26 September 2018

Guru or No Guru?

The people who are certain that they do not need a teacher or guru to awaken are fools.  They do not even know there are many different kinds of awakening, and each can take nearly a lifetime to attain.
We are all in the grip of an illusion I call the mundane world created by common language, protocols, conventions, society, and education.  It creates a false world that we are born into.

Escaping the mundane is not easy. It is a much, much harder task than Neo’s escaping from the Matrix.  That was fantasy; seeing through the Maya of mind, or stories, concepts, and convention, is not for everyone.

The final truth of the method of escaping is embracing the truth/no truth that: THE ONLY TRUTH IS THAT THERE IS NO TRUTH; BEWARE OF EVEN THIS TRUTH!

Seung Sahn referred to this as becoming a dumb as a rock.  See and feel things through as if each minute were a totally new situation. Robert said, “You do not exist; the body and world are not real; they are illusion.”  That is, the mind makes your world by filters of stories and concepts.  Both Krishnamurtis referred to this as going beyond the mind and words.

The world you know has to be abandoned, and that is done by turning away from thinking and trying to perceive through one’s eyes, to reclaiming your body through FEELING everything.  Feel your body.  Feel your emotions.  Feel you pains.  Feel your pleasures including your sexuality.

The secret is by being really, really, dumb, dense as a rock, you can begin to feel, and through feeling, reenter your body that your mind had abandoned for a thought-constructed mundane world.

To accomplish this you need a master teacher who has fully reincarnated into his or her body and can show you the way by slapping you when you think, and feed you ice cream when you feel.

Then you will incarnate into a world filled with love, emotions, and energies, bliss, as well as complete emptiness.  Then, eventually, you will find God within as the same energy that makes you alive and sentient. Then, and only then will you be free.

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