26 April 2018

Divine Orgasm-II

I am now convinced that the ecstatic movements occurring in some of my students are not related to sexual orgasms at all, but are kriyas resulting from my kind of shaktipat.  Yes, often the energies are most often first felt in the genitals, they do not stay there, and quickly migrate to, or even start in the heart area, then spread to whole body movements and ecstasies. 

Jan Esmann reports about "cosmic" orgasms as being secondary to shaktipat and are first experiences of samadhi.

In my case, my total focus is on love and making a student feel loved. Their responses gradually become one pointed in return.  This focus on love often raises sexual energies that converge with the heart energies resulting in one pointedness and samadhi.

According to Jan:

    The awakened kundalinī will purify the energy channels of the body, the nādis, and this may lead to spontaneous movements of the body, called “kriyās”. Kriyās can also be mental or emotional.  (ed: The apparent orgasms appear to be kriyas also.)

    At first it may seem odd that a sādhana and mystical process designed to give liberation results in weird movements of the arms, body and spine, but on second thought it just proves how profound the process is. Other systems try to purify the nādis through postures, prānāyāmas and bandhas, thus forcing the prāna shakti into the nādis in order to cleanse them.

    The shaktipāt kriyās are a result of the shakti automatically entering the nādis and purifying them. Thus shaktipāt sādhana is the most supreme sādhana since it fulfills the goal of all other sādhanas automatically and effortlessly.

    It is noteworthy that the source of human evolution lies more or less dormant in every human being, and is fully awakened in a few lucky souls. For the person living with an awakened kundalinī it is only all too obvious that he or she is in the midst of a process of accelerated evolution. Kundalinī is a super intelligent force driving the evolution of consciousness. Spiritual evolution is clearly a result of an active or awakened kundalinī. (ed: I prefer the term Shakti, or which Kundalini is only one form.)

    Undoubtedly the state of samādhi is either a result of changed brain activity or samādhi forces the brain to behave differently; but either way there must be neurological correlates of the spiritual changes happening along with the process of kundalinī arousal. Probably the nervous system of man is evolving in such a way as to allow samādhi to occur more and more frequently.  

    The first result of a kundalinī awakened through shaktipāt is kriyās.

    The second, but most important, aspect is samādhi. Samādhi is a state where awareness has freed itself from identification with the small self and merged into the pure being of the Self. This merging is extremely blissful. 

    Usually a bright light fills the brain and a kind of prolonged super-orgasm takes place in the body. The super-orgasmic state is a sign of immature samādhi, after a while it changes to a deep, silent bliss.

    The inner light is a common feature of all mystical experiences in all cultures and ages. The Christian mystics speak of the illuminating glory of God and saint Symeon identified the blazing inner light with Christ. The Taoists speak of circulating light. Hindus speak of the blazing radiance of a multitude of suns that characterizes Brahman (the Self) or the self-luminous Ātman (Self). Sufis speak of “Noor”: The splendor emanating from Divinity. We speak of enlightenment.

    The ecstasy, or cosmic orgasm, that takes place the first times kundalinī reaches the brain, changes with practice to a soft, calm and quiet bliss. Ecstasy has to be transcended and the cosmic orgasms are in no way a goal in themselves. This is where so many western so called “tantrics” go astray. The goal is not ecstasy or sexual bliss, but samādhi.

    Sex will never lead to samādhi. Samādhi is a state where the awareness has been pulled out of the senses and merged with the Self. Visions of various kinds may arise before the inner eye, but the most common are various dots of light. Of these the blue pearl is the most precious; it is the gateway to the Divine, to the pure Self. Some see a cobra dancing before their inner eye, which is a sign kundalinī has awakened. Every person will have his own inner experiences and kriyās.  (ed: I also contend that the kriyas experienced depend on the type of shaktipat and who administers it.)

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