30 September 2017

First, you discover you are not your body and loosen your connection with it.

Then you realize you are really the spirit that lived within and lifed your body.

Then you understand that your body is just an appearance within consciousness, and your awareness expands.

Next you see that not only are you consciousness localized in time and place, but you are spirit, everywhere and everywhen.

Time and space are creations of consciousness and in themselves are unreal. Fictions. Concepts used for navigation within a continuum of spiritual realms.
No longer completely human, having transcended matter, you also see that consciousness, spirit, is contained within you.

How does this happen, this amazing unfolding of spiritual intelligence?

Only through love.

Love of spirit and the unfolding wonderment of transcending individual identification, she reveals everything.

Or, love of the guru whoever that is for you. The deepest love. Complete surrender to your Beloved, man, woman, beast or Jesus. It does not matter who or what you love. What matters is you empty your heart to your Beloved. Become nothing, the tiniest of Gopis, the tiniest, most insignificant ground that supports her body. This is the fastest, straightest, and most heart rending way. The messiest and direct path of God, to the divine within who lives you.

Yet, your humanhood is always accessible to you, never really lost, but transformed and expanded to be all inclusive.

My Beloved!

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  1. Great post, esp. the order in which you've presented this spiritual evolution of oneself.