22 January 2017

The Complexity of Our Inner World--Satsang January 22, 2017

Our Inner World is as complex as our external world, with all kinds of "objects" and "Containers" such as Emptiness and The Void, as well as all kinds of knowledge about each.

The Heart Sutra talks about the equality of form and emptiness or the Void, but few even have experienced the inner emptiness, which is often first experienced as an inner and dense darkness.

Then there is Self.  The Self as human is regarded in Advaita as unreal, while the Self as consciousness is called the Manifest Self or love, Shakti, light, bliss, and flowing energies.

Deeper than the Manifest Self is awareness, whcih is first understood as there is something that ia aware that we are aware of consciousness.  This awareness is called "The Selfless Self" by Ramakant, Nisargadattas student, the Inner Man of No Rank in Zen, higher intelligence, the witness as in small w witness as opposed to large W witness, also called Parabrahman.

This kind of self-exploration and self-understanding can take a lifetime to realize and manifest.

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