18 November 2018

I bare Myself and Reveal the Mystery Teachings

Ed speaks about the cognitive maps and matrices that the mind superimposes on the deeper world of no-mind that rarely is directly perceived. Ed calls it a world of magic with ever-changing sensory percepts, energies, color, forms, and flowing processes.

When the mind is fully seen through, one distrusts any cognitive map and the mental stories associated with them. One of the many ways to get this insight is to have the locus of one's attention rest in the gut (Hara) or heart, robbing the brain of its dominance.

Then Ed speaks about the life force, perceived as God within one's own self, and as external energies or Shakti permeating everything outside.  When an individual is aware of God within and Shakti without, he or she has the power to affect Shakti and change in limited ways the world without including other people.

He then explains how these understandings unfolded within him, the Mystery Teachings of the Underworld and Shakti.

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