19 March 2019

Working and playing with Shakti

Your acquaintance with Shakti usually comes in stages. The first is when you begin to feel tingling sensations inside, for example like the tingling you feel in your feet when you concentrate on them for several seconds.

After little while you will begin experiencing tingling throughout your entire body. Then it begins to change and instead of random tingling sensations, sensations become more organized and begin to flow in strains of energy. At first the streams will be disorganized, and after shorter or longer period of time will become organized and flowing as patterns within your body, often in counter or clockwise rotations around your heart or as flowung energy streams up and down from your pereneum to the top of your cranium and back again. At any point along the way it can help to find a book on visualizing chakras and visualizing the flow of energies between the chakras.

These flows will become more and more pleasant and also more intense. Over weeks or months they can grow in great intensity and you can begin to have periods of bliss which over more weeks increase into powerful ecstasies. Some may begin to experience sexual orgasms and nonsexual orgasms, the nonsexual not involving the genitals but centered in the gut, heart, or skull.

At this point you can spend long periods of time in intense ecstasy, so sweet and so ecstatic, you do not want to move for fear of disturbing these ecstatic sensations. Also, for some the orgasms begin to turn from what feels to be nerve based to completely heart-based sensations of divine devotion, devotion to God or love of God. There seems to be a transmutation from the human nervous system to more subtle energetic sensory apparati centered in the heart.

The period of working with energies like this can last a long time. Often people so moved become energy workers or healers learning how to work with energies to heal people or one’s own self. Often you begin to feel or experience visions of God, having feelings of utter devotion and surrender to God, guru, or another person, such as a fellow Bhakta.

One can spend years in thus working with energies always becoming more varied in their manifestation and feeling and more amenable to follow them your direction and to flow as you want to for healing or other purposes.

And after a while, the gross sensations of circulating ecstatic energy begin to soften, often almost disappearing entirely, but returning being replaced by a different sensation of being immersed in a vast energy field that does not feel like electricity or Shakti, but has a substance similar to water but not as dense, and which feels very comforting, very restful, very healing, and feels complete. You feel immersed in infinite, invisible, yet tactile fluid-ether which itself feels alive surrounding you, and embracing you.

At this point there comes another realization and that is that you are no longer of the human world, the mundane world of everyday life, of paying rent bills, cleaning, running errands, watching TV, and perusing the Internet for the latest news. Instead you rest in this ocean of Shakti, this divine fluid which surrounds you, enters and penetrates you, and flows everywhere as life itself.

Though your body goes through the motions of mundane life life, you are no longer of this mundane life. Your attention is always on yourself in this liquid Shakti. Everything becomes permeated and responsive to Shakti. People may want you sitting in front of the television and wonder why a spiritual person watches TV, but you are barely aware of the TV. You are actually aware of the ether, the life which embraces everything around you, some may even call this God, but you would never attach a word like that a label like that to this experience.

Now when you do meet people, you do not pay much attention to what they say, but the song that their beingness sings to you. You feel who they are, you sense them with your fingers and with your body. This is really who they are and what song they sing. You smell and taste the sweetness or bitterness of their presence. You feel their fear and their love. You are now and in very different world, no longer a site, sound or smell, but in the immediate grasping of there being directly.

Now when you speak to a group of people, they do not listen to your words, they listen to the song the tune your words evoke in their heart. They feel your energy within as the movement of Shakti within their own body mind. You can begin to direct Shakti around people and within yourself. With the movement of your finger you can adjust the currents flowing in the room, or in the space around your listeners, playing on their minds, playing on their hearts, playing with their nervous systems seducing them with the feeling of God within.

People sense the God within you, and feel a profound rest, profound peace, profound settling, as well as the flowing of Shakti within the various ways mentioned before as beginning Bhaktas feeling shocked by the new energies and divine visions, all the while enjoining them to go ever deeper into themselves where they encountered ever deepening bliss.

At this point you can really begin playing with Shakti you can heal and move energy fields like you never did before. You can bring peace to large number of people all at once in a group. In can make many people want to drop to their knees and worship God and surrender to God’s presence. You can look at them and they will feel God within. You can move your finger around in a circle and direct the energies in the Rome to circulate freely between each person bringing many to ecstasy.

This is the beginning of your life as teacher, as master, a servant of God.

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