30 September 2018

The Absolute Versus Shakti as Paths

One is not completely enlightened until they have realized both the Unmanifest and Manifest Self. Realizing the Manifest Self, the Life Force or God and one’s personal relationship to the divine, is called realization of the Manifest or Experiential Self. This path unfolds automatically after any great Shaktipat experience, but especially one where you realize the divine in you as “other.”

As I teach, this is a path either of residing in one’s experience of the I Am sensation (Nisargadatta’s notion of self-inquiry), or more passively, by falling deeply in love with another, a guru, Jesus, or something else to the extent of achieving total devotional love and absolute surrender of the last particle of self to another. There is no decision to surrender here, as the deepening devotional love unfolds automatically as a great surrender. This process is marked by visions, great love, unfolding energies within, bliss and ecstasies, culminating in various states of oneness, disappearances of self awareness, or becoming catatonic-like in complete absorption in God.

After this, there begins a downwards unfolding, which in the case above, is towards the increasing subtlety and decreasing intensity of the energies, gradually folding into emptiness, and that folding into nothingness.

The major problem with having the Absolute, the Unborn as the initial goal of a seeker, is that it takes so long and one can get lost or distracted. The energy path is shorter, and after Shaktipat awakening, it is mostly an automatic unfolding affected only by external events or stresses. It is also a more dramatic path with a lot more pleasure acting as a carrot.

26 September 2018

Guru or No Guru?

The people who are certain that they do not need a teacher or guru to awaken are fools.  They do not even know there are many different kinds of awakening, and each can take nearly a lifetime to attain.
We are all in the grip of an illusion I call the mundane world created by common language, protocols, conventions, society, and education.  It creates a false world that we are born into.

Escaping the mundane is not easy. It is a much, much harder task than Neo’s escaping from the Matrix.  That was fantasy; seeing through the Maya of mind, or stories, concepts, and convention, is not for everyone.

The final truth of the method of escaping is embracing the truth/no truth that: THE ONLY TRUTH IS THAT THERE IS NO TRUTH; BEWARE OF EVEN THIS TRUTH!

Seung Sahn referred to this as becoming a dumb as a rock.  See and feel things through as if each minute were a totally new situation. Robert said, “You do not exist; the body and world are not real; they are illusion.”  That is, the mind makes your world by filters of stories and concepts.  Both Krishnamurtis referred to this as going beyond the mind and words.

The world you know has to be abandoned, and that is done by turning away from thinking and trying to perceive through one’s eyes, to reclaiming your body through FEELING everything.  Feel your body.  Feel your emotions.  Feel you pains.  Feel your pleasures including your sexuality.

The secret is by being really, really, dumb, dense as a rock, you can begin to feel, and through feeling, reenter your body that your mind had abandoned for a thought-constructed mundane world.

To accomplish this you need a master teacher who has fully reincarnated into his or her body and can show you the way by slapping you when you think, and feed you ice cream when you feel.

Then you will incarnate into a world filled with love, emotions, and energies, bliss, as well as complete emptiness.  Then, eventually, you will find God within as the same energy that makes you alive and sentient. Then, and only then will you be free.

25 September 2018


Living a spiritual life is difficult for many because they become more and more sensitive to themselves, others, and the world. They feel blown around by currents and sensations and when they try to follow their heart, they feel only masses of ever changing sensations.

This is what I learned in Zen: sit still and be very attentive.  Sitting in silent, erect yet relaxed meditation will teach you everything.  You become sensitive to your breath, the pain in your knees, the pain in your back, thoughts about how hungry you are, how itchy your nose is, and how your guts feel bloated after eatINg fruit and vegetables together.

Your mind races around in your physical discomfort, thinking about Zen, Yogananda, Aurobindo, or Ramana, and what they went through.  You feel hopelessly lost and unstable.

This is the crisis.  Every fiber in your body and every thought in your brain screams at you to move.  Instead, you sit without moving and feel the pain, feel the disturbed mind, feel the hunger or the painful bloating.  Feel it all fully including the screams to move.

And then, DON’T MOVE! Don’t move until the bell rings signaling the end of the sitting.  You will be amazed that if you do this, at some point, maybe after 10 or 15 minutes your entire body will relax, as well as your mind and you will feel wonderful.  Wonderful that you had tamed your body and mind, and wonderful because your body and mind are so rested and relax.

You probably have to repeat this lesson a hundred or a thousand times before you believe it: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REACT!  And if you don’t react you will find an end to suffering and peace.  This will carry to the end of your life.  You gain stability.

In addition, continued practice will lead to the experience of real emptiness, an experience of the Great Void where you disappear as a body mind and become all things.

Once emptiness becomes routine, you can begin the search for divine love from a deeply stable place of knowing how not to react to discomfort or at the direction of hunger or sexual impulses.

After you know how to stabilize in emptiness, sexuality can spread throughout your body along with great love, both turning into the most sublime bliss and ecstasy, and you are on your way to knowing God within.

But if you don’t know the stability of not reacting, and have increased sensitivities, you will be blown around by your ideas and sensations, desires and needs all your life, like a puppet.

22 September 2018

21 September 2018


My brain is heavy and dense. No thoughts arise.  My attention is deep into my entire body which is experienced as dark, dense energy slowly moving within.  Without, are swirling energies in and around the room.  

With eyes closed all of this is me. Tremendous energies and power, all superimposed on the spatial emptiness of the Void, which simultaneously contains the energies, but also does not touch the energies because it lies in a different dimension.

Without thought, no things exist.  There are just ever-changing forms with no labels.

Within and without, forms and energies are ever changing so fast that thought cannot grasp them. Yet I just did use words to describe them. A paradox. It is human nature to want to communicate experience, but communicating these kinds of experiences to people in the mundane world would gain me the label of nut-job.

The energies and bliss too change; sometimes light and breezy, sometimes dense and powerful.  The bliss too changes.  Sometimes just their power gives one sort of ecstasy, while a day later a lighter energetic field is overwhelmed by feelings of grateful love centered in my chest but radiating everywhere.

These are my days, reverently feeling lost in the flow of life and the feelings generated and superimposed over my basic beingness which has no knowledge. There is no known, or knowing, therefore there is no knower either.  It never occurs to me to separate the three.  The mind is silent.

The words ’world’, ‘self’, ‘real’, ‘unreal’, ‘body’ have no meaning for me, and like an Eskimo who allegedly has a dozen words for different kinds of snow, I see a legion of different energy fields and movements but everyday language has no words for my experience.

20 September 2018




My experience was that I experienced complete, hard-vacuum emptiness, like I was lost in interstellar space in 1995 and stayed there. In 2000, out of that emptiness came divine romantic love, worship, endless explosively blissful energies, and the experience of God within and without.

Emptiness means your body, heart, and mind are completely open, transparent, allowing the Shakti to unfold and manifest through you unimpeded. You have gone from realizing emptiness to realizes God and you as spirit, which is manifest form.

Likewise, you can start by feeling energies, emotions, seeing inner light, feeling bliss, which explodes in you, and gradually becoming deeper and softer over time until you enter the emptiness from which it came. It does not matter where you start your spiritual practice, just jump in without a ton of self-doubt and self-judging anxiety.

The shape and function of the manifesting Shakti in every spiritual organization varies depending on the lineage. An Advaita “feel” from Ramana may appear different and even oppositional to the “feel” of Osho or Muktananda.  But these are just variations or differing forms of the underlying Shakti, and growing experience reveals spiritual traditions have the same basis: Life!

Satsang Video September 20, 2018:


18 September 2018


Everything is made by mind. When you know this you may create and then represent your own “truth” in many different ways: music, painting, sitting meditation, story-telling, directly manipulating energy, entrancing someone or a group, pulling them into your world, or visiting theirs’. Then everything is communication, a dance, a sharing with trees, cats, birds, gurus, men and women. All of space is filled up with us with no separation.

ROBERT ADAMS WAS A FEELER. He touched everything to grasp its vibration: letters sent to him, book covers, the fabric on the dashboard of my car,, closing his eyes and feeling the vibe of the room, feeling when someone was lying to him. Yet he never taught this as his method of living in the world" kinesthetic and tactile groping.

16 September 2018


                   AND EVERYDAY LIFE

Generally, all people are confused a lot of the time because modern life is complex and one’s own wants and needs may not be clear. But confusion in spirituality almost appears be the rule.

The reason: the words, concepts, and teachings are new to the new seeker, the teachings of the various paths can be very complex, and various teachers and traditions have different points of views about the problems or types of suffering or spiritual goals they try to achieve.

This video deals with the fundamental causes of confusion and how to end by passing from thinking and “seeing,” into feeling and sensing, getting out of one’s head and living in the sensations and intelligence of your body, developing Shakti, and sinking into yourself.


14 September 2018




I have a couple of books ready to be born if I had an editor.  They will be groundbreaking because what I teach does not appear anywhere else.

I would love to have an ashram, but I do not have the power to make that happen.  Shakti has to be so moved and Shakti can be guided by the desires of the many.

I would like to have some sort of Satsang daily, as well as personal Darshan, perform healings, give my form of Shaktipat.

However, as I learned from my own lesson and Robert’s regarding his moving from L.A. to Sedona, you must look gift horses in the mouth. Those who invited Robert never followed through with the support they promised once he actually moved there.


13 September 2018


A monk asked Zen Master Joshu, "Are you enlightened?" Joshu answered, "I have had 17 Great Enlightenments and thousands of small ones."

This is the truth. There is no one final enlightenment. Enlightenment keeps unfolding, revealing ever more strange and wonderful worlds.

Ed explains some of the worlds you may find within as you relax ever more deeply into your sense of being, and uncover new room in the huge mansion of spiritual dimensions that lie within.



09 September 2018

Life Without Mind Is Real and Ecstatic

We live in a world that is an interpretation of raw experience. The mind creates a matrix world, which I call the mundane or ordinary world, which is basically goal driven and overthought.  It is not real.

But when mind is transcended by witnessing the process of world creation, you perceive yourself as you really are, spirit and energies of great power and bliss.  In this state, you can create your own stories as you like them.


08 September 2018

Shaping Reality

In 1995 during the latter part of my first awakening experience regarding the mind, I “saw” that words and concepts were not real: they could not convey the reality of either my internal or my external world.

What I “saw” (literally), was that the word ‘I’ does not point to any entity inside at all. I literally saw, visually, in my inner imaginal space, that I did not exist at all and that the word ‘I’ literally pointed to the literal emptiness of my inner imaginal self and beingness.  I pointed to an empty set.

Just as the equation X + Y = Z really contains no information about the world unless ach factor has an assigned number and unit value, such as dollars, apples, minutes, or velocity.  Then it conveys some meaning regarding apples, finances, or time.  Even then, we are still one step short of actually functioning in the real world of fruit, hours, yards, etc.

Just so, words and concepts have no meaning without either a context to provide a setting for meaning, or names such as Jim, Sally, Vladimir, or a placeholder noun like him, her, it, or that as improper nouns.

Now, anyone who totally understands this can never be deliberately captivated or entranced by a story, fable or mystery, but they can grow able to use stories to Shape Shakti and shape the emotions and energetic experiences of others.  They become “spellbinders,” watching as the mind shapes real world experiences and also energetic experiences, which can be transmitted to others through story, voice, tonation, and words. 

You can actually watch how the mind creates stories constantly about what you are experiencing which gives the experience personal and community meaning.  You can also watch how the words of others can create shaped experiences and meanings in you, changing your experience until you come to the understanding that MIND MAKES EVERYTHING!  It shapes and makes all experiences.  Nothing knowable happens without the mind’s constant shaping, and these shapes are generic, they are not qualities of the “real” world, but of the community shared world of concepts and values.

All of you here know or suspect that the mundane world of daily life is not real; it is literally too horrible to be real.  It is not real. It is a world of experienced shaped by common values, and some part of those values are crude or low values, corruption, criminality, cruelty, and pain, and something deep in us tells us this cannot be real, because we truly grasp these are the stories of other people, or of society, but not of me.

Then when you see all is story, all is merely Maya, or illusion cast on your deepest truth, you definitely see and feel the external world as well as your truths about it, are all wrong, merely an illusion cast by your mind.

At this stage, you who is deeper than mind can directly create in yourself and others different stories, shape emotions and energies in others in ways difficult to explain here, because you really have to feel into how to do it, and the best way to learn is doing with me or with others in the Sangha.

You have to be able to simultaneously watch what your mind is creating, what your energy experiences are, what emotions you might have and get them into another person in any number of ways, such as energetic projection, story creation and telling, entrainment, entrancement, and generally, magic.



07 September 2018

Love and Shakti

In a sense, since Shakti makes everything, love is part of Shakti.  But in the real world, if you don’t feel Shakti, the easiest way to feel it is by loving another person and feeling the life force, Shakti, in them.  If you can feel it in them, it will awaken Shakti in you.

Once Shakti awakens in you, you can feel the difference between love and Shakti and you will know that Shati follows one’s attention, especially if you are in love.  The more you love either Shakti or another in whom you feel the life force, the more of the bliss you will feel ever spiraling upwards.

Then when the time comes and you have loved another enough, devotedly enough, and surrendered enough, Shakti will show you its form, whether as Kali, Krishna, an impersonal life force, or as a lightning flash of bliss and power. Then you will know the power of God in you and acting through you and you can love God directly.  In this case, your new love is still relational, and you will also feel that God loves you, just as you had felt your incarnated Beloved loving you before.

Once you develop a personal relationship with your own life force as revealed to you in a way specifically suited to you, you begin to be able if you so choose, to direct Shakti.  Of course, even way before this happening you will notice how people react differently towards you, and notice how they feel differently towards you, friendlier, happier around you.  But after having realized the life force in you as you and as other, you will become a sorcerer, a mystic, a guru.

05 September 2018


Dear Ed,

Do you feel me? I finally see you . I see you anew, young, vibrant and radiating, so different from how I saw you before.

I felt you already, the energies were there, I knew from the first moment, but I didn’t see you truly yet. The eyes can be so deceiving. A dear one says: ‘The eyes are the most mental of the senses, they are the ones closest to the mind.’ They are the sense that we corrupted the most with our thoughts and concepts.

I’ve been wanting to write you for such a long time now, to tell you about the world I entered. To tell you about the community I am in, to tell you about the people I am shaping a world with. We are the neo-tantrics and people scorn us because we are not true to the teachings of old, because we use our own teachings and just grab and combine old teachings from lineages everywhere to shape our world.

Many of us are deluded and I am sure I am too, to some extent, but we are doing what you described so well in the last Satsang, we are working with the energies, sensing, intuiting and we use magic to shape a new world with our words. And we do it together. We organize and take workshops and go on retreats to give our resonance to each other, to melt energies and shape our storyline together. Shakti is moving all of us and yes, it looks like a chaotic mess to anyone who does not feel her.

Our storylines are not rational, they are exactly as you describe: they make the energies move. I’m not big with the words yet, but many of my friends are, they post on Facebook every day. We read each others stories about love, reality, energy, escaping the mundane and living as our highest self. They are delusions but most of us know they are, or maybe they don’t know, but they don’t need to know, they just need to FEEL.

Those that don’t understand will reply with skepticism or rational criticism.

Those of us who understand reply to each other’s delusions with ‘YES!’, ‘Aho, I feel you sister’, ‘So much love for you’ and ‘This resonates so much with me’, because this is our new language, a language that inspires love, togetherness and community.

We do not just shape story-lines. We take and give workshops and go on retreats mostly to move away from the words and concepts, to be with the energies only and to help each other to feel them and move them in each other.

We are all healers in a way, we put our hands on exactly those places in the other that hurt and we absolve each others pain. We relax each other’s bodies and move the energies in each other until the energy becomes strong enough to move the body without will. We shake and writhe, have kriyas all over until we are fully orgasmic in every fibre of our body, until our body is no longer made of fibre, but energy alone, energy that is so merged with everything that we experience a oneness with all, with everything, no mind, just bliss.

We still need each other a lot though. We haven’t seen through reality as totally as you have, yet. We are on the good path, but there are many diversions still. They are becoming less though. I am becoming a healer myself, being able to cure others pain just by feeling into them. Moving and generating energies just by feeling, by being, only a single thought needed to completely change reality. I’m not strong yet, but I will become stronger.

I am learning by resonance, not using willpower to think and do, but just by letting that which pulls me in move me.

Thank you Ed, for hosting Satsang every week and resonating that which is true and good. In this world of energies, not everyone resonates at the same level and some of us cause distorted behaviours, magically manipulating others further into delusions that do not create love but hatred, anger or frustration. We are babies still, learning to walk and talk again, in new ways.

Thank you Ed, for resonating love and pulling others into that. Thank you for pulling me in.

It is the middle of the night, I woke up feeling like everyone was in my room, so much togetherness there is now. And I woke up suddenly seeing you, beautiful and radiant as you are.

Now I need to stop writing because the concepts are taking over again and I don’t want to get lost there.

Much love,

MY RESPONSE: Exactly the right way to go. Let us work together. Concepts are in the ether around us everywhere. It is easy to think we are creating a new reality when we are really reliving an older fantasy. But your gist is right.

02 September 2018



The world most live in is made up of thousands of concepts and stories that keep us locked up into a sense of endless repetition, habit, and limitation.

But once we realize that our world is made up of paper, so to speak,  we can examine everything, within and without for their more true processes and forms.  Then we can break out of the mundane one story at a time.

We can then learn how to create new stories incorporating the energies (Shakti) that we feel, and the energies will follow the new stories making them real. Thus we become sorcerers and witches.