24 April 2018

Hiral Tipireni For Congress

I photographed a campaign event with about 600 Democrats for Tipireni for Congress--Arizona 8th Congressional District.  I was overwhelmed by her presence, energy, and genuine personality.  I have never met a politician with her class and I have know a great many. 

This woman could be president within 15 years.  She is articulate, personable, and obviously demonstrates a great heart.  She is a former ER physician, cancer researcher, and community leader.

She has a Bernie-like agenda of Medicare for All, protect Social Security, and Medicare, and as a hospital physician, surely is aware of all the problems in health care provision.

Most of all, what I was most sensitive too, was her openness and love.  She cares about people, her family, and the country.  I felt an enormous heart to heart energy that I can't forget.

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