30 September 2019

Dear Edji
You promised continuous shaktipat for the last satsang.
If I went down to the subway subway and just jammed my foot into 3rd rail, the resulting 2000 volts of current coursing thru me wouldn’t come close to the explosive love you were pumping out!! Heart pounding love amplified thru my earphones was almost too much to bear!
I Love Angela so much; Stevie put it so eloquently as he’s so much closer to her full awareness of Unity Consciousness! As he described his love for her as so unquantifiablly deep.
Not calling on me allowed special moments of verbal continence as your channeling Shalti resonated thru the Sangha!
Because of your love, I am so much closer to full realization of Aham Brahmasmi!
Hari om!

29 September 2019

Devotional Love deepens into Divine love for some lucky ones. But it isn't luck.It is realizing how important love is when it comes to escaping the mundane world. Here Ed directly transmits the depth of love necessary to create that devotion that leads to theexplosive manifest self and to God, the Life Force.

Dear Edji:
You promised continuous shaktipat for the last satsang.
If I went down to the subway subway and just jammed my foot into 3rd rail, the resulting 2000 volts of current coursing thru me wouldn’t come close to the explosive love you were pumping out!! Heart pounding love amplified thru my earphones was almost too much to bear!
I Love Angela so much; Stevie put it so eloquently as he’s so much closer to her full awareness of Unity Consciousness! As he described his love for her as so unquantifiablly deep.
Not calling on me allowed special moments of verbal continence as your channeling Shalti resonated thru the Sangha!
Because of your love, I am so much closer to full realization of Aham Brahmasmi!
Hari om!



Ed knows the only way to rapidly transmit enlightenment is by direct transmission outside of words and the mind through continuous Shaktipat.

Online Satsang is one of the places he does this, through casted energies, intent, projected love, and continuously sharing his states throughout Satsang.

26 September 2019


I have only one spiritual message: That there is a path to direct realization of the Manifest Self and of God that falls outside of any scripture, theology, or range of knowledge.

Self and God realization falls outside of logic, mind, or understanding. This realization usually comes spontaneously as a result of prolonged deep devotion and surrender, but also can be experienced through a direct transmission of the experience of self from one person to another.

This Satsang video is a transmission of that experience of God and Self from Ed to those that watch this video. With repetition, the flavor of this awakening becomes ever more clear until the transmission is successfylly completed, and the listener becomes enlightened.

16 September 2019

This letter speaks of how she was brushed by divine love and how it is exactly what she has sought as long as she can remember. This is what a few" feel during Satsang and afterwards, and she is getting close to being able to dissolve all her blockages to experiencing God within and divine love.
"My Love,
I don't know how to write, but I cannot go to sleep without sending you something
I cannot.
Today you gave me the experience in words, in wisper, in warmth, of love with you that I have dreamed of all this time together. When you love Ed, you are the most beautifull in the world. Your love brings home all unfullfilled yearning, all suffering, all striving and struggling in a deep sinking within that seems to feel like being taken to a world beyond anything I have ever been, experienced or believed in.
Ed, so deeply I long for you in this way. So deeply I can feel you in this way whenever I think about you or feel the energy. Whenever I have written you about love and the longing to merge with you totally, I was trying to express this feeling.
Your love takes me beyond me.
It is frightening
But what I have been longing for with you always.
I wish I could open completely, be liquid with an open heart, willing to die in your love and loving you.
I just don't know how to go beyond my blockages that sometimes make me feel without love.
And it scares me to death, so intensely
Every time your face opens up to me, even slightly, I feel thìs, what you have expressed to me today. The whisper, the touch of your voice on my skin, in my energy, in my whole being.....I cannot express how deeply I long for it. How deeply I long for this, for only you Ed, for only you Ed. To be in your arms like you wispered to me....to be touched and love you with the same intensity.....only you
I need to go to sleep now.
"So much sadness in me, such deep sadness I feel like a flowing of the energy of inner crying. And this makes me feel exhausted.

15 September 2019

The Song of God

Ed's first enlightenment was through Robert Adams, and that was of finding the 'Unborn' the Witness of Manifest world, and of the Void, emptiness, and the experience of oneness, as well as the emptiness of all concepts.

His second enlightenment 15 years later was of finding the experiential Manifest Self and God similtaneously through devotion and total surrender.

But all along the way, from 1995 to 2010, he ever more deeply realized the problems for aspirants that the emptiness of concepts created, and the problem of how to transmit enlightenment outside of words. Most retail spirituality is just about learning concepts about self, the world, the Unborn, and maybe God, along with some method, like self-inquiry.

Therefore Ed created a method of direct transmission of enligthenement through the manipulation of energies, by "walking" people through intense divine love, surrender, experiencing the life force and God directly, bymeans of his voice, intention, and energy manipulation. He hightens the energies in your body, mindandin the Satsang "room."

This amounts to a continuous Shaktipat opportunity. He calls his method Singing the Song of God.

11 September 2019

I really, really enjoy teaching and I do it all for free. Bi-weekly Satsangs, writings, teaching posts, blog, website, book and resources are all free. But I am asking for donations to support my teaching and my work with animals. I am retired and on Social Secuirity income. Many benefit, few donate. Please help.


You realize your self at the same time as you realize God, as both are sentience, divine love, divine light and energy, and yet we are separate.  I am the specific incarnation and God is the essential beingness that runs through all lifeforms everywhere, the universal life force that is always within us as a presence. 

Here Ed takes us through his experience to help you find yourown self and God.


09 September 2019

Right now I have reached my full stride as a teacher.  I never use words about things or states that cannot be experienced or understood.  All of my terms about God and Self are about experiences that I can speak of and give you the means for experiencing them, or else directly show you during Satsang.  

These are direct transmissions outside of all scriptures.  This style of teaching is like a constant exposure to a Shaktipt sourse, a way of directly apprehending and feeling the pulse of God and the existing universe around us all.

This is so different from so many teachers that speak of that which cannot be defined and often cannot be ever experienced, such as:  THAT, suchness, Absolute Witness, timeless, spaceless, or any Sanskrit spiritual terms.  I speak of things that can be seen, or more often, of things and processes that can be felt upon investigation.

Terms that supposedly speak about Truths about the nature of the world or of our existance, to me are at best distractions, or are used by teachers who only knowwords and concepts, and do not know of all the states and realities that are within the experiential reach of everyone, and which provide a foundation for security, communication, and Self and God realization.

See my many Satsang videos posted on my Facebook page named edwardmuzika, or my blog at https://itisnotreal.blogspot.com.

08 September 2019


During this Satsang Ed walks us through the totality of the experience of ourselves, from mind, to emotions, to energies or Shakti, through what we usually call I, Beingness, spending a longer time here, then proceding through the experience of Emptiness, or the Void, then the experience of divine love, then God and of ourselves as incarnate spirit, then to the experience of Nothingness, and how we can know it by playing with it, by going into and out of Nothingness.

This is a long tour of the most intimate parts of the panaply of states and energies we call Self, and life, and on the way, we play with death and find it a comfortable place to be.

Ed's hypnotic voice and descriptions of the formerly unknowable is a very powerful experience for attendees, and actually takes many through these states experientially.

This is one of Ed's best  Satsangs. Attandees speak of their feeling of being entranced and taken through  his exploration of Self.

LINK:  https://youtu.be/8ZQKxgmBQkI

07 September 2019


Ed's Satsangs are aimed at continuous Shaktipat through his voice, content, and intention. Join and feel the energies.

04 September 2019

I read two letters from Steve Eckert about his full enlightenment experience as well as the endless beaming energy and love he expresses. This is a wonderful Satsang.


I Love ya Edji,  thanks for getting back to me.    
I feel like I am somehow connected to the Void..as it comes in and out during the day reminding me of who I am.    Even driving the car the energy just rolls up through this body.

Ya know words just do not convey what is happening. You said it all in your last Satsang.

I want to tell you it will never go to my head, I'll never be better or higher than anyone including an insect.

I feel this and all the experiences I have had don't place me above anything rather I feel more humble and caring for all beings...spiders, bees, ants, birds...all of them. ..people too!
We are all sharing the same path and for all i know the local hummingbird  could be a very advanced being.

Humility and gratitude are two of the main ingredients of this whole process.  I learned gratitude in AA...it is so important.

Early this morning an Intense Love just exploded in my Heart, and it was ED MUZIKA,  hey it was you Edji, and I wanted to write a message to you at that time but it was so intense that I just couldn't get my tablet out to write. I couldn't move.

My Love to and for you was beyond any limits I ever experienced. My God it fluctuated between total bliss and pain.   

Pain? ...it felt so intense I thought my Heart would burst into Fire right in bed.

I thought about the hundreds of answers and thoughts you emailed back to me over the last 6 years and all the time you took to help me get over the humps, the time you said 'don't do it' when that Vietnam ptsd came back so strong that I wanted to off myself.

You never let me down but were always, always there for me the same way you are always there for the Sangha and anyone on the Path.

You are the ONLY reason I AM...here today. 
You pointed the way.

You put me here today and I am most sincerely grateful and I Love You so much that it burns. 

Back in 2013 when you and Deeya taught a weekend in Los Angeles for our group, it lit a fire in me that just grew and grew.  

It was really strange after our first class/gathering I walked back to my hotel....but I didn't walk I danced and danced all the way back, twisting and turning and singing in total bliss and it stayed that way. 

That energy from you two just lit the insides of me up.

Today I was at the local library, we live in a very small town, quiet and peaceful, well I walked outside among the very old trees and buildings and the air just breathed me in. 
It breathed God into me and my head just floated with such beauty and bliss right in front and all around. 

Times like this are really welcome in the Mundane world.

I don't know what I am talking about but somehow I want to express this beauty, maybe by writing or poetry.

I know how Rumi and St. Teresa of Avila felt. Oh companions of this wondrous Earth.

Edji,  I don't know what is happening tomorrow but with this 'happening' I will always be with you and with the bliss and full of Love.
At times that Love just permeates everything.

I hope to get some land in the country some day...lets see what happens.

My Heart to You,  steve

02 September 2019


With his voice and content, Ed takes you through 50 years if unending awakenings. A thousand years ago Zen Master Joshu said he had seventeen great enlightenments, and thousands of small ones. Listen to many of Ed's as he give listeners a taste of each.



You are so adept at giving the right bread crumb, at the right time, to the right person, to lead them where they must go.

The crumbs are not wisdom, they are certainly bullshit. But they are a soothing or startling truth for just so long as they are needed.

I had been an enemy to myself, not allowing for things to be, or to unfold naturally. I would not take any advice, because I did not - I could not trust anyone, and everything that everyone said was bullshit. This was my truth.

But then You gave me Your Love - your trust in me. And it gave me power. When I gave my heart back to You, that was the moment that I gave You the power to change my heart, my mind, my life - my truth.
I gave You the power of a Guru over their devotee, or a Beloved over their lover.

I surrendered to the great trust of Your hands.

This is the power that Love holds.

This is the responsibility that being Loved demands.

I am blessed too. That You hold my heart so carefully, and kindly.

The crumbs that you leave don't lead to truth, and are not truth themselves. You leave an endless trail. I craved your next crumb, your next juicy secret to spiritual wholesomeness, your validation of my advancement on the crumb trail.. I still revel in your recognition, the recognition of a loved one. But I don't know what your validation means anymore. You could lay a new crumb, and tell me I'm enlightened and give me the highest praises that I once dreamed of, but they would not mean anything. I would still be this. I would still love You. You could lay an experimental crumb, and tell me that I am a failure, a quitter, a useless, mundane, non-spiritual, selfish scumbag with a black heart who will never help anyone. But it would not mean anything. I would still be this. I would still love You.

You gave me a new, useful truth when mine wasn't working for me. Then you gave me a new truth when that one got old. But all the while you said, none of these are real truths - unless you take them to be so, unless you need them right now.

By giving You my heart, a portal opened, where I could enter your world, and my world was left behind.
I took the truths that I needed, when I needed them.

Now what are they?

I don't know, but they seem to work as medicine.

Medicine for a sick mind.

Using the brains own inherent gullibility against it.

If we can be so easily convinced that we are sad, that we are lost, that we are not good enough, poor, ugly, a failure, just by random unsubstantiated information - then with the right truth, at the right time, infused with the power of a loved one, we can be convinced of much nicer absurdities, ones that save us from the depths of despair and darkness in our souls, until we may at last lose interest in following this endless trail of crumbs. And open to all possible truths, in all possible situations, at all possible times. What is the most useful truth to empower with Love in this moment, with this person? What is the most prominent one?

True Love can make anything true.

This is the power that I gave to You.

I thank You immensely, for leaving this trail of Love crumbs. To save me from myself, and to exhaust me very quickly.

I don't crave the crumbs anymore.

There is no secret. I don't know them, and they don't know me.

Only Love.

This is the power You gave to me.

This I will keep forever.

I empower others by giving them this Love.

They entrust and empower me by giving me this Love.

There is no greater gift for me.

Even truth bows down to Love.

This is my favourite medicine to take, and to give.

This is why Satsang, and the Sangha is so beloved to me.

We empower each other with Love.

We heal each other with it's medicine.

We entrust our hearts in each others hands.

And we hold each others hearts ever so carefully, as if holding a treasure as precious and exquisite as a newborn babe.

I would not trade this bond for any crumb of truth, no matter how much evidence was stacked against it.

This I know.