08 September 2018

Shaping Reality

In 1995 during the latter part of my first awakening experience regarding the mind, I “saw” that words and concepts were not real: they could not convey the reality of either my internal or my external world.

What I “saw” (literally), was that the word ‘I’ does not point to any entity inside at all. I literally saw, visually, in my inner imaginal space, that I did not exist at all and that the word ‘I’ literally pointed to the literal emptiness of my inner imaginal self and beingness.  I pointed to an empty set.

Just as the equation X + Y = Z really contains no information about the world unless ach factor has an assigned number and unit value, such as dollars, apples, minutes, or velocity.  Then it conveys some meaning regarding apples, finances, or time.  Even then, we are still one step short of actually functioning in the real world of fruit, hours, yards, etc.

Just so, words and concepts have no meaning without either a context to provide a setting for meaning, or names such as Jim, Sally, Vladimir, or a placeholder noun like him, her, it, or that as improper nouns.

Now, anyone who totally understands this can never be deliberately captivated or entranced by a story, fable or mystery, but they can grow able to use stories to Shape Shakti and shape the emotions and energetic experiences of others.  They become “spellbinders,” watching as the mind shapes real world experiences and also energetic experiences, which can be transmitted to others through story, voice, tonation, and words. 

You can actually watch how the mind creates stories constantly about what you are experiencing which gives the experience personal and community meaning.  You can also watch how the words of others can create shaped experiences and meanings in you, changing your experience until you come to the understanding that MIND MAKES EVERYTHING!  It shapes and makes all experiences.  Nothing knowable happens without the mind’s constant shaping, and these shapes are generic, they are not qualities of the “real” world, but of the community shared world of concepts and values.

All of you here know or suspect that the mundane world of daily life is not real; it is literally too horrible to be real.  It is not real. It is a world of experienced shaped by common values, and some part of those values are crude or low values, corruption, criminality, cruelty, and pain, and something deep in us tells us this cannot be real, because we truly grasp these are the stories of other people, or of society, but not of me.

Then when you see all is story, all is merely Maya, or illusion cast on your deepest truth, you definitely see and feel the external world as well as your truths about it, are all wrong, merely an illusion cast by your mind.

At this stage, you who is deeper than mind can directly create in yourself and others different stories, shape emotions and energies in others in ways difficult to explain here, because you really have to feel into how to do it, and the best way to learn is doing with me or with others in the Sangha.

You have to be able to simultaneously watch what your mind is creating, what your energy experiences are, what emotions you might have and get them into another person in any number of ways, such as energetic projection, story creation and telling, entrainment, entrancement, and generally, magic.

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