25 February 2019


The man who escapes the tyranny of words is free to use them to control the hearts, minds, and behaviors of others.

The vast mass of humanity are controlled by words, mores, political correctness, and social niceties. This is exactly the Matrix concept presented by the movie trilogy of the same name. People are raised from birth within a consensual matrix, freedom from which is very, very difficult to obtain.

Not only must one have learned how to watch the mind and thoughts as they arise, but they must realize that there is nt even one thought that has a single experiential object that it aims at.

The word ‘chair’ points or defines a set of object that has billions of objects, very few f which we will ever see r experience.  The same with all nouns—they don’t point to anything except an idea which defines a theoretic set of objects, processes, actions, or behaviors. When we get away from simple nouns of everyday life, into nouns and verbs that claim to describe invisible worlds of sub atomic particles, quantum mechanics, or gravity waves, we are sunk even more deeply into the mind’s creations, and, in fact, we get caught up into the infinite entertainment of playing with the mnd’s ability to imagine things, from abstract algebra, Riemannian Manifolds, and String Theory, which purports to explain everything, but only for a few hundred mathematicians.

So many are lost in abstract worlds created by overactive minds, worlds of energy beings, enlightened beings, astral projection, self-realization, the great Void, etc.

All these imaginary worlds are just that: imaginary, or else “convenient fictions” that help us make things happen in our experiential world.

But what happens if we can leave all imaginary worlds and just live within the world of our own experience in the here and now (which itself is a concept, but its meaning is clear: just shut the fuck up and look and feel.)?

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