05 September 2018


Dear Ed,

Do you feel me? I finally see you . I see you anew, young, vibrant and radiating, so different from how I saw you before.

I felt you already, the energies were there, I knew from the first moment, but I didn’t see you truly yet. The eyes can be so deceiving. A dear one says: ‘The eyes are the most mental of the senses, they are the ones closest to the mind.’ They are the sense that we corrupted the most with our thoughts and concepts.

I’ve been wanting to write you for such a long time now, to tell you about the world I entered. To tell you about the community I am in, to tell you about the people I am shaping a world with. We are the neo-tantrics and people scorn us because we are not true to the teachings of old, because we use our own teachings and just grab and combine old teachings from lineages everywhere to shape our world.

Many of us are deluded and I am sure I am too, to some extent, but we are doing what you described so well in the last Satsang, we are working with the energies, sensing, intuiting and we use magic to shape a new world with our words. And we do it together. We organize and take workshops and go on retreats to give our resonance to each other, to melt energies and shape our storyline together. Shakti is moving all of us and yes, it looks like a chaotic mess to anyone who does not feel her.

Our storylines are not rational, they are exactly as you describe: they make the energies move. I’m not big with the words yet, but many of my friends are, they post on Facebook every day. We read each others stories about love, reality, energy, escaping the mundane and living as our highest self. They are delusions but most of us know they are, or maybe they don’t know, but they don’t need to know, they just need to FEEL.

Those that don’t understand will reply with skepticism or rational criticism.

Those of us who understand reply to each other’s delusions with ‘YES!’, ‘Aho, I feel you sister’, ‘So much love for you’ and ‘This resonates so much with me’, because this is our new language, a language that inspires love, togetherness and community.

We do not just shape story-lines. We take and give workshops and go on retreats mostly to move away from the words and concepts, to be with the energies only and to help each other to feel them and move them in each other.

We are all healers in a way, we put our hands on exactly those places in the other that hurt and we absolve each others pain. We relax each other’s bodies and move the energies in each other until the energy becomes strong enough to move the body without will. We shake and writhe, have kriyas all over until we are fully orgasmic in every fibre of our body, until our body is no longer made of fibre, but energy alone, energy that is so merged with everything that we experience a oneness with all, with everything, no mind, just bliss.

We still need each other a lot though. We haven’t seen through reality as totally as you have, yet. We are on the good path, but there are many diversions still. They are becoming less though. I am becoming a healer myself, being able to cure others pain just by feeling into them. Moving and generating energies just by feeling, by being, only a single thought needed to completely change reality. I’m not strong yet, but I will become stronger.

I am learning by resonance, not using willpower to think and do, but just by letting that which pulls me in move me.

Thank you Ed, for hosting Satsang every week and resonating that which is true and good. In this world of energies, not everyone resonates at the same level and some of us cause distorted behaviours, magically manipulating others further into delusions that do not create love but hatred, anger or frustration. We are babies still, learning to walk and talk again, in new ways.

Thank you Ed, for resonating love and pulling others into that. Thank you for pulling me in.

It is the middle of the night, I woke up feeling like everyone was in my room, so much togetherness there is now. And I woke up suddenly seeing you, beautiful and radiant as you are.

Now I need to stop writing because the concepts are taking over again and I don’t want to get lost there.

Much love,

MY RESPONSE: Exactly the right way to go. Let us work together. Concepts are in the ether around us everywhere. It is easy to think we are creating a new reality when we are really reliving an older fantasy. But your gist is right.

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