09 September 2019

Right now I have reached my full stride as a teacher.  I never use words about things or states that cannot be experienced or understood.  All of my terms about God and Self are about experiences that I can speak of and give you the means for experiencing them, or else directly show you during Satsang.  

These are direct transmissions outside of all scriptures.  This style of teaching is like a constant exposure to a Shaktipt sourse, a way of directly apprehending and feeling the pulse of God and the existing universe around us all.

This is so different from so many teachers that speak of that which cannot be defined and often cannot be ever experienced, such as:  THAT, suchness, Absolute Witness, timeless, spaceless, or any Sanskrit spiritual terms.  I speak of things that can be seen, or more often, of things and processes that can be felt upon investigation.

Terms that supposedly speak about Truths about the nature of the world or of our existance, to me are at best distractions, or are used by teachers who only knowwords and concepts, and do not know of all the states and realities that are within the experiential reach of everyone, and which provide a foundation for security, communication, and Self and God realization.

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