30 September 2017

First, you discover you are not your body and loosen your connection with it.

Then you realize you are really the spirit that lived within and lifed your body.

Then you understand that your body is just an appearance within consciousness, and your awareness expands.

Next you see that not only are you consciousness localized in time and place, but you are spirit, everywhere and everywhen.

Time and space are creations of consciousness and in themselves are unreal. Fictions. Concepts used for navigation within a continuum of spiritual realms.
No longer completely human, having transcended matter, you also see that consciousness, spirit, is contained within you.

How does this happen, this amazing unfolding of spiritual intelligence?

Only through love.

Love of spirit and the unfolding wonderment of transcending individual identification, she reveals everything.

Or, love of the guru whoever that is for you. The deepest love. Complete surrender to your Beloved, man, woman, beast or Jesus. It does not matter who or what you love. What matters is you empty your heart to your Beloved. Become nothing, the tiniest of Gopis, the tiniest, most insignificant ground that supports her body. This is the fastest, straightest, and most heart rending way. The messiest and direct path of God, to the divine within who lives you.

Yet, your humanhood is always accessible to you, never really lost, but transformed and expanded to be all inclusive.

My Beloved!

24 September 2017



As soon as you open your mouth, you lie. It is impossible not to. Language is a convention based on shared beliefs. The real lies entirely outside them. Your bring that net of illusion with you to satsang. Even the teacher has a net, but hopefully smaller. You each cast your net of illusion on the teacher and vice versa.

But the real can only be FELT when you meet heart to heart outside of words. Then the words spoken speak for and from your heart.


23 September 2017

The utter nonsense around the numerous sexual scandals surrounding gurus.

Spiritual teachers have often spent their entire lives exploring energy phenomena, processes of the subtle body, love, kundalini, Shakti, as well as the sexual aspect of Shakti.  These are not ordinary beings.  They have developed a heightened awareness of both themselves and the other, and all have developed a greatness of heart—that is authentic teachers.  And there are so many, male and female, such as in the Shaivite tradition.

Ramakrishna, one of the greatest saints of the 19 century, was well-versed in the sexual aspects of the Shakti, and transmission of the Shakti through various Tantric sexual techniques.  But here in the West, they are not taught, because in the West, sexuality is a highly charged subject and judgment for discussion.  Therefore, most teachers, if they choose to use these techniques or teach these techniques, do so behind closed doors so to speak.  This is not an open teaching.  They would be judged and found  guilty of the most heinous alleged crimes, and the entire sangha castigated and roundly criticized for having sex with a student.

But what happens with a teacher who is highly developed in the ways of Shakti, of love, of opening of the heart, feeling the emptiness, becoming lost in the ecstasy of sexuality as well as into the heart of his partner, it is not the awkward and tawdry affair it is for most people except those who are desperately in love.  In the latter case, their experiences approaches that of the guru and the loving disciple, male or female.

There have been so many scandals involving so many gurus, that now it is a totally hidden subject.  Nobody is teaching it anymore for fear of the repercussions, lawsuits, condemnation, public accusation, and lawsuits.

I want to read you something from a book by David Spiro called sexual yoga:

“Expressing sexual love is the energy of divine play.  Innocence of touch and innocence from the field of knowledge allow us to play in this divine garden.  We are neither male nor female deep within the body’s psyche, the core of existence, sexual love is a bodily play where the deepest level of feeling comes to be expressed.  In the height of sexual embrace the waves of Shakti engulf, purify and transforms our lives into divine consciousness.

Breath, feeling, and contemplation of the source of all beauty all merge in divine sexual love.  The yoga of sexual love is no different from any other worshipful act.  When the Supreme Beloved is felt and seen in the human face of your beloved, the natural urge toward ecstatic transcendence can be stimulated and filled.  Waves of divine bliss usurped the separate individual lives into one consciousness.

It is necessary in divine sexual yoga that human desire become yoked to the kundalini-Shakti through touch, breath and meditational consciousness.  The source of beauty shines through the activity of sexual play and the purity of the lover can glisten like the moon rise on a clear winter night.

Each person must become both Shiva or pure awareness, and Shakti, divine energy.  We cannot assume a limited psychological identity and participate ecstatically.  As we move into our emotional vulnerability, we find a child, parent, mother, father, brother and sister wanting to love and be loved.  It is not possible to move into divine sexual ecstasy unless there is this vast spectrum of felt lovability and infinite tenderness.

Sexual love draws us into the ultimate dimension of our spiritual life; it fills the body with Shakti, vibrational power that manifests this whole universe.

Celibacy is a natural condition for some spiritual aspirants.  For others, it is unnatural.  It is natural for those in whom it comes unforced and is unnatural when it is accompanied by effort.  So celibacy is often used to avoid emotions which are disturbing or make one feel too vulnerable.  Celibacy should not be a desired condition.  It has no inherent superiority over a sexually active lifestyle.

The closest metaphor for divine love and total awakening is expressing sexual love.  The most intensely fragile moment for human life are breathing and feeling the Shakti as each other.

Both homosexuality and heterosexuality, spring out of the total void.  Unconditioned energy is absolutely sexual.  Spiritual life and bodily life are one.  I am tempted to say that if you cannot maintain your self-realization in the posture of sexual love, then you are not truly enlightened.  Have you ever seen the expressions of Shiva and Shakti in the iconography of induced picture of spirituality?  You can see expressions of unfathomable tenderness to the point of pain.  It is not the sex act that is creating the pain but the perception of immense beauty and the attempt to express it bodily.

Devotion is endless love of God.  To love beyond duration produces a state of divine insatiableness.  Then we begin to know that we are being loved by that which loves us.  In divine sexual love, when both the body and emotions are yoked to the breath, which is established in the field of pure consciousness, supreme love becomes expressible as human touch.

Sexual love naturally contains meditation and devotion within it.  Divine touch or sexual loving this at the ground of existence naturally draws us into the deepest part of our being.  We offer what we are bodily in kindness and delicacy.  To the one we love we become a doorway to the supreme.

Mercy and forgiveness are natural qualities in real sexual intimacy.  We must become humbled by our own vulnerabilities.  Divine sexual love is not a sex act.  It is total surrender into one’s feeling.  It is not mechanical pleasure or successful sexual relations.  There is no sex act because the whole field of action is winding down, disappearing is one melts into one’s beloved.

Sexual hypocrisy or emotional-sexual phoniness is one of the great diseases of our time.  Sexual hypocrisy originates in bodily-sexual ambiguity in the field of touch and deep ignorance of one’s emotional nature.  Functioning in such an un-clarified state produces lukewarm sexual relations and robs the being of ecstatic sexual participation and transcendental experience.  What is that allows such a vast compromise?  Convenience, adherence to or rejection from social norms, and the terror of seeing and being seen in the nakedness of love.”
So very, very few lovers attain to this state of total understanding of the grace of sexual love, and it need not ever be consummated.  Just the deep longing for the embrace of your beloved itself can set of cosmic-energy-like explosions of bliss, and feelings of being loved as never before.  A love so deep and profound as to heal so many of our lifelong traumas of the past.

So look and listen carefully with this understanding in mind before you judge gurus or teachers who have developed exquisite sensitivities to both their own heart of hearts, but also to the hearts of their beloveds.

02 September 2017

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