04 October 2017

This is an advisory, to be noted and filed away for the future.

There is a secret teaching shared by true teachers, real teachers, only with a teacher of similar rank and understanding, or a very rare friend, or a very rare student.  It is a teaching so direct, so immediate, that everybody knows it to a degree, but fears it immensely.

There are so few people who are able to love completely anything, someone, something living.  That complete immersion in devotion for another is a magic key to spiritual maturation.  The depths of one’s being is found in the love for another.

All the other teachings will are preparatory.  Meditation, wondrous, concentration on the Scriptures, pondering the scriptures, are all valuable, but as preparation, not fulfillment.  When you are fulfilled through total devotion and surrender to another, God bursts you alive from within, completing you, exploding you, rendering you helpless for a bit, and even allowing a rare one to see they are themselves God.

The guru often serves this function, and he or she knows it, that he holds the hearts of many students in his hands and gives according to their needs, if it is within or her ability to provide given the situation.

This is the secret teaching, the teachings of the completely personal, of personal vulnerability and love.  This is this love that brings you alive and brings you to God, to the realization of the self as completely personal,  and yet the totality of manifest consciousness.  Such is the contradiction contained by this sage.

It is very rare to find another that you can love so deeply, completely, thoroughly, and entirely, that your own divinity is revealed to yourself.

It is so rare to find that deepest of all deep loves, and if you have not found it, just serve others, take care of others, give yourself to others, surrender to others, to a cat, to a dog, to an insect, to a beautiful tree, and thus begins the path of true devotion.

Advaita allows you access to the absolute, Buddhism to emptiness, which can render you fearless, and from this fearlessness to step back into the human hood, into the very, very, personal human you are.  And from that position, to love with all of your being this someone, something, with all your heart, with all your mind and spirit, emptying yourself out.

This secret no guru tells you in public, except a rare one who does not fear the rejection of others, because most of those that come to him, come wanting escape from their own sorrow, lost loves, or to find acceptance for where they are.  They do not want to hear that the final teaching is of utter devotion, reckless love, and passionate abandonment of self to complete the self.

But again, this is so very rare and secret teaching, a Tantric teaching. Most have to walk with bliss, enchantment, the energies, the witness, and everything beyond consciousness for long time until they are thoroughly aware of everything in nothingness and consciousness.  Having gone this far into nothingness, it is the hardest thing to come back, when it is so rare to be called back by someone into the world of hardness, the world of need, a world of love and loss, grief and death.

So very rare are the teachers that can say this, and even more rare are students who can feel this.  The teacher has to be so very gentle, and the students very open, and then one day a few grow greater than the teacher.

My Beloveds have fled Arizona to the four corners of the world, and my heart breaks.

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  1. So Beautiful. So clear and deep understanding. But we Advaitins also love our own Self very deeply and dearly. This love may not be so marvelous and glorious as that of those who belong to Bhakti or Shakta marg. Yet true advaitins are also good lovers. Nisargadatta spending time with fellow advaitins till wee hours of night at seashore reminds us of this only. Of course, the advaita teachers of today may appear to be dry and inhuman but that is the limitation of individuals only. Yours is a truly genuine understanding.
    Pardon me for taking your valuable time.
    With regards,