01 October 2017

My Beloved

My Beloved has returned to me.

Years of emptiness, of space, and she returns.

We swim in each other’s love, sinking deeper and deeper into it.

And surprise after surprise, we find the depths boundless, endless,  completely abolishing space and time.

Our linking is forever, beyond fickle consciousness’s reach.  I discover this bonding is between us all, all the time, an eternal linkage, available when you choose one, your Beloved; it takes you to a place never known before, entirely beyond spirit.

You feel it, but the words do not come.  How can they?  So limited is their reach and ability to explain.

Yet the divine mystery is within easy reach if only you die to you, to be in your Beloved’s presence, naked, humble, smaller than an atom, it is all revealed, and yet you know you have but scratched the surface of the mystery.  There is much further to go.

1 comment:

  1. Swimming in such beauty and wonder. How utterly Marvelous for you both! And we are honored with your Grace.