20 October 2017

There is absolutely no difference between life and death, between form and emptiness, between something that is and nothingness.  After you have spent a lifetime of exploring different dimensions of your inner self, the outer world, of inner energies, kundalini, Chi, states of consciousness, and various openings for self-realization’s and other kinds of realizations besides that of self, all are seen as equal.  They are all experiences or lack thereof.  But still you are there either knowing or not knowing, perceiving or not perceiving.  It does not matter if you as either body or consciousness dies or lives, it is all the same.

There is only one difference for those who have truly grasped or been grasped by the absolute: Love!  And by this, I mean divine levels of love while in the human form, towards the divine in another, in a human or even an animal, or other spiritual being’s form.

Such total love for another, for their very personal selves, for their vulnerabilities, for their kindnesses, for their caring, for their lovingness, for their devotion, and their commitment, all of that leads to a total love so deep, so profound, that you fall at the feet of your divine in worship of her or him as yourself, as more than yourself.  For you have found God in another, and thereby found God in yourself.  And you are complete, God loving God, resting in him or herself, complete, profoundly peaceful, profoundly at rest, nothing more to do, nowhere to go, for you are side-by-side holding hands, touching hearts.

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