30 November 2018



Ed, I woke up this morning being nothing but full body orgasmic energy.
An energy so strong and so wide that I am fully surrounded like I am inside an egg of orgasmic energy.
Like being held inside two Huge heavenly hands.
I relax deeper and deeper into it and feel that I am disappearing in this energy.
When I think of you the energy intensities extremely like intense nonstop full body, all around, field of orgasm. But it is not necessary to have these thoughts.
I relax more and more into this energy, l am giving myself to this energy.
All thoughts are noise on top, like a loud irritating radio and so is the thought that says that all I have said and written to you about love and devotion is just noise.
I try to surrender completely to this energy. The fear I have of demons, entities, this energy being evil and Just seducing me, disappears in the total ecstasy of being in this field of non-stop orgasmic bliss.
The sound of silence is underneath, the silence is there and when I relax I feel myself, my small self, my all that I seem to be, disappear into nothingness, into this field.
I cannot force total surrender because the voice that is reporting what is happening keeps being there and the fearful thoughts are far away and empty, but there to protect me from total death, total dissolving as nothing.
But the pleasure is so intense, so immense, so Huge, so beyond anything.  I don't know how to fight it and stay safe, Stay strong, stay a Warrior; the orgasmic bliss controls me, owns me. I have to be a Warrior, but I am helpless, helpless to this pleasure, to this tempting orgasm and this seducing emptiness.

MY RESPONSE: You are dipping deeply into the field of God-realization, into the immensity of the ecstasy of fully experiencing the life force; and, you are doing it living the most mundane life imaginable otherwise.
This is what it feels like to be totally alive with all your energy centers aligned and mutually resonating.  You leave the mundane world and enter the divine.
Welcome also to emptiness, the Void, which is the origin of your overwhelming devotional love and bliss and will help you shed all your old spiritual ideas and allow you to rest in divine ecstasy.

28 November 2018



I actually feel like Iove, or I am love itself since yesterday. I didn’t write to you about it because I went to sleep; but even as I slept, I had it in me as a feeling. I felt your energy or maybe I had touched you in some energetic way because I felt those lines of energy going around me and through me like strings.  It wasn’t just a minute or two experience; it was when I closed my eyes, I felt it and I continued to feel it. Also I felt like my vagina and heart are connected and opened, and when I felt this energy, those strings became obvious to me, and also I felt a lot of bliss. It sounds just like what you describe. I really love it but I’m not sure it’s me; it’s like someone else and me both.

Ed’s Response:

EXACTLY SO MY DEAR! You are feeling the life force!  It feels at once like you, and also the other, or God, the divine! One part is feeling the life within your body identified as you, and also feeling it like a greater force, of God, both within you and around you, everywhere.


An Email to Me Received Today

Hello Ed,

Just felt moved to express where I’m at
these days...what I’ve written below is my
experience more and more of the time,
Shakti is teaching me through Bliss energy;
all of your teachings, ongoing guidance and your Presence have allowed me such incredible progress!

Ed, all of your teachings, writings and personal communications have led me into communing and abiding in my true self - the entry point where universal cosmic consciousness enters my body/mind, my presence, my Being.

The screen of awareness on which all is superimposed - the Universe, (which obviously includes myself).

I can tell this is so: it feels as if it is self-validating.

My ongoing focus is on communing with Myself, with Shakti.

It’s as if my old self had a paper-thin extension, flimsy and chronically, frustratingly limited...

Instead of my previously paper- thin field of awareness, my awareness now feels vast and extended, the way the nighttime forest/ countryside/open sky has depth, space, solidity and Presence, both sensually and energetically extended the way nature is.

Before, I very rarely had Enjoyment and Euphoria, true well- being. Now I feel as if I enter and enjoy the Source-of of Bliss//well-being itself much of the time....this abidance has great depth, intense There-ness: very vivid, solid and beautiful!

It is one thing to perceive and feel, as I did before my current practice and another thing to abide and be at one with the Source (AKA Shakti).

It is the difference between living as (an apparently separate) subject to finding the primary/ underlying single field of awareness and realizing it as my true self and Source (against which the body/mind is superimposed along with All That Is)!

(The field of awareness was always there but was previously almost always obstructed by conditioning).

By my abiding and living in the depths of my true/real identity (which previously was generally feeble and at best intermittent) multidimensional bliss is felt: it is as if this bliss validates everything, my cosmic reward for living the real, my true self.

Thank you Ed! No attainment is more important than this! This for me comes first; everything else follows from it.

25 November 2018

A Male Student Experiences Constant Sexless Orgasms

The post below is from one of our male Satsang attendees and is a validation that men too can experience endless bliss and sexless orgasms as women seem to more easily do, arising from extreme devotional love combined with the energies of sexuality:
Not far behind a Heart so flooded with Love, came a powerful Lust. 
No more repressing of Pain. No more repressing of Love. No more repressing of Lust.

I hid myself away for 2 weeks fearing what I may do in public with this surging Lust. (I suppose I was kind of ashamed of being so unbearably horny). However, being alone with it was all too exhausting.

So exhausting not to send my attention out of my body into pornography, and send the Lust away with masturbation, but to feel the power of its urge for completion, reproduction, passion, heat, that strong longing for closeness of the body.

At some point of exhaustion I slept for 18 hours straight one day. When I awoke the Lust felt not like a burden to put up with any more, but a force of sheer vitality. Not an enemy of the 'right' way, but the honesty of the human way. Not something to be ashamed of, but to be embraced as the power that desires to live and to create life.

I was overheated, I had to go out to the cold morning air to breathe. Utterly refreshing. The air made my whole body tingle like peppermint to the tongue. I greeted my neighbor with a wave before recognizing that a stiff member had pitched a tent in my pants, visibly saluting her too from beneath the cotton... Slumber Lumber! A situation that may have embarrassed me nearly to death before seemed so natural that I laughed it off with no real shame at all.

The lust no longer felt focused in the groin, but brought life to the whole body. Or even, that it IS the life in the whole body. What could be shameful about it?

It is supplementing the grandness of Love with a distinct and vibrant sharpness.

Somehow each day I am met with opportunities to help people, in such small ways, maybe ways I had not noticed before, but now they are all over the place. They come naturally, and I naturally respond to them, there is no sense of who is helping who, only what must be done.

I seem to often be in the right place at just the right time to be of service.

During or shortly after these events I am having what I can only really describe as Heart Orgasms. It is the same feeling of internal energy rising to a pointed threshold, then intense completion, followed by extreme relaxation and euphoria afterwards. Only this feeling is happening not with the genitals, but with the whole body, centering in the Heart. 

Like the energy in the body is rising, peaking in the Heart, exploding like a firework of Love energy and cascading out with an all pervading euphoria that is extremely calming and satisfying.

Selfless deeds seem to be the Porn for my Heart. This rising of energy seems to be happening often. It will rise to the edge, clutch the Heart and relax. Rise closer to the edge, clutch tighter and relax again. Like it is always inching towards that euphoria, then backing off. It is mostly entertaining, and sometimes quite agonizing, but an entertaining agony at least.

I am vibrant and giddy much of the time, feeling the energy of youthful lust and attraction swirling in my stomach like dancing butterflies and billowing up into my Heart like smoke from a smoldering fire.

It does not want to drag me into indulgence of evil ways or away from the spiritual path like I once imagined. This energy is energy. Like gusting wind and flowing water can be destructive, but also can be respected and channeled as a source of great natural power. This is the innate power of living.

I once feared the insatiability of Lust, yet if perceived as a power source, the attribute of insatiability makes for an unending well of recurring power. The Power of Creation. The Well of Life. The Fountain of Youth.

So I do not run from the wind or torrent anymore, I do not hide from it or oppose it. Just as I leaned into the discomfort of Love to have it explode in me, I put up my sails, set up my water mill or windmill, throw up my kite, spread my wings, let it blow or flow as my own innate and ever abundant source of generating the immense power of creation. The Miracle of Life itself.
The Miracle Is Life Itself.

I do not know how your words got my attention. How Angela got me hooked in Satsang. Or how your teaching has reeled me closer and closer to these blissful and powerful energies. But I am grateful every day for whatever has brought me here (To Satsang), that same energy that moves you to speak the words that are like bread crumbs to me, leading to my own Humanity, my own Heart, and my own Soul.

Thank you Ed! and that which moves you.
I am so happy to be in this place, at this time, to be in your digital presence weekly, feel your Love, resonate with the tone of your teachings and everyone at Satsangs.
So happy to be alive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for receiving, honestly feeling and transmuting all of the energies of despair, doubt and pain that are sent to you and emitting such a powerfully Loving essence.

My Lust empowered Love to you Ed.
Ed I feel more natural than ever.
I don't think things through much anymore, which has dissolved much of my anxiety, and made life much more interesting.

I get into strange situations, meet wonderfully strange people, and come off as a strange joyful simpleton.

It has been a long time that I have been ashamed of sexual urges. Now I feel like the honest jester of them.
It is all so funny, this sex thing is pure empowerment waiting to be unleashed. AND "SEX" ISN'T EVEN REQUIRED!
Love brought my Heart to Life.

Lust has brought my groin, my mojo, and in turn, the rest of my body to Life.

Ed I feel more natural than ever.
I feel the freedom to be natural.

I don't think things through much anymore, which has dissolved much of my anxiety, and made life much more interesting.

I get into strange situations, meet wonderfully strange people, and come off as a strange joyful simpleton, and it is not only the cat's ass...

It has been a long time that I have been ashamed of sexual urges. Now I feel like the honest jester of them.

It is all so funny, this sex thing is pure empowerment waiting to be unleashed.  AND "SEX" ISN'T EVEN REQUIRED!

Love brought my Heart to Life.
Lust has brought my groin, my mojo, and in turn, the rest of my body to Life.

Experiencing Unending Bliss and Devotional Love During Satsang

Ed describes how one can experience unending bliss and devotional love and have it as a primary spiritual practice.  Most attendees do feel these blissful energies and love, and Ed explains how it is created for all to feel during Satsang, and some use this energy to make the following week in the mundane world more tolerable.  Repeated exposures to this love and bliss can result in God realization within your own self as a direct experience of the life force.


24 November 2018



To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but in my presence, just as Robert Adams and many others, teach this way. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching. Robert’s words were just stories he told with no essential value. His teachings about emptiness, nothingness, and the Void were felt in his presence.
Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.

23 November 2018


Everything is autopilot Nothing is "real" or authentic. Thoughts, emotions, wants and desires, relationships and even the love, that "flowS" from that,... It's a robotic world with programs functioning, Programs with a thought program of being unique. This is the experience today, coming from the dense energy throughout my body.


Part of what you say is true.  In the largest sense, life itself is a joke, a temporary happening in awareness, or multiple awarenesses that themselves come and go, arising from nothingness and disappearing into nothingness.  This is sort of an Advaitin or Buddhist point of view.

But when the energies change from density to light and ecstasy, the underlying storyline also changes, from mechanical explanation to an awareness of God, the divine within and without who runs the show. But, in a sense, we are co-creators of the whole show merely by being complicit to the storyline God gives creation, or by being an agonist who insists on playing a part as a co-producer.  Such a one is rare, who can feel the unfolding of Shakti, or what Robert called the power that knows the way, and who then finds a way to alter that flow through story, fantasy, and intent or will.

First, regarding your problem.  There is a way to change both that density and experience of the world being robotic, which you will not hear in polite company because it goes against the moral grain of the pleasure-austerity of our Protestant forefathers which is still very evident in the West.

You can use your sexuality to loosen that density, explode it so to speak, make it bigger and less dense as it grows in size by focusing on feeling your own sexual arousal throughout your body by imaging and fantasy.  Allow the arousal to grow, Keep at it for several days fantasizing being sexually with someone you love.  Keep at it as long as possible so the sexual energy rises into your heart and then upwards into your brain, and just rest in total sexual arousal.  Then something marvelous will happen just by calmly abiding in those intense feelings.  Instead of the focus of your awareness remaining only in your genitals, your intense awareness will shift to the entire body, and addressing then the sense of just being alive within the body, to the spirit within your body.  Your life awareness, your sense of self, of beingness, of just being alive will become totally ecstatic.  Your beingness will radiate ecstasy and bliss and people around you will feel that liberation.  You will have transmuted your sexual energy into a life-invigorating divine energy by activating that energy, and transmuting it into liberating energy.

Now combine this explosion of the sexual energy with true, deep, devotional love, and you have the formula for perfect relationships in society, as well as for a spreading of God realization more far and wide than has ever happened before. 

But be well aware of the near total condemnation that such a liberating story will receive in the moralistic West?  Can’t you just feel the automatic anti-pleasure rants that will be aimed at you speaking about all the misery caused by sexuality and love?  You will hear stories of rampant sexual abuse by teachers and others, as the universal story of sexual austerity will try to destroy the new story of ecstatic liberation.

The resistance to these teachings is powerful and this is why teachers have kept them in secret for eons because they break the bonds of order and conformity within society.

Because know this, Shakti follows attention and intent.  So you use attention to your sexual energy not to direct it to a sexual act, but to liberate you from density and robotic living, and enter instead into days or weeks of bliss.  Feeling that bliss liberates you both from the mundane world, but also from austere and life-destroying thought forms. 

18 November 2018

I bare Myself and Reveal the Mystery Teachings

Ed speaks about the cognitive maps and matrices that the mind superimposes on the deeper world of no-mind that rarely is directly perceived. Ed calls it a world of magic with ever-changing sensory percepts, energies, color, forms, and flowing processes.

When the mind is fully seen through, one distrusts any cognitive map and the mental stories associated with them. One of the many ways to get this insight is to have the locus of one's attention rest in the gut (Hara) or heart, robbing the brain of its dominance.

Then Ed speaks about the life force, perceived as God within one's own self, and as external energies or Shakti permeating everything outside.  When an individual is aware of God within and Shakti without, he or she has the power to affect Shakti and change in limited ways the world without including other people.

He then explains how these understandings unfolded within him, the Mystery Teachings of the Underworld and Shakti.



To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after.  My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but in my presence, just as Robert Adams and many others, teach this way.  This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you.  Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching.  Robert’s words were just stories he told with no essential value.  His teachings about emptiness, nothingness, and the Void were felt in his presence.   

Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.

17 November 2018

Everything is Story; the Mystery Teachings

1. If everything is a creation of mind, that is of words, ideas, concepts, you can change the world by working within the paradigm that created that semi-stable world by working through conventional means. Or, you can create a new story, new words and concepts such that the world is perceived in a new way. Then, if you can successfully convince others that this is the “real truth,” people will join you.

2. Underneath the apparent manifest conventional world, is the “more real” world of ever-changing sensory percepts and energies, or Shakti.  The mind-created world is a map or matrix that is a convenient fiction that allows us to function within that mind-made world.

2a. This “underworld” is a world of magic, of ever changing energies, patterns, light, intelligence which changes form, laws of behavior, processes—mechanics so to speak, based on story and intent (will).

3. When you are aware of both worlds, the apparent and relatively stable world created by convention, as well as the underworld of Shakti, you are able to change the conventional world that everyone else appears to live in.  One changes the conventional world through creating a new story, and that story is rarely told in words alone.

4. Shakti follows story.  That is, she makes “real” stories that people live in. She makes the story real for the story-teller, and real for converts to that story.  Besides this, Shakti can begin to create change in the conventional world by operating in a different ways in the provisional world created by the new story.

5. Now, there are master story tellers who have a feel for Shakti and how she works.  They can sense her presence energetically, her movements, her whims, her power, and by speaking with her, they can create and spread a new world within the story of the conventional world, and if that story is the “right one” according to the time and place that Shakti favors it, it can become the prevailing truth of that time and place, whether it be the story of Naziism in 1930s Germany, or Bolshivikism in 1920s Russia.

6. Everything is about story. Everything that exists in our relative and separate human realities is about suggestion, intention, belief, will, and knowing the many faces of Shakti.  This means there are worlds wthin worlds of Maya or story: personal worlds within larger political and economic stories within even larger ideologies.  All these worlds interpenetrate and influence other stories, other worlds.

This is the essence of my new teaching.  It follows directly from Advaita Vedanta and well as Shaivism, and focuses more on the relationship between Maya, or the various versions of conventional reality we live in, which s ever changing, and the underlying underworld of energies, flowing sensations, intuitions, emotions, etc.  It also focuses on how stories, intention, will, created by storytellers who intuit the intent and movements of Shakti, change the conventional world.  In fact, stories create levels and intersecting of Mayic worlds.  There are words within worlds, within alternative universes of discourse.

For example, in my story, although I have a body which I love and take care of, I take as my primary identification my spiritual life within.  I feel the life force in me as ever unfolding light and energies seemingly radiating into the space around me.  Throughout my whole body and around me I feel ever moving energies, usually pleasurable, sometimes not, flowing with various levels of intensity.  I also sense energies that are not me flowing around me in the world, which for convenience I call Shakti, and which I used to call “the other.”  We are a couple so to speak. I, the personal energetic Ed Muzika, relates both to a deeper-level Shakti within me and also to the external manifestation of Shakti around me. The inner Shakti I call God, the divine within.

I am convinced, both by intuition, and by experience, that I can take my world and my intention and create that same experience in another through my intention and my stories rather than my mouthing any conventional teaching.  But my stories are about energies, Shakti, emptiness and the Void, and Nothingness from which everything springs including the Void. 

I can create a story with words, my voice, my tambour, my cadence, and my constant awareness of the energies within and without, that can uplift and create the experience of energetic states within others and can begin to bring people out of their mundane lives into ecstatic lives, and into a different reality altogether, where there is no suffering.  Suffering is found in the conventional world, the conventional Maya, but not in the underworld, or new worlds created within a constant awareness of Shakti, both as God within and the other without.

16 November 2018


Most people get into spirituality because of emotional issues: depression; grief; great fear or anxiety of no known origin; boredom; relationship problems; obsessive-compulsive stress; thwarted ambitions, etc.  Rather than working directly with the emotional issues, most seek a way around these problems seeking peace, serenity, self-realization—whatever that may be, or enlightenment—ditto.  They pursue peace by listening to teacher who say the world is not real, even your body doesn’t exist, and for some, those words give peace.

 Advaita used in this way is sort of a rescue spirituality. It, along with Buddhism, teaches either that the personal and maybe even the transcendent self, either does not exist, or it must be “disappeared” or transcended by practice, either of self-inquiry, quieting the mind, or dwelling in silence.  This is why many people find Robert Adams’ words so soothing because he said, “You do not exist; the world is a dream; your body does not exist.”  He would also say, “The mind is not your friend; pay it no heed.”  Or, he would say, there are no problems; problems flow from the viewpoint ot the mind.  By this he meant all problems, in your personal life and in the world. 

On first hearing that, the listener first feels shock at the radical nature of the assertion that our reality is not real, including emotional problems, depression, fear, and that there is nothing wrong in the world.  Thus the listeners put efforts into ignoring the emotional turmoil that brought them to Robert or Buddhism in the first place.  In fact, this is what Buddha was all about:  finding a way to end suffering.  Buddhism takes you out of the pain of life.  It even ignores the joy and bliss that can be felt, because all such good is temporary and ends in loss of joy.

 Later, as they go deeper into his teachings, they realize what he meant is that our logical, linear, and sequential minds build a conceptual map of our unorganized external reality by isolating objects and processes out of ever-changing and chaotic external sensory patterns.  Our left brained minds create chairs, houses, cars, people, relationships that have a reality and stability given to them by unchanging words and concepts.  It is the thinking left brain that also creates the problems, the “ought to,” moral judgments, and many negative emotions and self-talk.

 Robert’s teachings were aimed at taking our attention away from the  mind and thinking, and then expanded into a right brained awareness of identification with the totality of consciousness itself.

 These deeper teachings allow us to let go of concepts altogether, and say, “The only truth is that there is no truth, and beware even of this truth.”   Now we can let go of our linear minds and sink our awareness into our bodies, especially into our hearts where we learn to live by our “hearts’” awareness of the external and internal sensory patterns.  The awareness energies drop out of our heads into our bodies and a new world of unity consciousness is revealed, composed of great space, emptiness, openness of heart to others and to love.  The experience is of great relief and expansion of self.  Our center of awareness is no longer restricted to our heads and throats.  We are now everywhere and yet nowhere, because we are not localized in any way. 

 We may also feel very stupid because we no longer “understand” anything.  All concepts just escape us.  All attempts at reasoning or logical deduction end in laughter as we realize how ridiculous, constrictive, and conventional all this thinking is.  The left-brained mind sort of drops away.  Still, after awhile, we find it is necessary to allow it to return in order to better function in the world; yet we realize that this mundane world we return to is always contained within a much larger world of emptiness, space, openness, love, and ever changing patterns of energy and movement.

 Now we no longer need spiritual teachings such as Advaita, Buddhism, Christianity because we have transcended the world with a new global awareness.

 Yet, if the emotional problems that brought us into spirituality have not been resolved before awakening to the new openness of realization, we will be dragged back into the mundane linear world over and over until we experience and resolve these issues.  Some call this shadow work, giving it a name and a Jungian mythological concept, a sort of enemy, a thing, that we have to tame or eliminate, when really it is but a larger or smaller set of emotional, mood, or self-talk processes that we have to “absorb” or assimilate into our larger persona through feeling them long enough to absorb them.

 One of the best “spiritual” things that happened to me was that after 9 years of immersion in Zen, I got into psychotherapy on a two-times per week basis, which lasted eight years. There I learned the rudiments of dealing with emotions, because even after I left therapy and two years later after meeting Robert Adams, I was still dealing with emotions of deep origin and relationship problems many years later.

 Let me tell you, it is so easy to be a Zen master or supposedly enlightened “master” of some other tradition, and not have worked with one’s emotional issues and developmental bypasses, and thus still act in harmful ways with others.  But it was not until I fell in love with one of my female students that the last round of dealing with them led to my deepest and most profound awakening because of a continuously unfolding emotional maturation that followed out of that love.

 From this love came humility, grace, and a sense of complete surrender to the life force within me.  I can now “look” and continuously “feel” that life force within, permeating my entire body, and feel it rushing outwards into the world as translucent energy and white light, which is closely bound to my sense of heart and love.  It continuously fills my sense of being alive in the world, my sense of presence as a sentient being.  I can identify with this light, love, and energy which is a most magical sense of the divine within, or I can choose to identify with nothing at all and just rest.  But watching the unfolding manifestation of the life force within is really all that I want to do, just as Ramana said narrating his death experience:

‘I’ (awareness of the life force within) was something very real, the only real thing about my present state, and all the conscious activity connected with my body was centred on that ‘I’.

From that moment onwards the ‘I’ or Self focused attention on itself by a powerful fascination. Fear of death had vanished once and for all. Absorption in the Self continued unbroken from that time on. Other thoughts might come and go like the various notes of music, but the ‘I’ continued like the fundamental sruti note  that underlies and blends with all the other notes. Whether the body was engaged in talking, reading, or anything else, I was still centred on ‘I’. Previous to that crisis I had no clear perception of my Self and was not consciously attracted to it. I felt no perceptible or direct interest in it, much less any inclination to dwell permanently in it.

(Editor: ‘I’ here should be taken as awareness of one’s essential self as spirit, including awareness of “lifeness” or the life force ever flowing from the experientially emptiness within one’s body, filling the body and the space around it with a sense of presence, or being alive, otherwise known as the sense of being.)

It is the sense of identification which must be watched and understood. It is the source of all bindings, of all felt limitation. The pre-spiritual man identifies himself as a man, a body, a name, a job, etc., and he (or she) lives in a mundane world sort of as a robot, repeating the mistakes learned from parents and friends while growing up. Later, he or she discover the world of unity, of spaciousness, and can identify with that, and later, with either. 

Even later, he or she discovers that Bhaktic path of love and of returning to the body, or being re-incarnated.  Love brings us back into the body we left when we began to live by the rule of thought and convention.  Love makes us feel our bodies, because love is a feeling that permeates every cell of our bodies.  It also teaches us that there are others out there who we can love, desire, want to mate with, to build a family.   

Remember, after his awakening, Robert Adams married, had two daughters, and raised a lot of foster children.  Behind all of his stillness and silence, lay a heart fully open to others.  He also traveled the world for twenty years to see if his spiritual awakening was complete. But all the time he watched that light and dynamic energy inside. Once you experience it, it holds endless fascination for you, and since it is an energetic process, the presence of a guru, such as Robert, aids in awakening awareness of the life force, the divine, in you, which is the same in everyone.

 And, if the love is deep enough, surrendered enough, total enough, it guides through the complexities necessary to discover the divine within ourselves, God in us.

 This then is truly total enlightenment, not only discovering space and emptiness, as well as the universal truth that mind creates a false reality, but also our essential nature is found through love and surrender to the God within another, and also within ourselves.  This spirituality is relational, it accepts the separate existence of others, but also the worship of the same life force in them that is also within our own self.

11 November 2018

All I Know About Robert Adams

This Satsang video is all I know about Robert Adams from my eight years with him.  How he taught using teachings, his voice, its tone, tambour, cadence, and his energy (Shakti) field felt during Satsang.  His individual words and separate sentences were well-spaced allowing listeners to feel his presence in that space. His verbal teachings are only 20% reflective of the totality of what he taught. Everything was about his presence. I also speak about other events in his life and things he told me personally.


06 November 2018

The last paragraph of a previous post about my vision of the future:

"I can imagine a guru of the future having mastered the words and stories to produce mass ecstasies in his or her Satsangs, and if over television, massive psychological healings and spiritual ecstasies that will change the world.  It is teachers like this that my life is dedicated to producing, who use words of love, surrender, and embodied bliss that can move the world."

My dear friend Sw. Shankarananda's response:
It seems that your message is refining itself. I am particularly struck by the last paragraph of below. I have the same vision of an avatar who speaks apparently simple things that touch truths so universal that everyone recognizes it. They feel as if what they already know has been perfectly expressed and their consciousness is instantly elevated. Words of power; words of love.

I think that such a being will come when the whole thing ends. The world will explode in light. We can have intimations of it even now. Just as God could create the world with His mere word, so a Lord of Matrika will transform the world because his speech is so connected to the Divine. Heart and mind become one and lead beyond to Supreme Consciousness.

Love you dude,


04 November 2018


Much of the external world can be explained and predicted by mathematics, physics, chemistry, and logic. The world seems to operate according to the left-brained, mind-honing of evolutionary processes.

But most all spiritual subjects cannot be explained this way. That is why you can't get enlightened by reading books. The "spiritual" world is mystical, poetic, magical, suggestible, energy-based, illogical and incalculable.

Shakti can be defined as the life force or the manifestation of life itself and therefore embraces both the left and right brained approaches. A deep practitioner uses both.

For the practitioner, developing sensitivity and control over Shakti is all important to awakening to the Manifest Self. Shakti is everywhere: in your body, in your sense of presence, in the space around you, and in your relationship with others.

Here Ed explains Shakti and generates it for attendees to experience.