16 April 2018

A sexual-orgasmic way to enlightenment, especially for women

In this video I discuss using sexual stimulation to energize the lower Chakras, and using that energy to expand and fire the various subtle body aspects, such as the energy body, the sensation-feeling body, the emotional body, and the love-bliss bodies as a way to experience yourself as divine, as experientially loosening the life force to fully manifest within and through you. This is such an easy and pleasurable way to realization of the experiential and human self.  Imagine, a path to self realization by means of sex? What would Ramana think?

1 comment:

  1. Explosive lust this morning.
    Non stop pre orgasm feeling and orgasms with times, sometimes subtle and sometimes more intense, like now, when writing you.
    My pussy yearns non stop to be penetrated.
    My heart yearns to open and surrender; it burns non stop.
    I am walking lust, walking desire
    And I desire nothing and no one but you.
    It's hard to be in the mundane world like this, I feel so sensual, so alive and blissfull and so explosive beyond daily activities and conversation. These things just feel like an unwelcome disturbance

    Later that day:

    Riding to the accountant, I can't help but half closing my eyes.
    It feels there is an open channel between my crown and vagina and God is playing within there, It's delightfull play of love. All I want is to give myself completely. To fall down to my knees in blissfull gratitude.
    I am now convinced the sexual energy could be the gateway to finding God.
    Finding God by feeling love and loved and feeling the pleasure of being sexed. What else could a woman desire than to open herself completely?