07 September 2018

Love and Shakti

In a sense, since Shakti makes everything, love is part of Shakti.  But in the real world, if you don’t feel Shakti, the easiest way to feel it is by loving another person and feeling the life force, Shakti, in them.  If you can feel it in them, it will awaken Shakti in you.

Once Shakti awakens in you, you can feel the difference between love and Shakti and you will know that Shati follows one’s attention, especially if you are in love.  The more you love either Shakti or another in whom you feel the life force, the more of the bliss you will feel ever spiraling upwards.

Then when the time comes and you have loved another enough, devotedly enough, and surrendered enough, Shakti will show you its form, whether as Kali, Krishna, an impersonal life force, or as a lightning flash of bliss and power. Then you will know the power of God in you and acting through you and you can love God directly.  In this case, your new love is still relational, and you will also feel that God loves you, just as you had felt your incarnated Beloved loving you before.

Once you develop a personal relationship with your own life force as revealed to you in a way specifically suited to you, you begin to be able if you so choose, to direct Shakti.  Of course, even way before this happening you will notice how people react differently towards you, and notice how they feel differently towards you, friendlier, happier around you.  But after having realized the life force in you as you and as other, you will become a sorcerer, a mystic, a guru.

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