30 October 2017

Seduced by the Void

The silence of the Void is very seductive.  Once you know it fully, it keeps inviting you to pay attention only to it.

The emptiness, the space of the Void penetrates everything, all experience, from that of the body, the mind and its thoughts, emotions, and also cuts ambition. One wants to just rest in the Void.

The internal spaciousness of the Void is the same as the space we perceive outside: both are visual phenomena.  The skin boundary between subjective and objective experience disappears.
But after a while you notice that you are witnessing both simultaneously.  You, the ultimate are outside of both, not subject to life and death.  But immersion in the Void is a powerful hypnotic attractor, and eventually you can feel qute isolated from both your inner world and your outer world.  You feel no motivation to participate in the world, and all emotions have been dissolved by the Void.

The only way out is to love.  Love something, love someone, and that will pull you back into life.  But it is not easy to love from that position of the Void.  That love usually has to come from without.  But you can aid the coming out by being aware that you have no love left in you and too long for that love. Longing is essential. Hoping, seeking, grasping.


  1. Thank you much for this Sri Edji. Your blogs are just super.

  2. running from void is same as running from life. i believe we need somehow integrate both.