01 February 2020


Maybe you have noticed, but I do not write anymore. I used to write to create a mood or feeling. I used to talk about the life force, God, or self, to motivate people to look into themselves and maybe find something new within. But I can't do that anymore because when I look within there is no God, no self, no life force to be found; there is only happiness, joy, emptiness filled with freedom from any kind of suffering.

That's all I am able to write about now, is happiness, this joy within and and without, everywhere. I am in complete peace. Joy is something like a dark and comforting liquid inside and outside, permeating everywhere and everything with happiness, like a comforting blanket. There is total emptiness inside and all pervasive peace, joy, and happiness. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Nothing to find. Nothing to be done. Nothing to be gotten rid of. I rest myself. Complete. At peace.

Nor can I convey this peace to you directly, for this peace is not of this world. There is nothing like it in the mundane world of men. There is nothing I can say to give it to you. I can only say that such a thing exists.

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