12 December 2018


The world that each of us lives in is not real.  It is but a construct of our minds.  How can we know this?  We know this by having our awareness sink into our beingness to deeper levels than the mind.

When we close our eyes and go within, if we could drop the center of our consciousness, the focus of our awareness, into our heart area or into our gotten, we will at first only find a dark emptiness.  That emptiness is cool, relaxing, and full of acceptance, of a quiet greeting of all that is felt there, including emotions.  The heart area is the container for all emotional experience.  If we drop lower than the heart area into the gut or lower, emotions disappear.

By dwelling on the movement of our diaphragm and breathing in and out, the movements of our ribs as our lungs expand and contract, the stretching of the muscles between the ribs, as well as the expansion and contraction of our abdomens with our breath, we begin to regain a total awareness of our bodies.

By keeping the focus of our attention embedded in the body by continuous scanning of every portion of our body, the bottoms of our feet to the top of our head, we gain an ability to feel our body as a whole, sensations, its movements, extensions, its rigidity, i him him ts joy, and its suffering.

Interfering with this exploration will be the mind that tries to make connections out of our experiences, the kinesthetic with the tactile, memories will arise, returning us to times of sorrow, grief, of great love, loss, joy and even peace. Emotions will return strongly.  Sometimes frightening emotions, sometimes depression, sometimes sadness, sometimes moments of great happiness.  Everything will be changing, flowing, moment by moment changing our emotional experiences until we feel lost in the stream carried along by a flow of emotional feeling, which gradually shades into the feelings of our bodies.

When we have been in this place long, you begin to notice something else entirely: a tingling, a quivering of small energies within, starting in the heart area, or sometimes in our forehead, sometimes felt in the belly for in the feet.  Repeated focusing on these energies makes them increasingly intense and seemingly real.

These energies can begin to flow in patterns or streams within the body, rotating around the heart clockwise or counterclockwise, or vertically between our in the pubis area.  The energies can flow from our heart area outwards through the arms and exit into the space around us as expelled energies.  Long focusing on these energies will allow them to change their pitch, their harmonies, their characters, so they become transformed into bliss and later into ecstasies of such under thrill, such tender love, such inner bliss that we dare not move to disturb this blissful perfection.

After a long time of experiencing these energies, it will seem like we perceive a new greater depth within, the principal characteristic of that depth is the perception of an inner light that is all pervading and provides the container for those inner energies which I call Shakti.  Once Shakti shows up in our life, our spiritual progress is automatic and are only effort will be to continuously perceive the energies as often as possible, in meditation, and while walking around in everyday life.  Soon the energies become more real even than our bodies, because these energies have been transformed into a sense of presence, an electromagnetic being that pervades our body and extends beyond your body a bit into the world.  I call this energy body, my sense of presence, and it feels far more real than my physical body.

Sinking downwards into the light.  I make a new discovery, that I am not the body at all, but I am that which is the energies solidifying, becoming solid yet translucent and transparent into one continuous flowing of light, which more deeply becomes blue.  It this blue white light is our innermost being, far under our everyday perceptual level, and it is the energies, Shakti, and focus on her, that leads us to this light.  With this discovery of light, automatically comes the discovery that we are spirit, not body, not materiality, but spirit, life, and the force of life, the blue light, energy, which is universally the same in all sentient beings.

Dwelling in this light is ecstatic.  So wondrous to behold that I am this light, and I share this with all other sentient beings.  We find infinite space, total relaxation into the infinite mystery of Self.  There is no more to do after dwelling in the self.  It is perfect rest, and escape from the dream world of thoughts, objects, ideologies, drama.

With this discovery that we are spirit, awareness, consciousness, we understand that Shakti, the energies, are a deeper way of relating to God and others than through concepts and the mind, or even emotions, dance, music, all of which can have a profound effect on others.  The performance arts go deeper than mere concepts and stories even when most expertly composed.

So the way to communicate in the world is most often through concepts and stories, but a deeper way, is directly through the energies by feeling Shakti and shaping her in a way that directly transforms others by creating similar energy states in them, similar types of lists or beckoning energies that act on a mostly unconscious level, with most people.  In other words, we play with our own energies within an about us in a way that in trains, the energy states in other people, which are mostly out of their areas of awareness, and try to bring into them, or resonation with our place of energy.

There is a different way of changing the world than by changing the story.  The usual way of changing the world for the radical thinker is the state a new kind of story like socialism,, or social democracy, or some other is a, and point out all the places in society where there is harm or suffering, and try to create an empathy for the suffering that will bring us into the movement to change things.

As it is, every day we hear all kinds of stories.  There is a story promulgated by Fox news of an aberrant, conservative, callousness.  There is the neoliberal point of view expressed by MSNBC and CNN.  Each of these creates in their listening audiences a container world within which they live, and creates an opposition with the world view expressed by the others.  All of this takes place within a Twentyfirst Century version of a democracy that really does not do well by people.  The usual way of changing would be to point out defects in the society, how they cause harm, to whom they cause harm, and to get people to combine in a movement to change those specific things for more people, not just for those who are in charge.

But there is a different way, a way of working directly with Shakti through our own silent, and feeling way that we interact with her, communicate with her, feel her love and express her will.  I cannot actually tell you how, for I cannot explain even how I do it myself.  There are no words for how to operate on the Shakti level.  You are not using emotions, you are not using concepts, you are not using ideas.  It is more like a performance art, but an art form that is totally beyond the senses, therefore you cannot describe what you are doing as a painter describes how she paints a landscape, or composer creates a sonata, or a violinist teaches a student how to bow.  These are all sensual experiences, and one can use words and show by example how to do these things.  But working with Shakti is totally beyond the senses, and operates at the deepest and most subtle of feeling and there are no words here.  You just have to learn it by yourself, or be with somebody who is doing it in real-time with you.

10 December 2018

SEVERAL EMAILS RECEIVED LAST THREE DAYS RE THE POWER OF THE FEELING WAY: All of my previous letters to you have been for me. Begging for your guidance or excitedly telling you that I am swimming in ecstasies. I write This letter for You. So I will keep the bullshit to a bare minimum! You said you felt sickly, but I thank you for being at Satsang (even with your sickly laptop!), for even a drop of that presence is enough to quench all thirsts of spirit. At one time I prayed to have the power to take pain away from others, to heal them. I need no power anymore, I am a servant to this Love that flows in and between us both and us all. And I only need to pray to IT, to ask it to be with you, to do its perfect thing in its perfect way, to do its smooth dirty work, to work its strange magic.
Eddie how’s your health doing? Yesterday’s satsang was magic. Felt really relaxed and joyful after it. You are really helping me, really grateful for that!
I am blessed for knowing you. I am grateful to you for not giving up on me. Thank you for this information that I resonate so much with me. Precious Ed receive my LOVE. ---------------------------
I feel my Self as a falling into a gentle place, as abiding in peace, mild and welcome euphoria
and well-being.....not taking a position but resting in what I already am when all of the filters and conditioning
are relaxed and healed/transcended. An abiding in a very spacious, welcoming, blissful Peace/Calm,
which is identifiably me!

08 December 2018

I sit still now in ecstatic peace.

Blue white light am I flowing from my inner Void.  The Void is dark but from its roots flows this light everywhere and ecstatic. 

I cannot look away from this bliss of light. I am captured by it. 

My body from toes to scalp tingles with what feels like an erotic bliss exploding outwards, within this vast light, which ebbs and flows in brightness and intensity, then sometimes flickers like a candle’s light licked by a silent draft.

I watch all this as two: one who is the witness of all, and one who is Ed the human.

How can I show others that they are this same light too? How can I show them the endless power that flows from their inner emptiness?  This energy within is endless, flowing, incandescent, bliss.

Others in another room watch movies, but I am the movie of an infinite life.  There is no death for me for I am everywhere.  I am life incandescent, burning, flowing light, filling the endless Void with the love and power of life.

How did I get to this place?  It is by doing what I tell others: the supreme understanding and goal of life is to feel within, re-own your body’s sensations, your sexuality, your emotions, descending ever deeper into your human condition, then much, much deeper until you explode with love of your yourself and all of creation.

With bliss like this, I can understand how Christ could tolerate crucifixion and return as life with love, because the life in you and in me are the same: both are little flames arising out of the universal life fire.  Please, let me kindle your heart’s flame with mine.

04 December 2018


In spirituality the way I understand it, there is nothing to figure out. It is not a matter of understanding what it real, or what God and Self are, or whether Self consists of a physical body and three spiritual bodies, or whether emptiness permeates everything.

For me, spirituality is all about getting away from knowing and understanding, and is going beyond accruing ever greater spiritual experiences. Instead, spirituality to me is about loving and surrender, by leaving the mind behind and feeling your body ever more deeply. Feel your emotions. Feel your resistance to feeling emotions. Scan your body four or five times a day, feeling it from toes to the hair on your head. Feel your breath entering and leaving your body. Feel your diaphragm move up and down, and your ribcage expanding and contracting. Feel where your muscles connect to your ribs.

Feel inside your heart for that spark of life that you call ‘me’. Follow the sense of being alive. Can you feel your heart beating? Surrender to the needs and desires of your flesh. Know that you are alive, and a human, embedded in a life-situation. Don’t strive to perfect that situation, but just rest more and more in your body and its situation.

Explore that dark emptiness inside. Explore your muscle tension. Practice relaxing your muscles all the time.

What will happen is the most marvelous thing. Most everyone is head and eyesight oriented, and sight, along with your mind’s understanding that we are separate from the world, puts us at a distance from the world and our own lives. Instead, sink into feeling. Feel inside your body, feel outside. Feel how the skin feels when wet or dry, how the air caresses your skin. Become very dumb and just sink into feeling, like a baby.

Magic will begin to happen. You will enter a world of energies. These energies flow throughout your body in every way imaginable. Some energies have color. Some are blissful and ecstatic, some are dense and dark. These energies interact with the energies of the world all around you: magnetic energy, electrical energy, light energy, and other invisible energies that affect and in many ways guide your life.

Soon you will no longer be in the same world as everyone else, that which I call the mundane world of everyday life. Instead, you will be submerged into a life of energies and will understand and feel your life in a way you could not have conceived of just a few years before.

What has happened is that you are becoming totally incarnated into the energy matrix that is your body and in so doing you are coming totally alive.

You will be able to feel the life force in others and accept it as your own. By doing this you also become aware of your own life force and that you are primarily spirit, that which is aware of your body as your sense instrument. Gradually you will become aware of the life force as a whole, which permeates and creates every sentient being in the universe, and you will bow to each being as your own self and as God.  You will know God within your own beingness and as your own beingness, as well as all the energies around you in life.

Lastly, you will know love in a way more deeply than ever before. Love
has so many different hues. But you will feel love for others so impossibly deep you will weep with joy, for in each other you will find God and yourself. And if lucky, you will find someone else as deep as you who wants to share life with you in a way you only dreamed was possible. A life of total devotion and surrender. Divine union. A life of ecstasy and bliss. A life of total union, total perfection, and knowing that God loves you.

02 December 2018

God-Realization Through Total Devotional Love

Ed often says it is not he who speaks during some Satsangs, but Shakti itself speaking about itself.  In this Satsang that is most evident.  Here, Shakti paints a picture of itself in relationship to those who attend Satsang, inviting all to join in love and surrender, and describing death as the most sublime moment of final and total surrender.

To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but in my presence, just as Robert Adams and many others, teach this way. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching. Robert’s words were just stories he told with no essential value. His teachings about emptiness, nothingness, and the Void were felt in his presence.
Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.

01 December 2018


Yesterday I received an email from a fellow spiritual teacher and close friend who advised me to just teach my bliss without attacking Advaita.  This sort of surprised me because I was unaware that I was perceived as attacking Advaita or any other religion.  So I reread the article I sent him and saw what he saw, which was not what I meant.

My fundamental point was that there was no truth in words or concepts when they are believed in to give information about our worlds or our lives.  The great Zen master Hui Neng said there was no truth at all, and even this truth about no-truth should be regarded with skepticism.

For example, the story of Christianity is about a supernatural all powerful being who so loved humans he sent his only son to earth via a divine birth to be sacrificed by power hungry clerics, and by so doing, he paid for the sins of all mankind, allowing anyone to go to heaven if they believed the story and accepted his path of love and charity.

Buddhism is a psychological story that begins with the premise that life is suffering, and there is a way out of that suffering by ending all desires through a practice known as the Eightfold Noble Path so that ultimately we reach Nirvana, a place of ultimate peace and happiness.  Buddhists also speak about the equivalency of forms and emptiness or the Void.

Now, I don’t think either story is very compelling or reality based in any way, more or less the salvation stories of two millennia ago. I ask, what is the point of telling or receiving these two stories or any like them, like Advaita?  Here we enter into a new way of looking at spiritual stories, and that is how do they make us feel?

Buddhism obviously appeals to those who feel the pains experienced in life far outweigh the happiness and pleasure in life, and feel they are following a credible path to end their fear, anxiety, depression, even physical pain by becoming indifferent to it.

The Christian story is an epic one of epic wars between angels and demons, God and devil, wherein a supreme and totally invisible being created a son within the uterus of a married virgin, who was destined to speak about his divine father’s nature, a path of love and a path of surrender to that supernatural being and his dead, yet alive still, son that ended with an entry into eternal happiness.

Setting aside the credibility of the story, the feeling state conveyed is one of safety from evil if you believe the story and follow the rules provided by the son and the Church.

What I was saying to my old friend was there are all these spiritual paths and spiritual stories out there, all of which proclaim for themselves truth, that they are stating facts about existence of the world, or the nature of the divine,  or of our inner states of being.

My advice is just not to regard these stories as true, and instead, look at how they make you feel, which is the real intent of Buddha and Christ.  They may actually have believed their own story, but they knew that the story itself could have an immediate healing impact, and their story could heal or calm anxieties within the lives of their listeners and promised even more relief, well-being, or immortality in the future.

So these religious/spiritual stories should not be regarded as truth.  From my viewpoint, Christianity, Buddhism, Advaita, Shaivism are all great stories that provide a framework for behaviors, practices, feelings, but only if you believe the story.  These are mega stories, or world class stories that involve millions or even billions of believers, but they are only concepts, stories, and as such are only representations of parts of the broad spectrum of human experience. 

On an individual level, we have our own life stories of memories and partial acceptance of bits and pieces of the above megastories, along with partial acceptance of dozens of other mega stories such as Communism, Republicanism, democracy, cosmology, biology, and stories of political movements, the deep state, celebrities stories, etc.  We live in stories mostly, in our heads, and not in our own beingness.

You see, if we lived in our own beingness rather than in a world of concepts, we would have different experiences, such as the feeling of being a Self, a sense of being alive and vital; a story of being an alive spirit living within and around our physical bodies.  Going within even more deeply, we might be lucky enough to find emptiness, or the Great Void which permeates all the world as well as our own existence.  And out of this emptiness, one may be lucky enough to find an overwhelming love emerge by finding in another human being their spiritual and energetic essence, and be so captivated by their essence, that you fall to  the ground in total worship of that life force in them that is loving you back.  Further, you may find that in complete devotional love comes a surrender so deep, so compelling that you feel overwhelmed by a sense of feeling God’s most sacred love and grace entering you, wiping you clean of all past failures or sins. 

Then eventually you might find that great love is actually your present experience of your own beingness and you experience becoming love itself.  And eventually, you might find as some say that God becomes so pleased with your devotion and surrender he (or she) decides to reveal his true power and form to you in a most explosive and ecstatic experience.

This is the outline of my own story that I offer up for others as a possible story to consider.  It is not solipsistic involving one’s own self alone as in classical Buddhism or Advaita, but it is relational, and not in the sense of having a relation with God or his son, but of finding God through love for another human being or any other sentient being on this earth.  It is a story of human relational love growing so deep and profound that it provides a way to experience God within one’s own self and in the other.

Now, I live this story.  This is my story and the story of many others, and I humbly offer it up as another vehicle to take you to ecstatic states of bliss, deep devoted love, surrender, and ecstatic God-realization through relational human love.  Love that through its depth and completeness becomes elevated to the status of divine, ecstatic love.

Not only do I teach this in words, but I sing about the ecstasies that can be felt, and I can directly pass a whiff of those energetic states to others during Satsang face to face.  This is direct transmission of both the I Am sense, and the God-sense to each other through love, energy, and story.

is this story true?  You need to be the judge of its truth for yourself. This story comes out of my own experiences, how I experienced them, and the meanings I attributed to them.

A better question to ask is how does this story make you feel, that out of a very deep love for another human, a love that continually deepens,   and becomes more and more ecstatic, and turns into complete surrender of your human self to another, and from which an until now God within feels pleased and reveals his own and your own divine nature to you as the life force, both the embodied life force, and the life force as a universal principle?

This is the story I love to well because I lived it, it made me constantly happy and nearly constantly ecstatic, and revealed the divine to me, as both Other, and external God of the universal life force, and as the life force in me that interacts with the life force in others.

30 November 2018



Ed, I woke up this morning being nothing but full body orgasmic energy.
An energy so strong and so wide that I am fully surrounded like I am inside an egg of orgasmic energy.
Like being held inside two Huge heavenly hands.
I relax deeper and deeper into it and feel that I am disappearing in this energy.
When I think of you the energy intensities extremely like intense nonstop full body, all around, field of orgasm. But it is not necessary to have these thoughts.
I relax more and more into this energy, l am giving myself to this energy.
All thoughts are noise on top, like a loud irritating radio and so is the thought that says that all I have said and written to you about love and devotion is just noise.
I try to surrender completely to this energy. The fear I have of demons, entities, this energy being evil and Just seducing me, disappears in the total ecstasy of being in this field of non-stop orgasmic bliss.
The sound of silence is underneath, the silence is there and when I relax I feel myself, my small self, my all that I seem to be, disappear into nothingness, into this field.
I cannot force total surrender because the voice that is reporting what is happening keeps being there and the fearful thoughts are far away and empty, but there to protect me from total death, total dissolving as nothing.
But the pleasure is so intense, so immense, so Huge, so beyond anything.  I don't know how to fight it and stay safe, Stay strong, stay a Warrior; the orgasmic bliss controls me, owns me. I have to be a Warrior, but I am helpless, helpless to this pleasure, to this tempting orgasm and this seducing emptiness.

MY RESPONSE: You are dipping deeply into the field of God-realization, into the immensity of the ecstasy of fully experiencing the life force; and, you are doing it living the most mundane life imaginable otherwise.
This is what it feels like to be totally alive with all your energy centers aligned and mutually resonating.  You leave the mundane world and enter the divine.
Welcome also to emptiness, the Void, which is the origin of your overwhelming devotional love and bliss and will help you shed all your old spiritual ideas and allow you to rest in divine ecstasy.

28 November 2018



I actually feel like Iove, or I am love itself since yesterday. I didn’t write to you about it because I went to sleep; but even as I slept, I had it in me as a feeling. I felt your energy or maybe I had touched you in some energetic way because I felt those lines of energy going around me and through me like strings.  It wasn’t just a minute or two experience; it was when I closed my eyes, I felt it and I continued to feel it. Also I felt like my vagina and heart are connected and opened, and when I felt this energy, those strings became obvious to me, and also I felt a lot of bliss. It sounds just like what you describe. I really love it but I’m not sure it’s me; it’s like someone else and me both.

Ed’s Response:

EXACTLY SO MY DEAR! You are feeling the life force!  It feels at once like you, and also the other, or God, the divine! One part is feeling the life within your body identified as you, and also feeling it like a greater force, of God, both within you and around you, everywhere.


An Email to Me Received Today

Hello Ed,

Just felt moved to express where I’m at
these days...what I’ve written below is my
experience more and more of the time,
Shakti is teaching me through Bliss energy;
all of your teachings, ongoing guidance and your Presence have allowed me such incredible progress!

Ed, all of your teachings, writings and personal communications have led me into communing and abiding in my true self - the entry point where universal cosmic consciousness enters my body/mind, my presence, my Being.

The screen of awareness on which all is superimposed - the Universe, (which obviously includes myself).

I can tell this is so: it feels as if it is self-validating.

My ongoing focus is on communing with Myself, with Shakti.

It’s as if my old self had a paper-thin extension, flimsy and chronically, frustratingly limited...

Instead of my previously paper- thin field of awareness, my awareness now feels vast and extended, the way the nighttime forest/ countryside/open sky has depth, space, solidity and Presence, both sensually and energetically extended the way nature is.

Before, I very rarely had Enjoyment and Euphoria, true well- being. Now I feel as if I enter and enjoy the Source-of of Bliss//well-being itself much of the time....this abidance has great depth, intense There-ness: very vivid, solid and beautiful!

It is one thing to perceive and feel, as I did before my current practice and another thing to abide and be at one with the Source (AKA Shakti).

It is the difference between living as (an apparently separate) subject to finding the primary/ underlying single field of awareness and realizing it as my true self and Source (against which the body/mind is superimposed along with All That Is)!

(The field of awareness was always there but was previously almost always obstructed by conditioning).

By my abiding and living in the depths of my true/real identity (which previously was generally feeble and at best intermittent) multidimensional bliss is felt: it is as if this bliss validates everything, my cosmic reward for living the real, my true self.

Thank you Ed! No attainment is more important than this! This for me comes first; everything else follows from it.

25 November 2018

A Male Student Experiences Constant Sexless Orgasms

The post below is from one of our male Satsang attendees and is a validation that men too can experience endless bliss and sexless orgasms as women seem to more easily do, arising from extreme devotional love combined with the energies of sexuality:
Not far behind a Heart so flooded with Love, came a powerful Lust. 
No more repressing of Pain. No more repressing of Love. No more repressing of Lust.

I hid myself away for 2 weeks fearing what I may do in public with this surging Lust. (I suppose I was kind of ashamed of being so unbearably horny). However, being alone with it was all too exhausting.

So exhausting not to send my attention out of my body into pornography, and send the Lust away with masturbation, but to feel the power of its urge for completion, reproduction, passion, heat, that strong longing for closeness of the body.

At some point of exhaustion I slept for 18 hours straight one day. When I awoke the Lust felt not like a burden to put up with any more, but a force of sheer vitality. Not an enemy of the 'right' way, but the honesty of the human way. Not something to be ashamed of, but to be embraced as the power that desires to live and to create life.

I was overheated, I had to go out to the cold morning air to breathe. Utterly refreshing. The air made my whole body tingle like peppermint to the tongue. I greeted my neighbor with a wave before recognizing that a stiff member had pitched a tent in my pants, visibly saluting her too from beneath the cotton... Slumber Lumber! A situation that may have embarrassed me nearly to death before seemed so natural that I laughed it off with no real shame at all.

The lust no longer felt focused in the groin, but brought life to the whole body. Or even, that it IS the life in the whole body. What could be shameful about it?

It is supplementing the grandness of Love with a distinct and vibrant sharpness.

Somehow each day I am met with opportunities to help people, in such small ways, maybe ways I had not noticed before, but now they are all over the place. They come naturally, and I naturally respond to them, there is no sense of who is helping who, only what must be done.

I seem to often be in the right place at just the right time to be of service.

During or shortly after these events I am having what I can only really describe as Heart Orgasms. It is the same feeling of internal energy rising to a pointed threshold, then intense completion, followed by extreme relaxation and euphoria afterwards. Only this feeling is happening not with the genitals, but with the whole body, centering in the Heart. 

Like the energy in the body is rising, peaking in the Heart, exploding like a firework of Love energy and cascading out with an all pervading euphoria that is extremely calming and satisfying.

Selfless deeds seem to be the Porn for my Heart. This rising of energy seems to be happening often. It will rise to the edge, clutch the Heart and relax. Rise closer to the edge, clutch tighter and relax again. Like it is always inching towards that euphoria, then backing off. It is mostly entertaining, and sometimes quite agonizing, but an entertaining agony at least.

I am vibrant and giddy much of the time, feeling the energy of youthful lust and attraction swirling in my stomach like dancing butterflies and billowing up into my Heart like smoke from a smoldering fire.

It does not want to drag me into indulgence of evil ways or away from the spiritual path like I once imagined. This energy is energy. Like gusting wind and flowing water can be destructive, but also can be respected and channeled as a source of great natural power. This is the innate power of living.

I once feared the insatiability of Lust, yet if perceived as a power source, the attribute of insatiability makes for an unending well of recurring power. The Power of Creation. The Well of Life. The Fountain of Youth.

So I do not run from the wind or torrent anymore, I do not hide from it or oppose it. Just as I leaned into the discomfort of Love to have it explode in me, I put up my sails, set up my water mill or windmill, throw up my kite, spread my wings, let it blow or flow as my own innate and ever abundant source of generating the immense power of creation. The Miracle of Life itself.
The Miracle Is Life Itself.

I do not know how your words got my attention. How Angela got me hooked in Satsang. Or how your teaching has reeled me closer and closer to these blissful and powerful energies. But I am grateful every day for whatever has brought me here (To Satsang), that same energy that moves you to speak the words that are like bread crumbs to me, leading to my own Humanity, my own Heart, and my own Soul.

Thank you Ed! and that which moves you.
I am so happy to be in this place, at this time, to be in your digital presence weekly, feel your Love, resonate with the tone of your teachings and everyone at Satsangs.
So happy to be alive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for receiving, honestly feeling and transmuting all of the energies of despair, doubt and pain that are sent to you and emitting such a powerfully Loving essence.

My Lust empowered Love to you Ed.
Ed I feel more natural than ever.
I don't think things through much anymore, which has dissolved much of my anxiety, and made life much more interesting.

I get into strange situations, meet wonderfully strange people, and come off as a strange joyful simpleton.

It has been a long time that I have been ashamed of sexual urges. Now I feel like the honest jester of them.
It is all so funny, this sex thing is pure empowerment waiting to be unleashed. AND "SEX" ISN'T EVEN REQUIRED!
Love brought my Heart to Life.

Lust has brought my groin, my mojo, and in turn, the rest of my body to Life.

Ed I feel more natural than ever.
I feel the freedom to be natural.

I don't think things through much anymore, which has dissolved much of my anxiety, and made life much more interesting.

I get into strange situations, meet wonderfully strange people, and come off as a strange joyful simpleton, and it is not only the cat's ass...

It has been a long time that I have been ashamed of sexual urges. Now I feel like the honest jester of them.

It is all so funny, this sex thing is pure empowerment waiting to be unleashed.  AND "SEX" ISN'T EVEN REQUIRED!

Love brought my Heart to Life.
Lust has brought my groin, my mojo, and in turn, the rest of my body to Life.

Experiencing Unending Bliss and Devotional Love During Satsang

Ed describes how one can experience unending bliss and devotional love and have it as a primary spiritual practice.  Most attendees do feel these blissful energies and love, and Ed explains how it is created for all to feel during Satsang, and some use this energy to make the following week in the mundane world more tolerable.  Repeated exposures to this love and bliss can result in God realization within your own self as a direct experience of the life force.


24 November 2018



To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but in my presence, just as Robert Adams and many others, teach this way. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching. Robert’s words were just stories he told with no essential value. His teachings about emptiness, nothingness, and the Void were felt in his presence.
Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.