28 October 2018

The Place of Sexuality and Pleasure in Spirituality-Video

Incarnational spirituality emphasizes returning to total body awareness as our primary home as an embodied life form as opposed to paths where the seeker tries to transcend the body to obtain the eternal. These paths are entirely different with different kinds of awakenings.

The incarnational path leads to God-realization and recognition of ourselves as life itself.  How better to recognize ourselves as feeling than through the reawakening of a dormant sexuality and pleasurable indulging in things of the senses?

We use felt sexuality or desire for sex, not necessarily sex itself to awaken both the sense, arouse the nervous system, and develop and appetite for living and feeling rather than thinking and doing.


27 October 2018


For many years now I have been teaching using Robert’s model of never charging for anything: satsang; books; teaching posts on my blog; answering personal questions by an endless line of seekers; or speaking with people on teleconference.  I just hated the whole concept of handling money. If anyone felt like it, or if they felt what I was teaching helped them, they could make a donation to support my work, or to help feed homeless cats in Los Angeles.

This is just not working anymore. Donations are about 1/4th what they were just five years ago.  Youtube states that my videos have been viewed for almost two million minutes of watching, yet attendees for Satsang have fallen almost in half.  Fewer people add likes or comments to my posts. I think I am overexposed. It is too easy to access my teachings, so people don’t attend expecting they can watch Satsang on Youtube later.

I do not know exactly what I will do, or when, but my own needs, and the needs of our time which is stopping the demonic forces tearing our country apart demand I change everything.

25 October 2018


For years I asked myself what I was.  I searched within for the source and found nothing, only emptiness.  There was no self I thought.  There was no entity that the word ‘I’ pointed towards.  The ‘I’ represented an empty set.  I didn’t exist; I as an entity was not part of the manifest world.

This scared the hell out of me until one day I called Robert Adams, my teacher, and told him how frightened I was because I “saw” that I did not exist, because I had “looked” within, and “saw” nothing there. 

Robert said, totally contrary to his public teachings, “Of course you exist; you are speaking to me aren’t you?”

For years I did not fully understand what he was saying, but in 2010 I realized who and what I was, as none but life itself, as the life force within me discovered through feeling within instead of looking, and that feeling within took the form of devotion and surrender to God or to another sentient being such as myself.

As the result of loving another personally, totally, surrendering my life to her totally, something was born in me which until that moment I did not know existed.  I became aware of myself as life and the functioning of life.  I was the seer, hearer, toucher, thinker, feeler, talker, listener, etc.  I was able to grasp myself through feeling, and not myself as an object, but myself as subject.  I was that sentience, that awareness, that came to life in a body.

There was no separate soul within me, although the word soul could be given to that which I am, which is pure sentience, pure knowing, that wakes up each morning arising out of complete nothingness.
When your mind is clear of concepts, recognizing that no words can touch what I am or what the world is as life, but can only create a map of reality that really has no resemblance to reality at all  except as the most limited  and paltry imitation, then your attention naturally flows inwards to the explosion of life within you, which is exactly the life that flows in every sentient being from the tiniest mosquito to the largest whale.  We all share that magic of life.

The body without us is nothing more than a bag of water and flesh, insentient.  But when life enters, the body, mind, and the force of the life force shines, explodes, revels in its own existence.  You feel the full force of what is you, as you, and as a power in the world.

The universal principle of sentience, life, which is everywhere, has become alive in you and me, and we share that commonality.  We are closer than brother and sister, father and son, for we share the same aliveness, the same sentience, the same ability to love, to share, to be devoted to each other, because life loves life in all its forms.

And, when this knowledge is totally matured in you, every moment of the day you can feel yourself as the source of the visible universe.  You are that life force, that experiential bubble interacting with other sentient bubbles.

Yet, no matter how deeply you “look” inside with your mind or intuition, there is no separate entity which you can label as self or soul.  The one who seeks the separate self or soul is that which he or she seeks.  There is nothing more to you than the life force within which you feel as yourself: the experiencer of everything, including your own manifesting in the world.

Using Nisargadatta’s nomenclature, the word “beingness” refers to being sentient, being aware, such as when you first wake up in the morning but are not yet in the world.  You are just bare awareness without being aware of anything.  Then, in a moment, energy flows up from your gut into your brain and suddenly you are aware of yourself, as a body/mind, lying in bed.  You also become aware of the existence of the world around you as well as the life situation you are waking up into, such as the need to go to work.  This second awakening Nisargadatta refers to as the ‘I Am’ concept or the ‘I am” sensation of feeling.

Then all the rest of the network of thought which is you map of the world, comes into existence, and you begin to live in your own mundane world like most everyone else.  The mighty I Am, the sense of being alive as the subject, then gets broken up into a universe of meaning, of needs and wants, goals, objects, and others, and thereby you immediately lose the ability to recognize yourself as the life force itself, the universal life force that has incarnated in you as a particular life form, a life form that has the ability to dance with and love all other life forms as one’s own self.

We can love others and through that love learn to love one’s own self because we find others who love us, and receiving their love makes us feel complete. Ultimately, the life force itself loves us, and through us, loves itself.

Then we are fully aware of the joy of being, the joy of shared love as well as the great pleasure we can give each other through a highly awakened sentience, a highly aware and sensitive relating to others, including sexuality.

SATSANG ONLINE EVERY THURSDAY AND SUNDAY, 11 AM ARIZONA TIME. TOPIC: THE ROAR OF SELF! https://zoom.us/j/2950292557?pwd=&status=success

20 October 2018


I am a spiritual teacher located in Sun City, AZ, in the tradition of Robert Adams and Nisargadatta, but also in the energy traditions of Shaivism and Tantra.  One teaches about emptiness and the Absolute while the other brings to divine energies and God.

I would love to invite you to attend online Satsangs on Sunday and Thursday mornings at 11 am at the link below.  Each Satsang covers a different topic or just asks for questions.  Come early and sit with me and feel the energies of our Satsangs.

18 October 2018

Baby Consciousness, Nisargadatta's Beingness, and God Consciousness

Spiritual terms are confusing. Here Ed speaks about what is meant by terms such as beingness, Krishna or God Consciousness, Shakti, etc., by describing the evolution of consciousness from the prenatal fetus, to infant, to adult, to resting in beingness, to going beyond beingness into God Consciousness through love and surrender.



14 October 2018

Satsang Video

If you had a soul or Self, how would you find it? Self-Inquiry? Loving yourself? Is the you looking or feeling for a self, the same or different from the self? Or is it the self that is looking the only self, and therefore unable to find itself as an object?

What did Ramana call the Self? What do I experience as my self?

Is there a self or a soul?

11 October 2018


Spirituality as endless movement, not of knowing, but of surrendering everything.  I speak of awakening experiences, insight experiences, Shakti, emptiness, Nothingness, the energy body, emotions, resolving emotions, sexuality, and re incarnating into your own body after having transcended it in ordinary spirituality.

07 October 2018

When all is said and done, no matter how advanced a teacher is, no matter how many powers he or she has, no matter how many practices or paths traversed, in the end, they are ordinary humans and they know it.  However, some grow arrogant because of acquired powers or having many students.  Then they are lost; arrogance blinds them to people.


Some really, really good teachers have some really odd behaviors or addictions.  Some are alcoholics, some use drugs, some have terrible tempers, some have a lot of sex with students, some drown in their own bathtub because of being an unconscious drunk.  They are teachers none the less because they are touched by the life force, whatever name we give it, such as the Holy Ghost, Shakti, or guru tattva.

With a guru it is not so much a matter of morality or purity at all, which are objects of obsession among lay persons and novice monks or many traditions.  It is a matter of God’s grace and the unique characteristics of an individual in the right place and the right time to do God’s will.

Lay people think in terms of purity, clarity, humility, one-pointedness, all of which are “good” spiritual qualities, but more often, one’s indvidual’s bad behavior or addiction, or other moral “weakness,” make one individual the man or woman for the job, but not the saint in the same town.

Thus, even the most extraordinary teacher is but an ordinary man or woman in the end, even if bearing the powers of a god.  This is the story of both the ordinariness of some great teachers I have known, and also their greatness. 

I also discuss what a student goes through after approaching a teacher, the relationship stages, the wearing away of projections and of uncertainty in the relationship and growing confidence in oneself.


Even the greatest teacher is still just a man or woman.

03 October 2018