16 January 2017


As a bit of advice for seekers, as a general rule, don't go to a teacher whose words "resonate" with you.  The feelings of acceptance or clearer understanding that you feel, maybe of being understood, only means you are comfortable with that person's teachings.  This means you already understood this level of spiritual teachings, but the teacher's words confirm and clarify what you had merely felt before.

This kind of teacher and these teachings basically reinforce where you already are and make you comfortable there.

Instead, go to a teacher whose words you don't understand, and whose words may leave you stunned because what he or she says is so astounding, and his or her personality may be the the one that you find most uncomfortable, for this will challenge everything about who and where you are.


  1. Which is why Nisargadatta's confrontational style was just what many of those in attendance needed to hear.


  2. I am making a different point than most have grasped. I am not saying go to someone who beats you up, screws you, and is antisocial. But do not go to someone whose words "resonate" within you. You will find no growth there.

    Many say resonation is growth. It is not. It is confirmation of where you already are.

    You must go to someone is entirely beyond you, who confounds you, who leaves you feeling stunned stupid and makes your mind stop because it cannot grasp what is being said.

    Teachings which resonate make you feel pleasure, understood, or are clarifying.

    The best teacher stuns you with words, not with sexual assault or beatings.