17 November 2018

Everything is Story; the Mystery Teachings

1. If everything is a creation of mind, that is of words, ideas, concepts, you can change the world by working within the paradigm that created that semi-stable world by working through conventional means. Or, you can create a new story, new words and concepts such that the world is perceived in a new way. Then, if you can successfully convince others that this is the “real truth,” people will join you.

2. Underneath the apparent manifest conventional world, is the “more real” world of ever-changing sensory percepts and energies, or Shakti.  The mind-created world is a map or matrix that is a convenient fiction that allows us to function within that mind-made world.

2a. This “underworld” is a world of magic, of ever changing energies, patterns, light, intelligence which changes form, laws of behavior, processes—mechanics so to speak, based on story and intent (will).

3. When you are aware of both worlds, the apparent and relatively stable world created by convention, as well as the underworld of Shakti, you are able to change the conventional world that everyone else appears to live in.  One changes the conventional world through creating a new story, and that story is rarely told in words alone.

4. Shakti follows story.  That is, she makes “real” stories that people live in. She makes the story real for the story-teller, and real for converts to that story.  Besides this, Shakti can begin to create change in the conventional world by operating in a different ways in the provisional world created by the new story.

5. Now, there are master story tellers who have a feel for Shakti and how she works.  They can sense her presence energetically, her movements, her whims, her power, and by speaking with her, they can create and spread a new world within the story of the conventional world, and if that story is the “right one” according to the time and place that Shakti favors it, it can become the prevailing truth of that time and place, whether it be the story of Naziism in 1930s Germany, or Bolshivikism in 1920s Russia.

6. Everything is about story. Everything that exists in our relative and separate human realities is about suggestion, intention, belief, will, and knowing the many faces of Shakti.  This means there are worlds wthin worlds of Maya or story: personal worlds within larger political and economic stories within even larger ideologies.  All these worlds interpenetrate and influence other stories, other worlds.

This is the essence of my new teaching.  It follows directly from Advaita Vedanta and well as Shaivism, and focuses more on the relationship between Maya, or the various versions of conventional reality we live in, which s ever changing, and the underlying underworld of energies, flowing sensations, intuitions, emotions, etc.  It also focuses on how stories, intention, will, created by storytellers who intuit the intent and movements of Shakti, change the conventional world.  In fact, stories create levels and intersecting of Mayic worlds.  There are words within worlds, within alternative universes of discourse.

For example, in my story, although I have a body which I love and take care of, I take as my primary identification my spiritual life within.  I feel the life force in me as ever unfolding light and energies seemingly radiating into the space around me.  Throughout my whole body and around me I feel ever moving energies, usually pleasurable, sometimes not, flowing with various levels of intensity.  I also sense energies that are not me flowing around me in the world, which for convenience I call Shakti, and which I used to call “the other.”  We are a couple so to speak. I, the personal energetic Ed Muzika, relates both to a deeper-level Shakti within me and also to the external manifestation of Shakti around me. The inner Shakti I call God, the divine within.

I am convinced, both by intuition, and by experience, that I can take my world and my intention and create that same experience in another through my intention and my stories rather than my mouthing any conventional teaching.  But my stories are about energies, Shakti, emptiness and the Void, and Nothingness from which everything springs including the Void. 

I can create a story with words, my voice, my tambour, my cadence, and my constant awareness of the energies within and without, that can uplift and create the experience of energetic states within others and can begin to bring people out of their mundane lives into ecstatic lives, and into a different reality altogether, where there is no suffering.  Suffering is found in the conventional world, the conventional Maya, but not in the underworld, or new worlds created within a constant awareness of Shakti, both as God within and the other without.

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