09 February 2019


People who observe their experiences, their body sensations, energies, and emotions, feel them constantly changing. Yet, they keep trying to understand them, make sense of them using ideas, concepts, and spiritual theories which do not change.

Thoughts are of universals, constants, which are too gross and static to grasp changing experiences. Self and its experiences cannot be grasped by mind or ideas. You can never understand yourself. You can only be your self.

So you can never understand your experiences or your self, which are constantly flowing, changing because the mind is too slow and ideas too crude.

Yet sometimes you feel like you are on the edge of understanding everything, of being enlightened, and you get very excited. But four hours later it is all gone and you feel dumb as a rock.

But if you stay dumb as a rock, and just observe and be, you will sink deeper and deeper into a new world of beingness and enlightenment.

To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but through our mutual presence. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching.
Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.

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