cries for explanations and ideas have little foothold as I float out beyond the broken waves of imagined intellect.
That Satsangs flow with such great connection and relevance to my life is no longer so unbelievable or impossible. Things only seem impossible if their possibility is first doubted. The background of doubt is dissolving, and so surrender to infinite possibility is emerging.
Magic is everywhere. Connection and serendipity are like natural bi-products of faithful, sincere, unwavering devotion to this Shakti Magic. It's as if I am infused with the magic of Satsang, of Shakti, energetically connected wherever I go, whatever I do, then I return to You each Sunday and it all synchronizes once again and gains momentum.
This week's Satsang shook me like thunder (thankful to Veselina for inspiring its theme). Angela's voice struck me like lightning. This storm of teachings keeps demolishing the concepts I build. I had almost started to believe in my own words. When I wrote last week of an 'upset' feeling transforming, becoming unrecognizable, and undecided, then turning into Love or bliss was a bit of bullshit.
It all appears undecided until I name it. Sliding from one recognizable feeling to another was an illusion. For every time that I return to a feeling, familiar or not, it is different in an incalculable number of ways. It is not a return to a feeling, but some constant ever-blending progression from nameless to anonymous to untitled...
I am reminded that the words and names are hollow. Inadequate to explain the inexplicable. Incapable of expressing the inexpressible. So it seems I sit in nameless feelings. Too stupid to be called stoned. Too dumb to know a rock.
I don't know where I might be, were it not for your bright star that points me back home again and again whenever I become lost. I need only look up and let go.
Thank you Ed.
Thank you...

10 February 2019

SATSANG: MIND CANNOT GRASP THE SELF OR WORLD; ONLY FEELING CAN. Thoughts are too generic and crude to grasp or express the ever-flowing, ever changing underlying experience.  But it takes long observation to grasp this truth. https://youtu.be/2vhg8v6Z2Ys

09 February 2019


People who observe their experiences, their body sensations, energies, and emotions, feel them constantly changing. Yet, they keep trying to understand them, make sense of them using ideas, concepts, and spiritual theories which do not change.

Thoughts are of universals, constants, which are too gross and static to grasp changing experiences. Self and its experiences cannot be grasped by mind or ideas. You can never understand yourself. You can only be your self.

So you can never understand your experiences or your self, which are constantly flowing, changing because the mind is too slow and ideas too crude.

Yet sometimes you feel like you are on the edge of understanding everything, of being enlightened, and you get very excited. But four hours later it is all gone and you feel dumb as a rock.

But if you stay dumb as a rock, and just observe and be, you will sink deeper and deeper into a new world of beingness and enlightenment.

To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but through our mutual presence. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching.
Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.

03 February 2019


Because we have bodies, we think we are our bodies. Because we have a mind, we think we are our mind. No matter how long you search for what you ultimately are, you will not find you. You are entirely beyond both the physical or mental planes, untouched, pure.

To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but through our mutual presence. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching.

Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.