27 January 2017

Experiencing Versus Reading

It is 10,000 times more “enlightening” to be able to watch yourself slowly awaken into somethingness (consciousness), and then at night to watch your somethingness, your consciousness, slowly submerge and dissipate into nothingness, than it is to read all 3,000 pages of Robert’s transcripts 10,000 times, which talk about Nothingness and Consciousness, . If you just read about Nothingness and consciousness from Robert or from Nisargadatta, you only learn a concept which you try to fill in with your own experience in order to make the concept of nothingness your own.  But it ever will only be a concept.
But when you can watch your consciousness as you, including your sense of presence, your mind, and your awareness arise from nothingness and set there too, it is no longer a concept. You know that nothingness is your true nature, and somethingness, consciousness, comes and goes, like a dream. It is insubstantial, ephemeral, transient, while nothingness is the great unknown, the complete rest, and complete peace and freedom.
        And, you also learn that YOU are aware of the entire process of something arising and setting into nothingness, and you are separate from both. You are that which is aware of the entire process of consciousness arising and setting, and you are also aware of of the flip side, of nothingness which gives birth to consciousness, and absorbs consciousness at its end.
With this you are free from life and death. You know consciousness and its setting. Each day you are born into consciousness, and each evening you die into it, and yet you have watched the whole process as apart from you.
You are that which is aware of life and death.
But to just read about it does not really help you much. For you the entire talk about consciousness and nothingness is just words, concepts, and you will continue to compare Ramana’s words against Muktananda’s, and Robert’s without EVER knowing for yourself until after you stop reading about it, and start investigating for yourself through self-inquiry and by watching the awakening process, and when that is mastered, watching the sinking into Nothingness process.
Then you will never again fear death, for nothingness is infinite, and the metaphorical womb for your consciousness, which is exactly the same as everyone else’s, as is your nothingness.

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