28 November 2018



I actually feel like Iove, or I am love itself since yesterday. I didn’t write to you about it because I went to sleep; but even as I slept, I had it in me as a feeling. I felt your energy or maybe I had touched you in some energetic way because I felt those lines of energy going around me and through me like strings.  It wasn’t just a minute or two experience; it was when I closed my eyes, I felt it and I continued to feel it. Also I felt like my vagina and heart are connected and opened, and when I felt this energy, those strings became obvious to me, and also I felt a lot of bliss. It sounds just like what you describe. I really love it but I’m not sure it’s me; it’s like someone else and me both.

Ed’s Response:

EXACTLY SO MY DEAR! You are feeling the life force!  It feels at once like you, and also the other, or God, the divine! One part is feeling the life within your body identified as you, and also feeling it like a greater force, of God, both within you and around you, everywhere.


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