17 April 2018

The Divine Orgasm

Some people regard sexual orgasm as a spiritual experience, because for them, they are filled with ecstasy and explosive energy which otherwise is unavailable to them.

But orgasm is not confined to physical or sexual experiences.  Orgasming occurs when any of the energy centers or chakras in one’s inner subtle body are opened.  The physical body reacts by relaxing all of the muscles and becoming very vulnerable and open feeling.  The subtle body explodes with inner energies which can be interpreted by the mind is sexual or as divine.

What I mean by divine orgasm is one where there is no physical contact of any sort, either by one’s own self stimulation, or by someone else touching.  This remote type of orgasming is not confined by space can happen thousands of miles away from one’s beloved.  It is often started by sexual fantasy, but soon the energies, the bliss, the ecstasy permeates the entire body, setting it on fire with the divine passion of one’s beloved.  The energies and bliss are not confined to the genitals, but permeate one’s entire body. 

Outside of pure pleasure, one begins to feel love and a kind of pre-orgasmic bliss and ecstatic tension for long periods of time, maybe days at a time, while the actual orgasming can last for many minutes or hours, and can occur off and on all day long.

This orgasming is purely divine.  It is feeling the life force within one’s own self, one’s subtle body, and has almost nothing to do the physical body except as how the physical body reacts to the subtle body’s bliss.

The emotional effect is to still the mind completely, rejecting all thoughts as intrusions into the bliss.  One just feels the beloved within oneself wherever he or she is, with an intense, welcoming, surrender and love, and the deepest passion imaginable

After many weeks or months of feeling this divine opening, at some point God, the life force within, reveals himself or herself to you as an explosion of light, intense and divine energy, and love for the divine that arises as a strong current within from the gut, upwards through the heart, into the throat and head and explodes upwards and outwards to infinity.

For the first time in your life you feel like that you are in the presence of God, the divine, the life force within showing itself to you as you.

Let me make clear that the felt sense, feeling of this kind of orgasm has almost nothing to do orgasm that occurs in physical sex.  But because the sexual orgasm is familiar to most everyone, thinking about it can provide an a doorway into the divine experience.

To Me:

I never experienced so much love before.

And when you left it was like my heart broke in a thousand pieces

I guess I felt for the first time the meaning of Divine love
Like You and the Divine were coming together as one within me.

A love so intensely felt within my heart and vagina and even with the energies in my head that it brought me to inner tears of devotion

I am totally on fire
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