21 February 2020


About a dozen of Robert's students had read Strouth's writing and contacted me for my undertnding and experience of Robert and his authenticity. I wrote this and added a verbal rejoinder here to answer all who want to kinow if Strouth was accurate. I posted this to answer any who ask.

An article is circulating on the Internet  in the form of an apparent dialogue between an unnamed questioner and Steven Strouth. I assume the purported questioner is really Steven, not an independent third-party.
He claims he met Robert in 1985, four years before I met Robert. I never met Steven I myself at any Satsang or get together with Robert between 1989 in 1997. 

My first question is, why did Strouth wait 35 years to bring this up? Strouth claims that he never thought of Robert as his group or teacher. What is his point? What does he want in making his claim?

Strouth stated that Robert claimed that Robert told him that he lived with Arthur Osborne near Ramana ashram, and that Arthur gave Robert a car to tour India as well as money.

Robert ever told me this. I have no idea if it's true or not. Robert did state to me that Osborne give him some money to travel around India, but never mentioned he lived with him or you received a car from him. Strouth quoted a letter from Osborne's daughter that she never met Robert and her father never gave Robert a car. I don't know whether this is true or not even. Seems to be a question of he said she said it many ways, including whether Robert ever made such a claim.

Most importantly, Strouth claims Robert was never a guru  or teacher for him, yet implies he had a very close relationship with Robert for a period of time.

It's quite clear to me, that Strouth's knowledge of who Robert was, was very shallow. The Robert Strouth spoke about, certainly was not the Robert I knew. As a devotee of Robert, I saw his actions in entirely different light from the mundane level criticisms by Strouth. Everything Strouth says about Robert indicates an extreme bias against a spiritual point of view. I see everything that Robert did differently from the way Strouth saw his actions.

In the link below is a very short video presentation how I saw Robert, with a critique of Strouth's point of view.


16 February 2020

Mind creates a symbolic world of meaning and utility out of an ever changing flux of experience. Most of us live in this consensual world of mundanity and limitations. Spirituality is all about seeing and feeling through the mind to the real real basic beingness wherein happiness and joy reside permanently. Ed takes attendees to there.


01 February 2020


Maybe you have noticed, but I do not write anymore. I used to write to create a mood or feeling. I used to talk about the life force, God, or self, to motivate people to look into themselves and maybe find something new within. But I can't do that anymore because when I look within there is no God, no self, no life force to be found; there is only happiness, joy, emptiness filled with freedom from any kind of suffering.

That's all I am able to write about now, is happiness, this joy within and and without, everywhere. I am in complete peace. Joy is something like a dark and comforting liquid inside and outside, permeating everywhere and everything with happiness, like a comforting blanket. There is total emptiness inside and all pervasive peace, joy, and happiness. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Nothing to find. Nothing to be done. Nothing to be gotten rid of. I rest myself. Complete. At peace.

Nor can I convey this peace to you directly, for this peace is not of this world. There is nothing like it in the mundane world of men. There is nothing I can say to give it to you. I can only say that such a thing exists.