30 January 2017

Consciousness, Emptiness, I-Am

Satsang January 29, 2017

The nature of Consciousness, Emptiness, Awareness, the Manifest and Unmanifest Self. A video.....


29 January 2017


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27 January 2017

Upon deep reflection and inner attention, the emptiness within is found to be exactly the same as the space around us. Inner time, subjective time, like external clock time, measures the arising and disappearance of objects.  Inner and outer space/time is the container of all objects of consciousness.  But all arise from and are swallowed by nothingness while the eternal I in each of us watches. This the truth.

Experiencing Versus Reading

It is 10,000 times more “enlightening” to be able to watch yourself slowly awaken into somethingness (consciousness), and then at night to watch your somethingness, your consciousness, slowly submerge and dissipate into nothingness, than it is to read all 3,000 pages of Robert’s transcripts 10,000 times, which talk about Nothingness and Consciousness, . If you just read about Nothingness and consciousness from Robert or from Nisargadatta, you only learn a concept which you try to fill in with your own experience in order to make the concept of nothingness your own.  But it ever will only be a concept.
But when you can watch your consciousness as you, including your sense of presence, your mind, and your awareness arise from nothingness and set there too, it is no longer a concept. You know that nothingness is your true nature, and somethingness, consciousness, comes and goes, like a dream. It is insubstantial, ephemeral, transient, while nothingness is the great unknown, the complete rest, and complete peace and freedom.
        And, you also learn that YOU are aware of the entire process of something arising and setting into nothingness, and you are separate from both. You are that which is aware of the entire process of consciousness arising and setting, and you are also aware of of the flip side, of nothingness which gives birth to consciousness, and absorbs consciousness at its end.
With this you are free from life and death. You know consciousness and its setting. Each day you are born into consciousness, and each evening you die into it, and yet you have watched the whole process as apart from you.
You are that which is aware of life and death.
But to just read about it does not really help you much. For you the entire talk about consciousness and nothingness is just words, concepts, and you will continue to compare Ramana’s words against Muktananda’s, and Robert’s without EVER knowing for yourself until after you stop reading about it, and start investigating for yourself through self-inquiry and by watching the awakening process, and when that is mastered, watching the sinking into Nothingness process.
Then you will never again fear death, for nothingness is infinite, and the metaphorical womb for your consciousness, which is exactly the same as everyone else’s, as is your nothingness.

23 January 2017


It is so very, very easy to have spiritual discussions after reading dozens of spiritual books and doing some but of meditation.  But it is so hard to find students that really want to dive deeply into spirituality, but so few are able to let go of all their learning, and become spiritually stupid, or empty.
 When I speak about the emptiness that I experience, the Void.  Very few who listen have either seen or felt the inner emptiness, the inner space that interpenetrates all objects or mind, all feelings, all energies, and bliss.  Nor have they seen the light of Consciousness that illumines my inner world.

        Nor do they know about their own sense of presence, because for most, it is only a concept, not a direct, ongoing experience.

       Most have no idea about the I Am sensation, let alone experience it.  Nor after years of abiding there know the difference between I as the observer, and the sense of presence as the I Amness.
Fewer still now that everything that is, is consciousness.  All that we ever know is known through our minds and senses; thus all that we know is consciousness, its properties and its objects.
Many more experience the fires of consciousness, Shakti, Kundalini, bliss, or see flowing patterns of multicolored light flowing in and around the heart to various parts of their bodies. Few have learned how to eat emotions, by accepting them, abiding in them, then bring them into your most intimate heart-sense, and thereby integrating them into your sense of presence in a flash of bliss that might last a day of being unable to move because of the depth of bliss.  They call this aspect of Self the divine feminine, but all sentient creatures have its manifestation potentially within.

         Nor does more than a very few the difference between consciousness and awareness, where awareness is consciousness of being aware of awareness, and that being conscious of awareness gives you access to the deepest level of the Manifest Self, the ultimate first person, which Ramakant calls “The Selfless Self.”
  The Selfless Self, is the ultimate first person, the primary knower, the hearer, watcher, and primary intelligence directing attention.  It is the executive functioning of all that is in consciousness.
Beyond all this is the Unmanifest Self, the noumenal, non-existent self of Nothingness, potential, from which the Manifest Self springs.
        When I speak to all these levels—and there are many, many more—there are so few who can listen.  They think I am mad, living in my mind or imagined inner worlds.  But these are as clear to me as is the experience of being in a powerful muscle car is for the average male teenager.
What a tremendous journey one steps into when they stop reading about spirituality and instead plunge into spirituality through intense and long meditation, self-inquiry, pondering the meaning of each experience and deepening each by attending within.  But it takes fearlessness to let go of the world and plunge within.  It take commitment to continue when nothing seems to happen.  And it takes—most of all—persistence, and that comes when you realize that there is nothing in the external world for you.  For me, it was not a recognition that I had given it up, but actually knowing that in my disinterest, the world lost interest in me.  It gave me freedom and helped me along in my inner journey.

22 January 2017

The Complexity of Our Inner World--Satsang January 22, 2017

Our Inner World is as complex as our external world, with all kinds of "objects" and "Containers" such as Emptiness and The Void, as well as all kinds of knowledge about each.

The Heart Sutra talks about the equality of form and emptiness or the Void, but few even have experienced the inner emptiness, which is often first experienced as an inner and dense darkness.

Then there is Self.  The Self as human is regarded in Advaita as unreal, while the Self as consciousness is called the Manifest Self or love, Shakti, light, bliss, and flowing energies.

Deeper than the Manifest Self is awareness, whcih is first understood as there is something that ia aware that we are aware of consciousness.  This awareness is called "The Selfless Self" by Ramakant, Nisargadattas student, the Inner Man of No Rank in Zen, higher intelligence, the witness as in small w witness as opposed to large W witness, also called Parabrahman.

This kind of self-exploration and self-understanding can take a lifetime to realize and manifest.

See the video:  

16 January 2017


There is an pervasive concept that the personality must die either immediately before awakening or as a result of it.  This is not true.  What happens is that the personality becomes "hollowed"; it is pervaded by emptiness and becomes like a hologram that you can see through its form.  You, the witness, sees through your personality, and can choose to let it be in your life, or just hold it in silence.

So many teachers say the personality must die, but if you watch them, listen to them, follow them, you will find them filled with pettiness, vanity, giving themselves high rankings, or being rather thin skinned and defensive about their attainment or their teachings.

Robert was an amiable sociopath, always hiding motives and actions, manipulating people in the background, and he was the most profoundly entrenched in Nothingness than any other human I have ever met. 

The personality is just mind and the interplay of mind and one's own sense of presence, of existence.  Like the mind and the sense of presence, it can be watched, or allowed to function in this or that body.


As a bit of advice for seekers, as a general rule, don't go to a teacher whose words "resonate" with you.  The feelings of acceptance or clearer understanding that you feel, maybe of being understood, only means you are comfortable with that person's teachings.  This means you already understood this level of spiritual teachings, but the teacher's words confirm and clarify what you had merely felt before.

This kind of teacher and these teachings basically reinforce where you already are and make you comfortable there.

Instead, go to a teacher whose words you don't understand, and whose words may leave you stunned because what he or she says is so astounding, and his or her personality may be the the one that you find most uncomfortable, for this will challenge everything about who and where you are.

From Bliss to Peace


From Bliss to Peace

Satsang, January 15, 2017

15 January 2017



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