28 November 2018

An Email to Me Received Today

Hello Ed,

Just felt moved to express where I’m at
these days...what I’ve written below is my
experience more and more of the time,
Shakti is teaching me through Bliss energy;
all of your teachings, ongoing guidance and your Presence have allowed me such incredible progress!

Ed, all of your teachings, writings and personal communications have led me into communing and abiding in my true self - the entry point where universal cosmic consciousness enters my body/mind, my presence, my Being.

The screen of awareness on which all is superimposed - the Universe, (which obviously includes myself).

I can tell this is so: it feels as if it is self-validating.

My ongoing focus is on communing with Myself, with Shakti.

It’s as if my old self had a paper-thin extension, flimsy and chronically, frustratingly limited...

Instead of my previously paper- thin field of awareness, my awareness now feels vast and extended, the way the nighttime forest/ countryside/open sky has depth, space, solidity and Presence, both sensually and energetically extended the way nature is.

Before, I very rarely had Enjoyment and Euphoria, true well- being. Now I feel as if I enter and enjoy the Source-of of Bliss//well-being itself much of the time....this abidance has great depth, intense There-ness: very vivid, solid and beautiful!

It is one thing to perceive and feel, as I did before my current practice and another thing to abide and be at one with the Source (AKA Shakti).

It is the difference between living as (an apparently separate) subject to finding the primary/ underlying single field of awareness and realizing it as my true self and Source (against which the body/mind is superimposed along with All That Is)!

(The field of awareness was always there but was previously almost always obstructed by conditioning).

By my abiding and living in the depths of my true/real identity (which previously was generally feeble and at best intermittent) multidimensional bliss is felt: it is as if this bliss validates everything, my cosmic reward for living the real, my true self.

Thank you Ed! No attainment is more important than this! This for me comes first; everything else follows from it.

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