15 September 2019

The Song of God

Ed's first enlightenment was through Robert Adams, and that was of finding the 'Unborn' the Witness of Manifest world, and of the Void, emptiness, and the experience of oneness, as well as the emptiness of all concepts.

His second enlightenment 15 years later was of finding the experiential Manifest Self and God similtaneously through devotion and total surrender.

But all along the way, from 1995 to 2010, he ever more deeply realized the problems for aspirants that the emptiness of concepts created, and the problem of how to transmit enlightenment outside of words. Most retail spirituality is just about learning concepts about self, the world, the Unborn, and maybe God, along with some method, like self-inquiry.

Therefore Ed created a method of direct transmission of enligthenement through the manipulation of energies, by "walking" people through intense divine love, surrender, experiencing the life force and God directly, bymeans of his voice, intention, and energy manipulation. He hightens the energies in your body, mindandin the Satsang "room."

This amounts to a continuous Shaktipat opportunity. He calls his method Singing the Song of God.

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