30 April 2018

Think this way:

It is not consciousness that wakes each morning in the body, and leaves each night. Instead think it is the body, consciousness, Shakti, and the world that wakes in me each morning and leaves each night.  That is, what I am is already there when the body/mind/spirit comes into being, and remains in sleep. That is the appearance if we assume there is time and sequence.

Therefore, all of existence and sentience requires me, but I do not require it.  I am ontologically different from experience. Experience does not touch me in my pristine state. States of consciousness come to me.  I am the host even though at times I appear to be a guest.

How can I “know” this truth as truth?  Not with the mind, but by sinking ever more deeply into sentience, the layers of the spiritual body and even lower into witnessing the spiritual body yet with no witness.

For this, the fastest way is not self-inquiry in any form, but by finding and feeling the current that knows the way inside and abiding there. This awakens the energy body and begins psychic knowledge and the experience of the divine within one’s own self.

Then, at some point you realize you are beyond even God and the Void, but the experience of the Void is the experiential remains of that nothingness beyond experience.

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