06 November 2018

The last paragraph of a previous post about my vision of the future:

"I can imagine a guru of the future having mastered the words and stories to produce mass ecstasies in his or her Satsangs, and if over television, massive psychological healings and spiritual ecstasies that will change the world.  It is teachers like this that my life is dedicated to producing, who use words of love, surrender, and embodied bliss that can move the world."

My dear friend Sw. Shankarananda's response:
It seems that your message is refining itself. I am particularly struck by the last paragraph of below. I have the same vision of an avatar who speaks apparently simple things that touch truths so universal that everyone recognizes it. They feel as if what they already know has been perfectly expressed and their consciousness is instantly elevated. Words of power; words of love.

I think that such a being will come when the whole thing ends. The world will explode in light. We can have intimations of it even now. Just as God could create the world with His mere word, so a Lord of Matrika will transform the world because his speech is so connected to the Divine. Heart and mind become one and lead beyond to Supreme Consciousness.

Love you dude,


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