30 April 2018

Think this way:

It is not consciousness that wakes each morning in the body, and leaves each night. Instead think it is the body, consciousness, Shakti, and the world that wakes in me each morning and leaves each night.  That is, what I am is already there when the body/mind/spirit comes into being, and remains in sleep. That is the appearance if we assume there is time and sequence.

Therefore, all of existence and sentience requires me, but I do not require it.  I am ontologically different from experience. Experience does not touch me in my pristine state. States of consciousness come to me.  I am the host even though at times I appear to be a guest.

How can I “know” this truth as truth?  Not with the mind, but by sinking ever more deeply into sentience, the layers of the spiritual body and even lower into witnessing the spiritual body yet with no witness.

For this, the fastest way is not self-inquiry in any form, but by finding and feeling the current that knows the way inside and abiding there. This awakens the energy body and begins psychic knowledge and the experience of the divine within one’s own self.

Then, at some point you realize you are beyond even God and the Void, but the experience of the Void is the experiential remains of that nothingness beyond experience.

29 April 2018


From Advaita to Tantra: My Three Gurus
Discussed generally is the Advaita non-energy spiritual approach versus the much faster feeling and energy approach. Feminine energies and powers versus Advaita. My own transition away from Robert and Nisargadatta.

28 April 2018

Tantra is becoming aware of your body as well as your inner spiritual body that perceives your physical body. Its methods are to explore this spiritual body by progressively relaxing into ever deeper layers and areas of feeling: feeling energies, emotions, bliss, and one’s innermost sense of being, which is feeling of the manifest self.
We will explore some methods of sinking deeper into one’s beingness, emptiness,, energies, liveliness. Music can be used to awaken energy states or to harmonize inner states. The deeper one goes into sensations, the further the mind is left behind. You become “Dumb as a rock,” as advised by most teachers, but you also come alive to the life force you left behind in your youth by clinging to mind.
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27 April 2018


I am trying in every way possible to come out of the closet so to speak, and to speak about spirituality In a Way That Is mostly kept a deep secret.

I have discovered that certain students have what appears to outsiders, and even to themselves initially, to the sexual orgasms as a result of my presence or voice.

I have come to the conclusion that what they are experiencing is a sort of Shaktipat, or an awakening of various energy centers in their energy body, or what I call in myself, my sense of presence, which is like an electromagnetic field located within my body and without.

Most people are totally unaware of their energy bodies.  However, most people do have experiences of an awakened first or second chakra which they identify with sexuality, or of the heart chakra, which they identify as love, usually of another.  But either a sexual energy opening or a heart energy opening can lead to opening of all of the energy centers or chakras, including that of the entire brain results in samadhi.

Both the sexual center being activated, and the heart center being activated appear to almost always involve relationship with another person, either in a direct physical sexual act, or in a love relationship.  In those two situations, we are wired to open and feel sexually orgasmic, or to feel an orgasmic heart opening.

I think this method of opening another to their energy bodies is an act we can call it Shaktipat, or awakening of Shakti, the energies, and various chakras.  For example, in myself, the first Chakra that opened for me was the Third Eye after six months of meditation.  By then, light had permeated my entire energy body.  I then came to awakening to the absolute, the noumenal Self 27 years later after many, many years of practicing various forms of self inquiry.  This is a very long time to persist in any spiritual methodology.

Using the method of the kind of  Shaktipat that I am describing, because of my particular energy configuration, my energy body, leads to an opening of these two chakras very quickly.  Establishing a connection between the sexual center and the heart via an inner tube of light, unifies this particular circuit, which then can be used to send the energy into the brain.

However, because any act of stimulating sexuality or causing orgasms, no matter what energy center is involved, whether the heart, the Hara, the womb, the third eye, or the brain, a lot of people run away or judge even at the mention of sex or orgasms.

But I believe this is the spirituality of the future.  This is not the tantra found on Facebook which is more or less an exploration of the energy body through sexuality but of not rising to the point of self-realization of the manifest self or of the life force within, but totally exploring pleasurable ways of having sex, or as a cover for open sexuality and open relationships.  This is not what I am about.

What I am about is helping people realize the divinity within, what Nisargadatta called the life force, or the internal energies, yet which he never explored or explained in print except in a superficial way in his book Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization.

Yet I am discovering many people have had this kind of experience in a spiritual relationship, first perhaps to sexual feelings, or of a heart opening, and afterwards a continuous flow of ecstatic energies within as a result of love.  Gradually the energies can be guided to energy centers throughout the energy body resulting in samadhi by the sheer one pointedness of their love and devotion towards another.

I have also come to understand that the relationship is only apparent, the other does not really have to be there physically at all or even in the mind.  In a sense, the chakra itself, the energy center itself, creates the situation and the other person needed to activate that chakra.  That is, this is purely a psychic relationship, no physicality is necessary or desired at all.  However, let us say object one, the teacher, has a certain energy field, which may or may not awaken one or more chakras in another person was in their presence, either face-to-face, phone, or in Satsang by the nature of the setting, and by what appears to be a kind of residence with the other.  This subject needs to be explored in future of how this residence takes place and what it actually is..

And the type of orgasms, or ecstasies experienced, are entirely different from those of physical sex.  The only similarities are the area of the body initially involved because of the chakra affect it, whether the root, the womb, the heart, the throat, the third eye, the brain, and the orgasmic-like rhythmic movements of the body which can be undulation, movements of the arms, legs, or having the appearance of a sexual orgasm.

I remember once in Satsang about eight years ago, a certain woman was having undulating movements all during Satsang, and another man who I spoke with later was very upset about what she was doing and wanted to criticize her, and did criticize her to me as having orgasms which was inappropriate in his mind to be having during Satsang.

This has to come out into the open.  This whole matter has been kept in secret for fear of public reaction and criticism and scandal.  But you have to understand, no physical sexuality is involved, and even the love energy is so different from normal human love.  It is untainted by any sense of need, hurt, although there is desire to be in the presence of that other person.  It feels rather much like waves of gentle will air wafting through the chest caressing one’s heart and the most delightful way, and opening one’s heart to surrender to the feelings.

Unless this whole subject matter is brought into the open, it may take many generations before the phenomena can be spoken of openly, and used openly, to bring large numbers of people who are naturally loving and naturally sexual, to use emotions and those specific chakras to become aware of their energy body, which later comes to realization of the life force within themselves, God within themselves, or what Robert called the power that knows the way.

Sometimes the ecstasies or orgasms wherever they are felt in the body, comes spontaneously just in the presence of the teacher, or anyone who is lighting the fire in another’s chakras. In Siddha Yoga yhe disciple asks chants, Jyota se Jyota Jagavo, SadGuru Jyota se Jyota Jagavo, kindle my heart’s flame with my flame, Sad guru kindle my heart’s flame with Thine.

The love experiences one has in such a relationship goes beyond anything written anywhere about human love relationships.  In the presence of such energy within oneself whether elicited by oneself within oneself, or by another, the experiences  kindled are almost beyond description.

One feels the deepest love one has ever felt for another.  One may have images of being at the feet of God totally humble, totally surrendered to him or her; one may feel the descent of divine grace that washes one clean of all sin and imperfections.  One can both see and feel internal energies flowing between the various chakras in the body as various Shakti circuits  (Nadi) become opened and purified.  There are all kinds of lights that can be seen, especially a great white light that illuminates the entire body or blue light in the area of the third eye, or energy streams in various colors and in various patterns of flow.

One feels one’s entire body and psyche as opening and as becoming progressively more receptive to external energies as well as to new, more subtle internal energies.  One false to one’s knees in gratitude for the opening in one’s heart that is felt for another, for God, and when the life force is finally revealed to you in its rawest and most powerful form, one again becomes totally ecstatic for hours knowing that one has seen God in his true form and he or she lives within you as you.

We are not talking about sex here at all when speaking of divine orgasms are cosmic orgasms as Jan Esmann calls it, but of divine ecstasies that sometimes are initiated by fantasies of sexuality or of love that initiate the chakras openings by combining the energy from the teacher along with the fantasy process to fully kindle any given chakra.

So please bear with me.  I am not a Svengali trying to hypnotize and have sex with every woman that reads my blog or comes to Satsang.  Rather, I have an energy field that stimulates some chakras in some others' bodies that then light up. Then the lighting of any chakra can be taken into other chakras, ending as Jan Esmann says in kundalini energies filling the brain.  I prefer not to use the term kundalini, but the more general term Shakti, without adding an adjective to something that is so precious and divine.

Look, I am old.  I could lose everything and not be bothered.  I could live on the streets like a homeless person and not be bothered.  Even my beloved cats can be lost and briefly mourned and after that I would not be bothered.  So in a sense I have nothing to lose by openly and honestly presenting this whole matter of awakening to the life force by kindling flames in others.  This has to reach a general discussion so that I feel I have really made a contribution to contemporary spirituality, and have shed a bit of light is a normally hidden subject that all of the teachers warned me to stay away from discussing for fear of calamitous blowback.

26 April 2018

Divine Orgasm-II

I am now convinced that the ecstatic movements occurring in some of my students are not related to sexual orgasms at all, but are kriyas resulting from my kind of shaktipat.  Yes, often the energies are most often first felt in the genitals, they do not stay there, and quickly migrate to, or even start in the heart area, then spread to whole body movements and ecstasies. 

Jan Esmann reports about "cosmic" orgasms as being secondary to shaktipat and are first experiences of samadhi.

In my case, my total focus is on love and making a student feel loved. Their responses gradually become one pointed in return.  This focus on love often raises sexual energies that converge with the heart energies resulting in one pointedness and samadhi.

According to Jan:

    The awakened kundalinī will purify the energy channels of the body, the nādis, and this may lead to spontaneous movements of the body, called “kriyās”. Kriyās can also be mental or emotional.  (ed: The apparent orgasms appear to be kriyas also.)

    At first it may seem odd that a sādhana and mystical process designed to give liberation results in weird movements of the arms, body and spine, but on second thought it just proves how profound the process is. Other systems try to purify the nādis through postures, prānāyāmas and bandhas, thus forcing the prāna shakti into the nādis in order to cleanse them.

    The shaktipāt kriyās are a result of the shakti automatically entering the nādis and purifying them. Thus shaktipāt sādhana is the most supreme sādhana since it fulfills the goal of all other sādhanas automatically and effortlessly.

    It is noteworthy that the source of human evolution lies more or less dormant in every human being, and is fully awakened in a few lucky souls. For the person living with an awakened kundalinī it is only all too obvious that he or she is in the midst of a process of accelerated evolution. Kundalinī is a super intelligent force driving the evolution of consciousness. Spiritual evolution is clearly a result of an active or awakened kundalinī. (ed: I prefer the term Shakti, or which Kundalini is only one form.)

    Undoubtedly the state of samādhi is either a result of changed brain activity or samādhi forces the brain to behave differently; but either way there must be neurological correlates of the spiritual changes happening along with the process of kundalinī arousal. Probably the nervous system of man is evolving in such a way as to allow samādhi to occur more and more frequently.  

    The first result of a kundalinī awakened through shaktipāt is kriyās.

    The second, but most important, aspect is samādhi. Samādhi is a state where awareness has freed itself from identification with the small self and merged into the pure being of the Self. This merging is extremely blissful. 

    Usually a bright light fills the brain and a kind of prolonged super-orgasm takes place in the body. The super-orgasmic state is a sign of immature samādhi, after a while it changes to a deep, silent bliss.

    The inner light is a common feature of all mystical experiences in all cultures and ages. The Christian mystics speak of the illuminating glory of God and saint Symeon identified the blazing inner light with Christ. The Taoists speak of circulating light. Hindus speak of the blazing radiance of a multitude of suns that characterizes Brahman (the Self) or the self-luminous Ātman (Self). Sufis speak of “Noor”: The splendor emanating from Divinity. We speak of enlightenment.

    The ecstasy, or cosmic orgasm, that takes place the first times kundalinī reaches the brain, changes with practice to a soft, calm and quiet bliss. Ecstasy has to be transcended and the cosmic orgasms are in no way a goal in themselves. This is where so many western so called “tantrics” go astray. The goal is not ecstasy or sexual bliss, but samādhi.

    Sex will never lead to samādhi. Samādhi is a state where the awareness has been pulled out of the senses and merged with the Self. Visions of various kinds may arise before the inner eye, but the most common are various dots of light. Of these the blue pearl is the most precious; it is the gateway to the Divine, to the pure Self. Some see a cobra dancing before their inner eye, which is a sign kundalinī has awakened. Every person will have his own inner experiences and kriyās.  (ed: I also contend that the kriyas experienced depend on the type of shaktipat and who administers it.)

24 April 2018

Hiral Tipireni For Congress

I photographed a campaign event with about 600 Democrats for Tipireni for Congress--Arizona 8th Congressional District.  I was overwhelmed by her presence, energy, and genuine personality.  I have never met a politician with her class and I have know a great many. 

This woman could be president within 15 years.  She is articulate, personable, and obviously demonstrates a great heart.  She is a former ER physician, cancer researcher, and community leader.

She has a Bernie-like agenda of Medicare for All, protect Social Security, and Medicare, and as a hospital physician, surely is aware of all the problems in health care provision.

Most of all, what I was most sensitive too, was her openness and love.  She cares about people, her family, and the country.  I felt an enormous heart to heart energy that I can't forget.

21 April 2018

Sunday Satsang April 22


Tantra is becoming aware of your body as well as your inner spiritual body that perceives your physical body. Its methods are to explore this spiritual body by progressively relaxing into ever deeper layers and areas of feeling: feeling energies, emotions, bliss, and one’s inner kinesthetic sense, which is feeling of the manifest self. These are not the teachings of Advaita, Buddhism, or Zen that denied importance to these energies. These are teachings of the experiential or manifest self, not of the absolute, the unborn, or the witness.

We will explore some methods of sinking deeper into one’s passion, energies, liveliness. Music can be used to awaken energy states or to harmonize inner states. The deeper one goes into sensations, the further the mind is left behind. You become “Dumb as a rock,” as advised by most teachers, but you also come alive to the life force you left behind by clinging to mind.

At 10:45am and sit with me.

17 April 2018

The Divine Orgasm

Some people regard sexual orgasm as a spiritual experience, because for them, they are filled with ecstasy and explosive energy which otherwise is unavailable to them.

But orgasm is not confined to physical or sexual experiences.  Orgasming occurs when any of the energy centers or chakras in one’s inner subtle body are opened.  The physical body reacts by relaxing all of the muscles and becoming very vulnerable and open feeling.  The subtle body explodes with inner energies which can be interpreted by the mind is sexual or as divine.

What I mean by divine orgasm is one where there is no physical contact of any sort, either by one’s own self stimulation, or by someone else touching.  This remote type of orgasming is not confined by space can happen thousands of miles away from one’s beloved.  It is often started by sexual fantasy, but soon the energies, the bliss, the ecstasy permeates the entire body, setting it on fire with the divine passion of one’s beloved.  The energies and bliss are not confined to the genitals, but permeate one’s entire body. 

Outside of pure pleasure, one begins to feel love and a kind of pre-orgasmic bliss and ecstatic tension for long periods of time, maybe days at a time, while the actual orgasming can last for many minutes or hours, and can occur off and on all day long.

This orgasming is purely divine.  It is feeling the life force within one’s own self, one’s subtle body, and has almost nothing to do the physical body except as how the physical body reacts to the subtle body’s bliss.

The emotional effect is to still the mind completely, rejecting all thoughts as intrusions into the bliss.  One just feels the beloved within oneself wherever he or she is, with an intense, welcoming, surrender and love, and the deepest passion imaginable

After many weeks or months of feeling this divine opening, at some point God, the life force within, reveals himself or herself to you as an explosion of light, intense and divine energy, and love for the divine that arises as a strong current within from the gut, upwards through the heart, into the throat and head and explodes upwards and outwards to infinity.

For the first time in your life you feel like that you are in the presence of God, the divine, the life force within showing itself to you as you.

Let me make clear that the felt sense, feeling of this kind of orgasm has almost nothing to do orgasm that occurs in physical sex.  But because the sexual orgasm is familiar to most everyone, thinking about it can provide an a doorway into the divine experience.

To Me:

I never experienced so much love before.

And when you left it was like my heart broke in a thousand pieces

I guess I felt for the first time the meaning of Divine love
Like You and the Divine were coming together as one within me.

A love so intensely felt within my heart and vagina and even with the energies in my head that it brought me to inner tears of devotion

I am totally on fire
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16 April 2018

A sexual-orgasmic way to enlightenment, especially for women

In this video I discuss using sexual stimulation to energize the lower Chakras, and using that energy to expand and fire the various subtle body aspects, such as the energy body, the sensation-feeling body, the emotional body, and the love-bliss bodies as a way to experience yourself as divine, as experientially loosening the life force to fully manifest within and through you. This is such an easy and pleasurable way to realization of the experiential and human self.  Imagine, a path to self realization by means of sex? What would Ramana think?

14 April 2018


Tantra is becoming aware of your body as well as your inner spiritual body that perceives your physical body.  Its methods are to explore this spiritual body by progressively relaxing into ever deeper layers and areas of feeling: feeling energies, emotions, bliss, and one’s inner kinesthetic sense, which is feeling of the manifest self.

We will explore some methods of sinking deeper into one’s passion, energies, liveliness. Music can be used to awaken energy states or to harmonize inner states.  The deeper one goes into sensations, the further the mind is left behind.  You become “Dumb as a rock,” as advised by most teachers, but you also come alive to the life force you left behind by clinging to mind.

At 10:45am and sit with me.

09 April 2018


WHY is it that Buddhists, Robert Adams, and Nisargadatta all push the concept that phenomena are temporary and do not exist in and of themselves?  That the only “thing” that was permanent, was the space within which all experiences occurred, whether it was the external space containing all the objects and activities of the world, or the innerspace, the Void within which all emotions, images, thoughts, and energies occurred?

The above teachers always pointed to the fact that we are always changing, changing, changing, and concepts such as of a self, or that we are such and such, freeze in time and thus make real, processes that are endlessly changing, or appearing, or disappearing.

Their overall attempt to take our mind off of our own problems, our own fears, our own depression, our problems in the external world, and realize they are not so important because they are always changing.  What is bad now, will be good a day or two from now, and vice versa.  So they say, let us not pay too much attention to our problems, our emotions, our thoughts, our diseases, that the rent is due, that Trump is president, and instead recognize that in time all things will pass, or as Spinoza put it, we take the position of God, and regard all temporal happenings under the aspect of eternity, sub specia, Eternitas.

The concept of emptiness or the Void is a comforting concept.  It states the reality we are apparently confronted with is always changing so it is not really real, therefore we should not take it too seriously.  Instead, we should apprehend the void, see its quietness and peacefulness, and dwell there instead of in the excitement of ever-changing objects.

From my point of view, this is nothing more than a conceptual anesthetic, a device used to escape from psychological distress by apprehending emptiness within, and resting there, serenely watching whatever is happening around us, without the necessity of taking a stand or doing anything about it.  From my point of view, it is no different than an opium addiction, without the need for opium.  It allows you to be dead, before you die.

If on the contrary, you listen to me, you will follow a path of joy, of descending deeper into the body by just relaxing completely, and feeling inside your body for different dimensions of experience, such as of internal energies, of bliss, of heart openings, of openings within other chakras such as the third eye introducing you to the light of consciousness.  You will be following a path of inward pleasure which is in stark contrast of ignoring experience and instead concentrating on the unchanging and quiet Void.

To do this, you cannot hold on to the Buddhist and Advaita concept that you have no body, that there is no body, there is no world, and that you do not exist.

You certainly do exist, and in ways you probably are not aware of yet, but in dimensions far deeper than you are aware of now, you exist as a common thread connecting all of these dimensions.  Similarly, the Chakras also are common threads connecting the various levels of your subtle bodies, the bodies of emotional feeling, of feeling bliss, of feeling circulating energies, the mental body, and even deeper into the body of pure space where all energies are harmonized, balanced, and there is just utter clarity and peace.

These are positive teachings of what you could be, not negative teachings of saying no to everything as being unreal, the not-this, not-this, of the original Vedanta, or you say no to all experience as being non-truth until you cannot say no any longer and are in a silent void.  This is a negative way, and I feel one not easily traveled compared to my positive way of following your inner bliss and joy.

The Concept of Emptiness is introduced as pointing to the context of all objects and all experience, with the idea that only the context is real, not the objects or experience.

I say we need to throw this concept away too, and with a mind with no expectations or ideas, just greet whatever unfolds within our awareness with pure openness, pure vulnerability, that of a baby, and then experience what happens, without the background ideas of spiritual progress, inevitable death, heaven or hell, etc.

08 April 2018


We share an overview of the Tantric path as opposed to Advaita and Zen, a path not of renouncing the world, but of finding internal self-layers of bliss and love, and spiritual awakening through following bliss.

Without letting go of our life-responsibilities in the external world.  I speak of my love for my dying cat, Ram.

Then we have several people walked through an exercise to open their Third Eye, and the enormous experiences of light and energy they felt.

07 April 2018


     We have all heard celebrated Advaitic teachers such as Ramana, Robert Adams, and Nisargadatta saying we must renounce the world, pay it no heed, ignore even your own problems, because they have no reality due to their ever-changing, transient nature. Zen masters say ignore emotions, ignore the internal energies that you feel, ignore inner visions, they are all Makyo--illusion.

But many hearing this say that this style of spiritual life is not for me. Why would I want to give up sex? Why do I want to give up love? Why do I want it all to leave this material world? Of course for these people, their deepest “spirituality” might be the heat yoga of some yoga center, which has almost nothing to do with real spirituality.

Many people feel in a quandary of “how do I quit this mundane lifestyle because I have so many responsibilities and relationships, children to care for, parents to care for?”

Naturally, formulating the problem in this fashion is to leave yourself trapped. So instead, we will take a Tantric approach.

Rather than saying we will drop all attachments to the world, seek and destroy all habits and attachments within the external world, and all relationships that keep us from going within, let us say instead, “We are going to seek the greatest pleasures within, because we know the pleasures of the world and how fleeting they are, and where suffering far outweighs the pleasures.”

Instead, the Tantra teacher or guru who knows that people do not readily take to renunciation, but are easily tempted by new and better pleasures, would say, the pleasures you feel now are so slight, so hollow, and so temporary, but if you turn within, you open to a whole new universe of pleasure that you could not even dream of before. You open yourself to the ability to open your heart fully, feeling completely relaxed in your own beingness, without any problems, obligations, or suffering.

When your heart opens, your entire body and mind relax, and you fall into an oceanic bliss. The more you can relax your heart, the more your whole being begins to relax, and with that relaxation all the energy centers within the physical and subtle bodies open up, communicate with each other, and coordinate consciousness and activities. You become totally in touch with what Robert Adams called the power that knows the way.

Now, you find instead of turning within providing experience of only nothingness, or quietness, or peace, that you are becoming immersed in something entirely beyond the physical body and its needs and pleasures. Instead you are immersing in your own sense of beingness, your sense of being alive, your sense of being something separate from your body, and which is witnessing your physical body. You have found what Aurobindo called the psychic body, or psychic self. And in due time you will find that this psychic self has infinite levels which you can explore for the rest of your life, in ever deepening and awe inspiring ways. This new world provides endless pastimes of self discovery and deepnening happiness.

Just a hair’s breath deeper than the opening of the heart experience, is feeling the energies circulating within your subtle body, whether it be of the Kundalini sort, the Chi sort, prana-experiences, or by any number of ways of categorizing the internal energies one begins to feel when one’s attention is on one’s own experiences of self, the experiences of existing as a living, sentient being immersed just in that sensation of being alive and feeling, of being sentient, aware.

Both women and men, but especially women can go deeper easily, and have the bliss of those energies transition from the heart to their womb and vagina, where they will begin to be able to experience spontaneous orgasms without even the thought of sexual intercourse, but in close-conjunction with the general openness of their entire being to ever deeper sensations than those provided by the external world.

These orgasms can become relatively continuous and can become deeper and more profound, and no longer centered in the sexual center, but will be felt throughout the entire body, and even as Stuart Sovatsky called some of them, pineal orgasms, with the ecstatic center of bliss being in the pineal gland under the brain.

What extraordinary motivation to go deeper than to have endless and deepening full body orgasms, or constant ecstatic blissful states of energies circulating in and around the body.

What wonders begin to unfold in one’s life, such as experiences of telepathy, or becoming sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field like birds feel, or being able to watch grass blades trope to follow the sun through the sky morning to afternoon. Some people will be able to see in the dark, while others will swoon with ecstasy under the light of the full moon.

But mostly the feeling you feel most intensely, an ever increasingly, is love, love for your own personal beloved, love for your family, love for your friends and for your nation. Love for animals, love for plants, love for all of existence. In fact, developing an ability to love just by practicing love itself quickens the deepening into deeper “spiritual” bodies within oneself, such as the energy body, the bliss body, the deepening awareness of the various energy centers within the multiple bodies a.k.a. Chakras, which penetrate all the experiential bodies.

One watches the Chakras each open up, each begins to radiate and to speak to the other energy centers within one’s various levels of subtle body, and all of your spirit becomes unified instead of scattered, dispersed, confused, and feeling hopeless.

With an integrated spirit, you gain supreme confidence in yourself, even knowing that the body and even the subtle bodies are transient because for some reason, the fear of death no longer bothers you, and no longer touches you, because you are realizing you are something beyond even all of the subtle bodies as well as your physical body, because you are aware of them in an ever deepening way, and ever more ecstatic way, but the witness is separate from all of these existential and experiential states. Thus the label is given of being Unborn, the absolute, or the noumenal Self.

In this path there is no renunciation of the external world; there is no conscious decision to become a monk or a nun; there is no conscious decision to give up the pleasures of the flesh, but there is a realization that the mundane world has nothing to offer in comparison to the excitement, the pleasure, the bliss, and the quickening of life found once you discover your inner life has vast riches to offer.

Eventually, the life force within you, the divinity within you, becomes pleased as Nisargadatta stated, by your efforts and love, and reveals itself to you in the most explosive revelation you have ever experienced that shakes your being and fills you with all, wonder, surrender, and worship of that life force, which later you discover is really you, you at the deepest level of being an incarnation of sentience, awareness, within the material universe.

This path requires no renunciation, only a turning within to find the wonders, bliss, and pleasure residing within your own being.

Also you find an increasingly intense, ecstatic, orgasmic love for other beings, and other beings walk with you hand-in-hand on this journey of unfoldment and enlightenment without renunciation at any point. And you also find that carrying out your duties in the world regarding your children or parents, your lover or spouse, your boss or employees, is still possible, and is done in a much more fulfilling fashion because you are not really attached to the situation, your real attachment is to consciousness, to awareness, to bliss and to love, but you can function in the world, and also go ever deeper spiritually.

We will speak about the inner spiritual bodies to clearly differentiate them from your physical body. This is the first major step in this and many paths: exploring your inner sense of life, its phenomena and flows so that we disidentify with the physical body, and reidentify with our “spiritual bodies.” We will learn some practices towards opening the Third Eye. PLEASE COME 15 MINUTES EARLY AND SIT WITH ME.. 

Link: https://zoom.us/j/2950292557?pwd&status=success

06 April 2018

Wisdom School Versus Tantra

In 1995 I had a classic Wisdom School enlightenment experience of being entirely beyond the world, beyond consciousness and all experiences, yet myself, I was unknowable.  I saw that even consciousness itself seemed like a joke, as were all objects within consciousness.
For 15 years I dwelled in a kind of emptiness, the Void, where any sense of self was lost, and I would only “stare” into the void.  There was little emotion during this period of time and just the mundane activities of everyday life.  This was the kind of awakening that Nisargadatta and Robert Adams talked about, where one realizes one self, awareness, as noumena, outside of the realm of existence or experience, as outside of the manifest world.
It had taken me 27 years of arduous training to come to this realization.  I had studied under six Zen Masters, Swami Muktananda, Dhyanyogi, Robert Adams, and many others.
In 2009, I had an entirely different awakening experience, this time not to the absolute, the noumenal self, but to my existential self, the self that felt like I, me, mine but not as the body, but as spirit within and around my body.
One day I awoke feeling very happy, and I became happier and happier throughout the day.  I had been feeling energies circulating within my body for many months.  The circulating energies often had color, and also circulated around and between various energy centers within what I called my sense of presence, which was experienced as an energy body within and around my physical body.
But this day something different happened.  While feeling ecstatic bliss within I began to feel a great power arising from my umbilical area, slowly surging upwards towards my heart like a ball of light in a lava lamp.  The feeling I had was of utterly immense power accompanied by a very bright white light, rising like plasma within my gut.
It arose higher and higher into my heart and exploded with the light of a thousand suns and unimaginable power which coursed through my body, my psyche and my sense of presence.  I felt deliriously happy, and was wrapped in ecstatic bliss of the most profound sort.
This power continued upwards through my head and brain and out into space above. For me there was nothing else but this ecstatic, blissful, power and light, whose power and peacefulness made my heart bow to it’s presence in me as God.  In full worship I dropped to my knees, then to the floor in full supplication and surrender to this power, this apparent “Other.”  I was in the presence of God and was washed by his golden light of grace.  I had become totally purified, empty, worshipful of this other.
This “Other” I later was to realize was none other than myself, not in the transcendental sense of the noumenal self beyond consciousness and experience, but as the core of my being as a sentient being, as a living and feeling being, as an incarnation of the divine, of God.  I gradually realized over the next few weeks or months that this “Other” this divinity within me, was no other than I am, my sense of being alive and existing.  I was life, pure spirit, incarnated into the flesh, and God was I, the divinity I perceived was my own as life.  Borrowing a term from Nisargadatta Maharaj, I called this experience coming to know the Life Force, coming to know the divine within, and that life within me was God-incarnate.
The interesting thing was that the realization of the noumenal self was so difficult to obtain.  It had taken me literally tens of thousands of hours of meditation and studies under at least nine different gurus before I found this experience, and it was utterly life-changing.  But the second experience, which I call realization of the Manifest Self really took less than a year, and was such a delightful and exciting path compared to the previous path of 27 years and the 15 years of aftermath dwelling in peace and the void, that I knew without a doubt, that this path was one best suited for Westerners in this day and age of instant gratification, and utter confusion and lostness within society as a whole and more so, in the spiritual marketplace.
The Manifest Self was so easy to obtain compared to the dreary path of Advaita, or the no mind state of Zen where nothing is ever understood by the mind, and which took a lifetime to master.  The problem with Advaita and Zen was the lack of respect paid to emotions and to the movements within everybody’s energy bodies, which were not even acknowledged in Advaita and Zen, and were considered as illusions by Zen monks.
But what delightful illusions they were!  To feel every moment of the day of bursting of happiness within one’s heart and gut, feeling the various energy complexes within the subtle body that lies within the physical body, feeling the flowing of energies, constant sates of bliss, and for women, almost continuous orgasms which many experience as part of becoming acquainted with their subtle bodies.  They discover that orgasms really have little to do with physical sex, when liberated from the concepts that they are always tied to physical sex.  Indeed, they are more tied to the opening of one’s heart.
It is so astounding for the spiritual practitioner to learn that liberation comes not from rejecting one’s body and sensual experiences as being something to be transcended, but by becoming ever more aware of experiences and energies within one’s physical body, the so-called “subtle body,” which I also call one’s sense of presence, because it feels like you, like your source, like your manifestation.  With these experiences of the energies within one’s sense of presence, for the first time in your life you know who and what you are, all doubts flee, and even though you feel great excitement and happiness and bliss, there is a sense of completion of having finally attained an understanding of who and what you are, and with that the blockages to accurate actions and accurate discrimination begin to disintegrate.
This website was originally designed in 2006 to present the teachings of my final guru, Robert Adams, as well as my other teacher, Jean Dunn’s understanding of Nisargadatta as presented in her three books and during my personal relationship with her.  However, after my experience of the Manifest Self I had no choice but to change my teachings, because I saw the realization of the manifest self was far easier to obtain, and could be obtained by a much larger audience than discovering oneself as the absolute, the Witness.
I was to discover later that the transcendental experiences and knowledge of being the noumenal witness beyond all manifest experience, becomes more easily available to someone who is awakened to their Manifest Self.  The manifest world is perceived as a play which one can participate in, even joyfully, and at the same time recognizing that you could die at any moment and not feel the slightest consternation or fear. 
Therefore, I am in the process of reorganizing this site and opening it up to more of a Tantric approach of using emotions, love, developing ongoing experience of internal energies energies through various methods, and listening to sacred music to develop devotion and surrender as a way of life, not only to the God within but towards others, because I found by finding the energy core in and other, and loving it in another, I was able to discover it in myself, and when I discovered it in myself, it revealed itself to me in its full stature and glory as the Manifest Self, as the Life Force, as God.