23 November 2018


Everything is autopilot Nothing is "real" or authentic. Thoughts, emotions, wants and desires, relationships and even the love, that "flowS" from that,... It's a robotic world with programs functioning, Programs with a thought program of being unique. This is the experience today, coming from the dense energy throughout my body.


Part of what you say is true.  In the largest sense, life itself is a joke, a temporary happening in awareness, or multiple awarenesses that themselves come and go, arising from nothingness and disappearing into nothingness.  This is sort of an Advaitin or Buddhist point of view.

But when the energies change from density to light and ecstasy, the underlying storyline also changes, from mechanical explanation to an awareness of God, the divine within and without who runs the show. But, in a sense, we are co-creators of the whole show merely by being complicit to the storyline God gives creation, or by being an agonist who insists on playing a part as a co-producer.  Such a one is rare, who can feel the unfolding of Shakti, or what Robert called the power that knows the way, and who then finds a way to alter that flow through story, fantasy, and intent or will.

First, regarding your problem.  There is a way to change both that density and experience of the world being robotic, which you will not hear in polite company because it goes against the moral grain of the pleasure-austerity of our Protestant forefathers which is still very evident in the West.

You can use your sexuality to loosen that density, explode it so to speak, make it bigger and less dense as it grows in size by focusing on feeling your own sexual arousal throughout your body by imaging and fantasy.  Allow the arousal to grow, Keep at it for several days fantasizing being sexually with someone you love.  Keep at it as long as possible so the sexual energy rises into your heart and then upwards into your brain, and just rest in total sexual arousal.  Then something marvelous will happen just by calmly abiding in those intense feelings.  Instead of the focus of your awareness remaining only in your genitals, your intense awareness will shift to the entire body, and addressing then the sense of just being alive within the body, to the spirit within your body.  Your life awareness, your sense of self, of beingness, of just being alive will become totally ecstatic.  Your beingness will radiate ecstasy and bliss and people around you will feel that liberation.  You will have transmuted your sexual energy into a life-invigorating divine energy by activating that energy, and transmuting it into liberating energy.

Now combine this explosion of the sexual energy with true, deep, devotional love, and you have the formula for perfect relationships in society, as well as for a spreading of God realization more far and wide than has ever happened before. 

But be well aware of the near total condemnation that such a liberating story will receive in the moralistic West?  Can’t you just feel the automatic anti-pleasure rants that will be aimed at you speaking about all the misery caused by sexuality and love?  You will hear stories of rampant sexual abuse by teachers and others, as the universal story of sexual austerity will try to destroy the new story of ecstatic liberation.

The resistance to these teachings is powerful and this is why teachers have kept them in secret for eons because they break the bonds of order and conformity within society.

Because know this, Shakti follows attention and intent.  So you use attention to your sexual energy not to direct it to a sexual act, but to liberate you from density and robotic living, and enter instead into days or weeks of bliss.  Feeling that bliss liberates you both from the mundane world, but also from austere and life-destroying thought forms. 

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