27 April 2018


I am trying in every way possible to come out of the closet so to speak, and to speak about spirituality In a Way That Is mostly kept a deep secret.

I have discovered that certain students have what appears to outsiders, and even to themselves initially, to the sexual orgasms as a result of my presence or voice.

I have come to the conclusion that what they are experiencing is a sort of Shaktipat, or an awakening of various energy centers in their energy body, or what I call in myself, my sense of presence, which is like an electromagnetic field located within my body and without.

Most people are totally unaware of their energy bodies.  However, most people do have experiences of an awakened first or second chakra which they identify with sexuality, or of the heart chakra, which they identify as love, usually of another.  But either a sexual energy opening or a heart energy opening can lead to opening of all of the energy centers or chakras, including that of the entire brain results in samadhi.

Both the sexual center being activated, and the heart center being activated appear to almost always involve relationship with another person, either in a direct physical sexual act, or in a love relationship.  In those two situations, we are wired to open and feel sexually orgasmic, or to feel an orgasmic heart opening.

I think this method of opening another to their energy bodies is an act we can call it Shaktipat, or awakening of Shakti, the energies, and various chakras.  For example, in myself, the first Chakra that opened for me was the Third Eye after six months of meditation.  By then, light had permeated my entire energy body.  I then came to awakening to the absolute, the noumenal Self 27 years later after many, many years of practicing various forms of self inquiry.  This is a very long time to persist in any spiritual methodology.

Using the method of the kind of  Shaktipat that I am describing, because of my particular energy configuration, my energy body, leads to an opening of these two chakras very quickly.  Establishing a connection between the sexual center and the heart via an inner tube of light, unifies this particular circuit, which then can be used to send the energy into the brain.

However, because any act of stimulating sexuality or causing orgasms, no matter what energy center is involved, whether the heart, the Hara, the womb, the third eye, or the brain, a lot of people run away or judge even at the mention of sex or orgasms.

But I believe this is the spirituality of the future.  This is not the tantra found on Facebook which is more or less an exploration of the energy body through sexuality but of not rising to the point of self-realization of the manifest self or of the life force within, but totally exploring pleasurable ways of having sex, or as a cover for open sexuality and open relationships.  This is not what I am about.

What I am about is helping people realize the divinity within, what Nisargadatta called the life force, or the internal energies, yet which he never explored or explained in print except in a superficial way in his book Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization.

Yet I am discovering many people have had this kind of experience in a spiritual relationship, first perhaps to sexual feelings, or of a heart opening, and afterwards a continuous flow of ecstatic energies within as a result of love.  Gradually the energies can be guided to energy centers throughout the energy body resulting in samadhi by the sheer one pointedness of their love and devotion towards another.

I have also come to understand that the relationship is only apparent, the other does not really have to be there physically at all or even in the mind.  In a sense, the chakra itself, the energy center itself, creates the situation and the other person needed to activate that chakra.  That is, this is purely a psychic relationship, no physicality is necessary or desired at all.  However, let us say object one, the teacher, has a certain energy field, which may or may not awaken one or more chakras in another person was in their presence, either face-to-face, phone, or in Satsang by the nature of the setting, and by what appears to be a kind of residence with the other.  This subject needs to be explored in future of how this residence takes place and what it actually is..

And the type of orgasms, or ecstasies experienced, are entirely different from those of physical sex.  The only similarities are the area of the body initially involved because of the chakra affect it, whether the root, the womb, the heart, the throat, the third eye, the brain, and the orgasmic-like rhythmic movements of the body which can be undulation, movements of the arms, legs, or having the appearance of a sexual orgasm.

I remember once in Satsang about eight years ago, a certain woman was having undulating movements all during Satsang, and another man who I spoke with later was very upset about what she was doing and wanted to criticize her, and did criticize her to me as having orgasms which was inappropriate in his mind to be having during Satsang.

This has to come out into the open.  This whole matter has been kept in secret for fear of public reaction and criticism and scandal.  But you have to understand, no physical sexuality is involved, and even the love energy is so different from normal human love.  It is untainted by any sense of need, hurt, although there is desire to be in the presence of that other person.  It feels rather much like waves of gentle will air wafting through the chest caressing one’s heart and the most delightful way, and opening one’s heart to surrender to the feelings.

Unless this whole subject matter is brought into the open, it may take many generations before the phenomena can be spoken of openly, and used openly, to bring large numbers of people who are naturally loving and naturally sexual, to use emotions and those specific chakras to become aware of their energy body, which later comes to realization of the life force within themselves, God within themselves, or what Robert called the power that knows the way.

Sometimes the ecstasies or orgasms wherever they are felt in the body, comes spontaneously just in the presence of the teacher, or anyone who is lighting the fire in another’s chakras. In Siddha Yoga yhe disciple asks chants, Jyota se Jyota Jagavo, SadGuru Jyota se Jyota Jagavo, kindle my heart’s flame with my flame, Sad guru kindle my heart’s flame with Thine.

The love experiences one has in such a relationship goes beyond anything written anywhere about human love relationships.  In the presence of such energy within oneself whether elicited by oneself within oneself, or by another, the experiences  kindled are almost beyond description.

One feels the deepest love one has ever felt for another.  One may have images of being at the feet of God totally humble, totally surrendered to him or her; one may feel the descent of divine grace that washes one clean of all sin and imperfections.  One can both see and feel internal energies flowing between the various chakras in the body as various Shakti circuits  (Nadi) become opened and purified.  There are all kinds of lights that can be seen, especially a great white light that illuminates the entire body or blue light in the area of the third eye, or energy streams in various colors and in various patterns of flow.

One feels one’s entire body and psyche as opening and as becoming progressively more receptive to external energies as well as to new, more subtle internal energies.  One false to one’s knees in gratitude for the opening in one’s heart that is felt for another, for God, and when the life force is finally revealed to you in its rawest and most powerful form, one again becomes totally ecstatic for hours knowing that one has seen God in his true form and he or she lives within you as you.

We are not talking about sex here at all when speaking of divine orgasms are cosmic orgasms as Jan Esmann calls it, but of divine ecstasies that sometimes are initiated by fantasies of sexuality or of love that initiate the chakras openings by combining the energy from the teacher along with the fantasy process to fully kindle any given chakra.

So please bear with me.  I am not a Svengali trying to hypnotize and have sex with every woman that reads my blog or comes to Satsang.  Rather, I have an energy field that stimulates some chakras in some others' bodies that then light up. Then the lighting of any chakra can be taken into other chakras, ending as Jan Esmann says in kundalini energies filling the brain.  I prefer not to use the term kundalini, but the more general term Shakti, without adding an adjective to something that is so precious and divine.

Look, I am old.  I could lose everything and not be bothered.  I could live on the streets like a homeless person and not be bothered.  Even my beloved cats can be lost and briefly mourned and after that I would not be bothered.  So in a sense I have nothing to lose by openly and honestly presenting this whole matter of awakening to the life force by kindling flames in others.  This has to reach a general discussion so that I feel I have really made a contribution to contemporary spirituality, and have shed a bit of light is a normally hidden subject that all of the teachers warned me to stay away from discussing for fear of calamitous blowback.

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